Clash of Clans Mod APK Download

Clash of Clans Mod APK is the most addictive mod which comes with an epic combat strategy. It is also known as COC Mod APK. The official game of this mod is developed by SUPERCELL and available for all platforms such as Android, iOS, and PC for free. To date, it has played over 500+ million players across the world.

COC game has the edge over the most popular games, such as PUBG. There is hardly to find anyone who doesn’t know about this game. So, if you are interested in playing the most amazing game with unlimited resources, then keep scrolling down to find each and everything related to Clash of Clans Mod APK.


This mod is similar to the original game but modified. If you play its original game, you have faced many problems, such as it takes a lot of time to get enough resources as we know that the resources are the real gems of any game that helps us in many ways. In this mod, the gems are the heart. Besides, the green gems are most difficult to get, unless we buy them, and indeed, it would be costly.

Therefore, the Clash of Clans Mod APK lets you get enough amount of resources without spending a single penny. The most amazing thing is, there is no much time required. You can get the resources effortlessly in seconds. Let’s get down to know what’s special in this mod.

Clash of Clans MOD APK

What is Clash of Clans Mod?

Well, at this point, we say that you are going to get endless fun. The Clash of Clans mod brings with the best entertainment. This mod has similar gameplay as the original game, except you will get anything with making an effort. Indeed, there are no months required to upgrade town-halls; troops sell to maximum levels. Yet, this mod allows you everything whenever you want instantly. Clash of Clans gems has come with unlimited gold, gems, elixirs, dark elixirs, and lots more. Hold your breath because all the resources are freely available. These resources are not only for home village but builder base, too. So are you ready to upgrade train, troops, town-halls, and much more without effort? Just stay with us!


Addictive gameplay where the players will make clans. It is a multiplayer game in which you, with other players, shape your communities that are known as clans. There is also included train, troops, strike, and much more. Play with the player by defending own clans and make the high scores. To get anything, you will need resources, which are gems, gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs. These are the main four currencies to get the required items while playing. Whereas the gold and elixirs are used when to develop your clans, train your troops, hammer defenses that guard your clan against other clans. Somehow, the elixirs and shadowy elixirs are also utilized for training and upgrading fires and troops. Well, the gems are the real essence as the premium currency. While the attacks are ranked by three stars scale. But it will possess the highest timed length of 3 seconds.Clans

You will have to develop the gold mines, elixirs collector elixir storage, and cold storage to get and store the elixirs and gold. When it comes to teaching the fresh troops, you will have to spend the elixirs and carry out an investigation in the lap to upgrade soldiers, to reload xBows, which is available from town-hall 9 to town-hall 11.

Additionally, the Grand Warden is a newly added hero created from the elixir. When you want to get and save the dark elixirs, you will have to create the dark elixirs drills and dark elixirs storage.Troops and spells

There are two different forms of barracks included, such as barracks and shadowy barracks. The two different types of spell factories, such as spell mill and dark spell factory, are also added. Well, you can create the troops using elixirs from barracks, and dark barracks build the troops using din elixirs.Clan wars

The clans are the groups of the players who join with each other to support one another. The play can support both materially as committing troops or supplying advice. Also, the players can combine the clans after they have to rebuild the certain clan castle-building on. The main part of the game is to build the clans and defend them and get a part in clan wars. The clan leaders, along with also co-leaders, can start wars from other clans anytime.Builder Foundation

If any clan will attack other clan’s area at the builder foundation game style. It is reported that Supercell published the latest “builder foundation” mode in the app. This feature will cover you to sail to a new island and make a new village having the other set of buildings.

What’s in Clash of Clans Update?

Out of the best features, the most compelling feature about this mod is, it is going to provide frequents updates. Another amazing thing is, we will share all the updates on our site. Soon, we will add the most recent features enabled in the Clash of Clans hack.

  • This mod is upgraded with more magical spells which you can get from gems or claim after winning multi wars.
  • You can easily collect the seven clans war. In this upgraded version, it offers you to battle with seven clans. It means you are going to get more challenges.
  • It also offers you to get the one vs. one mode enabled but inclusive to seven clans battling. Afterward winning, you can get more joy.
  • Lastly, if you get enough powers related to everything that you need to win the war so that you earn the highest-ranking, alternatively, if you lose the war, you will lose the war perks. In return, the game server will lower down your rank. In case of winning the more wars, you will be awarded more high rank. Therefore we suggest collecting enough resources before every match which can result from better war ground and rank, which builds your fame.

Above all, these are the latest points that you will face in the COC update. It is recommended that we stay tuned with us to get the latest updates on time. Wait, don’t go anywhere because we are going to share the most amazing features of Clash of Clans Private Server.

