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4Sharéd APK is a free mobile application which you can download for your Android device. It is a convenient & fast way that lets you access your account, including all the photos, documents, music, etc. at the ease of using it directly from your Android smartphone or tablet whenever you wish to.

4Sharéd APK comes with a convenient public search option which allows you to search for & find the files you need within the enormous 4shared file database.


4Sharéd is a file-sharing app that provides its users with the highest quality, sharing services and free online hosting. The team is comprised of dedicated specialists in different areas — programming, marketing communications and web design.

4shared Apk

4shared was Founded in 2005 and has continued to gain popularity among users online throughout the world.

With their service users can store, upload and download videos, music, photographs and many other types of files & documents.

It is an innovative, high tech company which developed useful software designed in order to make data storage & access easier & more intuitive for the users everywhere.

The main principle of their business is to satisfy the needs of their users for all the data sharing and storing. All of their services are innovative, user-friendly and intuitive.

The app has simple to define search filters and you can sort by upload time, type of file, size, etc and get the most suitable results. This lets you add the necessary files to your own account.

With the 4Sharéd app for Android you can easily copy, move, delete, rename, upload or download any file from your account on your Android device be it your smartphone or tablet. You can then share them with your relatives, colleagues & friends.

Features Of 4Sharéd APK

• It is fast and convenient to access the massive database which has 30,000,000+ files.
• The search is user-friendly within the massive 4Sharéd database and comes with an option to instantly add the files found to your 4Sharéd account.
• It also has the possibility to manage your account. You can listen to music & even watch videos directly on your smartphone or tablet.
• Allows you to instantly share files from your account at via the app.

Permissions Required By 4Sharéd APK

  • Contacts — used for reading contacts list. It enables sharing your files to emails directly from your contacts.
    They do not allow any 3rd-party access to the contact list information.
  • Device ID & Call information — used for reading the status of ongoing calls. This enables you to pause streamed music in the app when someone calls you.
  • Media/Photos/Files — enable you to upload files from your Android device (including the functionality of uploading from Camera) to your account at
  •  Identity — It is used for the correct sign-in to your account at 4shared via the app.
    They will not sell or otherwise transfer your personal data to any 3rd-party vendors.
  • Wi-Fi connection info — It is used for reading the state of Wi-Fi connection and improves file upload & download app features.


It is of the most interesting apps with the ability to synchronize all your pictures with your account at

You can activate this option for the service to start uploading them automatically each time you have access to WiFi.

In addition to these management options, 4shared APK gives you access to over thirty million public files that are uploaded by different users, which are really very easy to get a hold of.

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For this, all you need to do is use the search option and find the file you want & start downloading it. is a useful tool for users using this service and by using this application, you can manage all your files seamlessly on the cloud from an easy-to-use interface.

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