Spotify Premium APK Latest Version

Spotify is an online music and podcast streaming application. Spotify is one of the best music players in the world. Spotify free has very limitations and most of the useful features are blocked in the free version so if you are using Spotify then I would recommend using Spotify Premium APK because it gives a premium subscription of Spotify for free for a lifetime.

If you love listening to music, song, and podcasts then the best application out there is Spotify but not Spotify free because the biggest problem with Spotify free is advertisements, it ruins the entire enjoyment when you’re listening to music or podcast that is why I recommend using Spotify premium because it provides Ad-free experience, Spotify connects, and tonnes of additional features.


Spotify Premium is a paid service that cost monthly or yearly subscription, variety of plans are there cost between 4.99 USD to 15.99 USD. Although everyone is not capable enough to purchase a subscription only to listed music or podcasts so in such cases, people search for Spotify Premium Apk which is a cracked version and there is nothing wrong with using a cracked version of an app, you can disallow unnecessary permissions if you’re concern about privacy.

What is Spotify Premium APK

Spotify is the leading application for music and podcast. It has a free version and a paid version as well. The Paid version known as Spotify premium thas has tonnes of VIP & premium facilities like Spotify connect, no ad interruption, unlimited skips, download music for offline use, and many more. From here, you can download Spotify premium APK and also get all the information about this app.

  • Download and Save Music, songs and podcast for offline use
  • Create your own playlist for the collection of your most favourite musics
  • Directly seacrh for songs, podcast and artist name
  • Browse and discover new music and podcast daily
  • Control the music from any external device using spotify connect
  • Neat & Clean user friendly insterface
  • All the categories of music are organized very well

Download Spotify Premium APK Latest Version

Spotify Premium APK Logo
NameSpotify Premium APK
Size33 MB
GenreMusic & Audio
DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
Available on
Premium FeaturesAd-Free, Spotify connect, Unlimited Skips
Last UpdateTue Sep 28, 2021
 Download Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify company is strongly against piracy so it is recommended to purchase a subscription to Spotify or use the free version (google play version) instead of using Spotify Premium APK.

What Permissions Does Spotify Access

This app has access to:


  • take pictures and videos


  • record audio


  • read phone status and identity


  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


  • find accounts on the device

Photos / Media / Files

  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Device ID & call information

  • read phone status and identity


  • find accounts on the device
  • add or remove accounts

Wi-Fi connection information

  • view Wi-Fi connections


  • receive data from Internet
  • pair with Bluetooth devices
  • change network connectivity
  • full network access
  • run at startup
  • view network connections
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • access Bluetooth settings
  • change your audio settings
  • send sticky broadcast
  • control Near-Field Communication
  • use accounts on the device
  • install shortcuts
  • allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception
  • control vibration

Features of Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect

It is a premium feature of this app so if you’re using a free version of Spotify till now then you probably don’t even hear about these features. Spotify connect is a very useful feature that use to connect Spotify to external devices like speakers. Hence, you don’t need to connect your device with an external speaker using an aux cable.

Most people use an aux cable to connect their smartphone to the external speakers but the Spotify connect makes it much easier, you can connect the Spotify app to an external speaker after than you can even use your smartphone freely without worrying about the cable or wires.

No Ads

No Ads

Advertisements are the biggest demerit of using Spotify free. Most of the advertisements are un-skippable which is very annoying so to get this issue fixed, you have to purchase the Spotify premium which is a premium or paid version of Spotify that comes without ads or you can just download the Spotify premium apk from here () and get the advantages of premium facilities and listed music, songs and podcast without any disturbance of ads.

Download Songs Offline

Download Songs Offline

Spotify is a music and songs streaming platform it means that you are streaming the music live from its server and it requires the internet to transfer data from any server so in such case when you don’t have access to the internet then you ain’t be able to listen to songs on Spotify, so for that case scenario, you can download and save some of your favorite music, songs, and podcast so that you can listen to it whenever you’re offline.

Unlimited Music, Songs and Podcasts

Unlimited Music, Songs and Podcasts

If you also have a question that why Spotify is the leading music, songs, and podcasts service all over the world? so, the answer is that Spotify focuses on both quality and quantity. There is no doubt that Spotify’s music quality is excellent but in terms of quantity, Spotify has unlimited songs, music, and podcast, every day tonnes of new content are published on Spotify so there is no shortage of songs.