Clash of Clans Mod Apk Features

Here, many features of this mod are waiting for you! Let me share the details of these features!FeaturesBuild, Defend and Attack

From scratching, there is land to build clans. With available resources, you will have to build your imaginative kingdom. Not only the kingdom, but you can also create buildings, recruit troops, train troops, and lots more. Clash of Clans hacks game comes with a huge variety of defensive work such as traps, turrets, cannons, and walls, too. These elements can be upgraded. After upgrading, you will become more powerful. You can fight with monsters as well as clans. Everyone has their way of upgrading the resources. You will need to find what to prefer to experience with the highest-ranked players.

When you build building structures, enlarge troops and upgrade them. COC has loaded with various sorts of soldiers, from warriors, swordsmen, sorcerers, and even dragons. Moreover, you can upgrade all types of soldiers to make a strong army as well as defense structure to increase your strength to combat and defense. After making defensive clans, then you can use to take over other player’s lands or kill monsters are included in campaign mode to earn EXP and gems as well.

Additionally, the most exciting part of playing Clash of Clans hack game is when it comes to playing with your friends. Just all you need is to build certain tactics and calculate carefully to be able to win. On the other hands Clash of Clans hacks version is rich with gems that lead you to the winning position without any hassle.Join the Strongest Guild

By making your friends, you can join them into guilds to call for help when you need them while attacking. You will have to send salvage help and can attack again and again. This feature is out of the best features that made Clash of Clans private server one of the most engaging interactive games worldwide. Also, there is featured a ranking list to show you the strength of the guilds.

As soon as possible, you should join guilds because, with the help of your friends, you can levels up fast. Also, it is not only supportive, but you can request lots of troops from the guild. Additionally, here is a tip for you, Clash of Clans online generator is a tactical game, just having few troops you can make the difference.Graphics and Sound

Indeed graphic and sound of any game make it more engaging. But Clash of Clans private server 2019 comes with high-definition graphics that make the gameplay more wonderful. With 3D graphics quality, you will get vibrant colors, attractive themes, and eye-appealing will lead you to sink into the fiery battles. The landmine’s effects have realistic explosive sounds during a battle, and symphonic music makes you more excited to play the game for hours, and you will not tire.Unlimited Gems, No Waste of Time

Yes, you heard, right. You can get unlimited gems in Clash of Clans unlimited gems hack for android. This mod comes with unlimited gems so that you don’t need to spend for months to collect the resources to upgrade the features of Clash of Clans unlimited gems hack. Thus, you can upgrade all the features, train mighty troops, make spells and much more. There are unlimited gems included in this mod so that you can easily access everything. Moreover, you can upgrade the whole base to the max in just a couple of seconds.Unlimited Resources for villages

Another breath-taking feature is Clash of Clans next update 2019 means to get unlimited resources. Yes, this mod is nothing more as well as nothing less, just about to get unlimited resources. There is no worry about losing your weapons while attacking or defending. Each and everything with Clash of Clans hacks download offers a range of infinity. Therefore, you can ready for building awesome defenses like Mega Tesla, Lava Launcher in builder base, and town hall 12 with maximum defenses, troops, spells in your clan.Siege Machines, Lava Launcher, and New Defenses

The Clash of Clans mod Apk comes with whole new features such as siege machines, lava launcher, and other new defenses, which included mega tesla and Giga Telsa. There is no need to wait for hours or day to months because this feature lets you get special features. You will need to download Clash of Clans gems download on your android devices right now by clicking right now in the given link.New Troops, Spells and Much More

There is no lagging with COC hack to train your troops and add more and more. When it comes to spells, you will get exclusive ex range in the COC mod Apk. The reason is all the new troops and spells as compared to the original COC update, and, we don’t have to spend our so much time to get resources for upgrading, building, and looting. By using unlimited gems, you can add troops, spells, and much more instantly. Isn’t it easy?Fast and Stable Server

Do you face speed issues in the original COC game? Let your worries off because Clash of Clans mod comes with a fast and stable server. This mod has super-fast speed so that you don’t have to face any lag, slow performance, and other limitations. Unlike other private servers, the server of Clash of Clans private server 2019 game is fast and stable so that you will get a flawless experience. So, are you ready to get a smooth gaming experience with Clash of Clans mod Apk?

Which Type of Resources You Will Get in Clash of Clans Mod?

The COC hack comes with unlimited resources. It provides you with lots of gems, gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs. There are countless chances to win the game on your android device. So are you ready to get all these resources? Apart from the resources, the most interesting thing is, there is no need to root your device. Now you can download and install a COC mod APK without rooting your device.