Spotify has over 365 million active users and 158 million paid subscribers which is a big number and the only reason for it is that it has unlimited music, songs, and podcasts along with a great user experience. Fresh and New music, songs, and podcasts are published in Spotify daily so that never feel bored with Spotify.

Create Playlist

Create Playlist

There are unlimited music, songs, and podcast available in this app so sometimes you forget the music name you’ve listened to before but now when you want to listen to it again, you forgot the name of that music so to avoid such case, you can create your own playlist and add your favorite music, songs and podcast so that if you forget the name even then you can find out with the help of playlist.

You can create an unlimited playlist for example you can create different playlists for music, songs, and podcast to organize your favorite Spotify collection in a better way and you can also share your playlist with friends and family.

How to Download Spotify Premium APK

Although most people know how to install an app but still if you don’t know it then follow these steps. The installation process is quite simple and easy. Just pursue the instructions given below very profoundly to successfully download and install Spotify Premium APK on your device:

Step 1: Click on the download button to move to the downloading page and then click again on the download button to start downloading the “Spotify_Premium.APK” File.

Step 2: When the Downloading is Started then Meanwhile Go to the Settings and Search or Find Unknown Sources for App Installation Then Allow it.

Step 3: Now, Whenever the downloading is Completed then Go ahead and Install Spotify Premium APK to get all the premium features unlocked.

Premium Features Of Spotify:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Spotify Connect
  • Unlimited Music
  • Save Songs to Play Offline
  • High Quality Podcast
  • Lyrics of All Songs
  • No Ads Interruption
  • No root required
Spotify Premium APK

Why You Shouldn’t Use Spotify Premium APK

Using Spotify premium for free by Spotify Premium APK is not a crime but I would strongly recommend not using Spotify Premium APK because if you’re using it then you are promoting piracy which is not legal. All the songs, music and podcasts created by Spotify content creators put their money to produce such high-quality content and you are using Spotify premium apk to listen to their premium content for free. Although it is all your choice, if you want to download Spotify premium apk then you can do but you shouldn’t.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium APK has its own advantages and disadvantages as well so before you hit the download button you should get to know these merits and demerits of this app:


Free Lifetime Access to Premium Subscription

With the Spotify Premium APK, you’ll get lifetime access to the premium subscription of Spotify without paying any subscription cost.

Get All Spotify Premium Features

Spotify premium has tonnes of additional advantages like Spotify connect, unlimited music, download songs to listen to it later offline, and more. The best part is that it comes without advertisements.


Security Issue

This is the cracked version of Spotify and if you’re using the Spotify premium apk or the cracked version of this app then there is no responsibility of Spotify if this cracked version has any security issue so you have to be very careful while using Spotify premium or cracked apk.

Lag & Bugs

Spotify’s original app is made very professionals and it is also a very optimized app and the cracked version of this app is not well optimized so you might experience some lags and bugs while using it.


Is It Safe to Download Spotify Premium APK?

I have done reverse engineering of this app and there is virus or malware found in this APK but to protect your privacy you should allow only necessary or required permissions.

Does this Spotify Premium APK Works?

Yes, 100% it works! Spotify premium apk provides all the premium features of this app for free for a lifetime so you no longer need to purchase a Spotify subscription.

Can i Install Spotify Premium on IOS or IPhone Devices?

Yes, you can use Spotify premium apk on IOS devices but the installation process on IOS is a little critical so you’ve to follow the installation guide very carefully.

Is Spotify Premium APK Illegal?

No, it is not illegal but we all know that accessing premium content for free anyhow is called piracy and piracy is illegal so if you’re using Spotify premium apk then indirectly you’re doing illegal work.

Can i use Spotify on Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus Devices?

This Spotify Premium APK has been tested over 15 multiple devices of the various brands so the consequence is that you can use Spotify premium on any android device up to 4.0.3.


Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming platform founded in the year 2006. Spotify is available in 79+ countries with over 62 different languages. It has archived over a billion installs on google play and very few apps in the world that have archived one billion installs on google play and Spotify is one of those apps. Spotify has very straightforward user interfaces and in terms of Spotify Premium APK then you can download from our site  is the same app but has a premium subscription for free for a lifetime.

Spotify Premium APK provides lifetime access to all the premium features of this app and also has no advertisements interruption. In the end, I wanted to say that Spotify company is strongly against piracy so that I would recommend not installing Spotify Premium APK, Please Purchase the subscription or use the free version of this app.

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