You will build your village, train soldiers, and send them to battles. You will need to build your army and fight to lead your clan to the highest rank. Additionally, you will have to secure your village and defeat other clans to make your clan like a leader. Regarding this purpose, you will have to create an army of troops which include:

  • Elixir Troops
  • Elixir troops come with Electro Dragon, Miner, Baby Dragon, P.E.K.K.A, Healer, Dragon. Wizards, Balloon, Wall Breaker, Giant, Goblin, and Archer.
  • Temporary Troops
  • The temporary troops include Party Wizard, EL Primo, Skelton Barrel, Giant Skelton, Barbarian, Battle Ram, and Ice Wizard.
  • Dark Elixir Troops
  • This type of troops includes Ice Golem, Bowler, Lava Hound, Witch, Golem, Valkyrie, Hok Rider, and Minion.
  • Builder Base
  • The builder base troops provide you Supper P.E.K.K.A, Drop Ship, Night Witch, Baby Dragon, Bomber, Beta Minion, Boxer Giant, Sneaky Archer and Raged Barbarian.

Overall, save your clans, castles, and cities to take part in the list of high rankers. This mod is the best place to show your gaming skills and prove that you are the best gamer to defeat all other players from all over the world. Apart from it, we all have different talent to play the game by making different unique strategies. Best of luck to all of you!

How to Download and Install Clash of Clans Mod Apk?

The Clash of Clans mod Apk has the most attractive gameplay as compared to the classic online strategy games. This is the top trending game all over the world. Here is available for android users for free to download. If you are willing to download and install Clash of Clans Mod, then go through the listed downloading steps. Besides, this game has unique tactical gameplay in fiery and new battles that have attracted millions of gamers worldwide.

Currently, it is one of the best-selling games that is receiving high ratings from gamers. Additionally, it was reported that this game is the highest-earning game on the App store. However, if you are a loyal fan of Clash of Clans Mod APK then download it right now by clicking the given link.

The most important point to know that this game is available for android users for free. There is no need to root your device in downloading this app. Just follow the simple steps as listed to download Clash of Clans mod on your android phones for free. These steps include:

Foremost, you will have to make certain that your good internet access. Before clicking the given link, uninstall the version if you have regarding the Clash of Clans. Now click the given link and wait for some moments to download. Keep in mind that given link is working as well as the latest. It is free for android users.Allow Permission

Secondly, you will have to allow “unknown sources” because this game mod is not available on the Google Play store. To allow unknown sources, go to the setting of your system, then permission and click right the given Unknown sources option.

Lastly, the installation process will automatically start. There are some requirements to fulfill. You will have to complete for completing the installation process. Unlike other platforms, on our site, the installation process won’t take much time. When installed, go ahead and enjoy the game for free on Android devices with the latest features and fast speed.

How the Clash of Clans Mod APK Works?

The COC Mod APK is the most playing mod worldwide. If you are looking for a solid answer, how is it possible to modify a server-side game, then you are going to hit the right spot because every true gamer knows that it is not possible to hack the game servers or modify them.

However, the Clash of Clans Mod works on the private server, which means there are no ties with the SUPERCELL’s server. But this mod works by connecting to the DNS address of private servers. These servers allow the developers to connect any mod to work with original server of the game from around the globe.

However, the developers of this mod get to decide what features should be set. So there are all resources available to get unlimited everything. Besides, the most convenient feature of this mod is, there is no root requirement you will need to complete for installation. You can freely download the game to get everything that you ever desire to find in the original app of this game.

How to Download and Install Clash of Clans Hack iOS?

There are so many websites to provide a working link for IOS users to play the Clash of Clans Mod. But out of them are fake and doesn’t open after downloading. But on our site, we assure you will be more than happy after downloading.

So, are you excited to download the COC mod on IOS system? If yes, then keep reading. This shred link will work efficiently so that you will get smooth gaming experience. However, there is no need to pay any single buck to play or download the game. So what are you waiting for? Click the given link and start playing. Before clicking the link, you should install the Bluestacks on your system. (Note: good internet access is good over data connection)

  •  Download the app by clicking the given link
  •  Make sure you have allowed “unknown sources.”
  •  Open the APK file in Bluestacks for installation
  •  It might require some permission, click the okay button
  •  Wait for some moments, when installed, play the game to enjoy the cool gameplay.

How to Download and Install the Clash of Clans Mod APK for PC?

If you are a PC user and want to play the Clash of Clans in full HD quality and sound, then keep reading. Because we are going to share the downloading link so that you can download and install the game for free on your PC. However, make sure before downloading the app, you should download and install the Bluestacks on your PC. Let’s follow the simple steps. (Note: a good internet connection is game’s first demand)

  •  Download the app by clicking the given link
  •  Make sure you have installed the Bluestacks on your PC
  •  Open the downloaded Apk file where you have saved it
  •  For the installation process, it requires some permission, allows to all
  •  Lastly, wait for some moments and when installing the game, open and enjoy amazing features.

Clash of Clans Hack

When you downloaded and installed the game on your android devices for free, you will have access to unlimited gems, coins, elixirs, dark elixirs, and all other resources from scratch to the end of the game. The reason to play Clash of Clans Hack 99999999 is to get all the resources without paying any charges.

So that you can get the endless enjoy the game with unlimited exceptional gems as well as other resources on the COC hack. With the different amazing latest challenges to getting a smooth playing experience. However, this mod of the game comes with everything that you will need while playing. The amazing thing is, all the resources are free to use. There is no need to follow any rules. You can freely play game and get the highest rank without making much effort, unlike the original app.

Additionally, Clash of Clans hacks 2019 is freely available to download and install on your android device for free. So, are you excited to get the unlimited resources with the Clash of Clans latest mod? Don’t need to go further, stay with us, if you are facing any trouble; we will help you in the following section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and problems COC mod Apk players ask. Although we have discussed a detailed article regarding COC mod still if you are facing any problem, then the answers are right below.

  • Can I Play the Original Clash of Clans Account to Log on To This App?
  • Well, the answer is no. The reason is, it is not even an issue, but you may get banned. So, you should uninstall any previous version before installing the COC mod Apk on your android devices so that you can play smoothing without any worry.
  • Will I Get Banned While Playing COC?
  • Not at all, you will not get banned because the server of this game is different from the original game. But make sure before downloading this game, you should uninstall any existing version on your system. It is our recommendation so that for future, you will safe from any issue. The reason is, any private server doesn’t follow the rules and regulations like the original game’s servers do.
  • Is It Legal to Play Clash of Clans Mod Apk?
  • Well, Clash of Clans Mod APK is not legal to play. But it is safe to play. There is no need to worry. You can safely play the game if you download it from a trusted website. You can download this app from our site with a virus-free link because we are gamers and respect your privacy and care about any issue, too.
  • Are Its Unlimited Gems Available in COC Mod?
  • Of course, this mod comes with unlimited resources included with unlimited gems. By playing this app, you can get what you desire, and without facing any issue as well as in less time. Therefore, go and click on the downloading link to download the game for free on your android device.
  • Is It New Troops and Spells Available Which Came Recently in The Original Clash of Clans Game?
  • Surely, all the latest features of the original Clash of Clans app are added to the COC Mod APK. The most amazing thing about this mod is, it is frequently updated so that you will play like playing original gameplay. The latest troops, such as Ice Golem, Electro dragons, and more, are added in COC mod Apk.
  • How Can I Get A War Bonus In COC?
  • To get the war bonus in the COC app, you must need at least one star. If you have a star in war attack, then you will get war bonus otherwise don’t.
  • How Long Does a War Last in COC Hack?
  • A war session will last for a couple of weeks. Also, it depends on the mod and server, as well.
  • What Is the Weight of The COC War?
  • The weight of COC war comes with a numerical value that are signed by the developers of the game. Additionally, there is also the weight of heroes, troops, defenses, buildings, traps, and walls of the COC app.
  • How to Join A Clan War?
  • Any player can join the clan war after the leader presses the button of star war. But keep in mind, you can be joined only one war at a time.
  • How to Download and Install the Clash of Clans Mod?
  • We have briefly explained the downloading process of the COC mod with features that are available on our site. Moreover, you can download and install it on your android device for free.

The Final Verdict

All in all, we have walked through a detailed article related to the Clash of Clans mod APK. This app is accessible to all the users who have android devices with completed requirements. If you have an android device, then you can download and install it for free by clicking the above-given link. However, you will get all newly added features in this app. These new features includes recently released troops, buildings, heroes, unlimited gems, unlimited elixirs, unlimited dark elixirs, and unlimited all other needed resources without paying any single buck.

Indeed, this mod is all about to get unlimited resources so that you can play the game free. There is no restriction to follow, as you have to follow in the original app. Apart from it, this mod APK will let you get the highest rank without any hassle. You can set your name on the list of highest rankers within few days. Besides, get the app for free to play with endless fun. Still, if any user has any problem? You feel free to put a comment in the below section. Thank you for visiting us.