ConvertKit Review of 2022

Digital marketing is one of the essential elements of an online business. Without an up-to-the-mark digital marketing strategy, people can lack awareness of your brand or product.

Hence, it can hurt the visibility of your brand and can reduce your sales.  ConvertKit Review will help you find all the situations.


It is why many digital marketers are frequently searching for tools, software, and strategies needed to promote their brand. There are many digital marketing tools that help your business grow.

ConvertKit is one of these tools. Today, we will review ConvertKit review in detail. This Convertkit review will help online businesses know whether ConvertKit is suitable for them or not.

ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit Review: What is ConvertKit, and how does it work?

ConvertKit is a tool or a platform that helps you with email marketing. Email marketing is one of the crucial fragments of digital marketing. With a good email marketing strategy, you can boost your sales and make your business grow.

Generally, ConvertKit is an email service provider. It is popularly known for all the email solutions it provides to business owners, bloggers, influencers, and content creators.

However, ConvertKit has evolved into one of the finest digital marketing tools having tons of features. It is no longer just an ESP. We will look at the features of ConvertKit review in a while.  

With ConvertKit, you can send emails to your newsletter subscribers to make them aware of your business to increase the visibility of your product.

In addition to this, managing your subscribers can be a hectic task, particularly for organizations having a large web of contacts. ConvertKit allows such businesses to effectively manage their subscribers and save both their time and effort.

A reliable email marketing plan and email service provider are critical for your business, particularly if you rely on email campaigns.

ConvertKit Review: Features of ConvertKit

There are numerous features of ConvertKit review that have helped thousands of businesses and individuals to make a reputable identity of their brand. Some of the most productive features are specified below for a detailed ConvertKit Review.

1. Landing pages

As mentioned earlier, ConvertKit has evolved and has many features rather than just offering email marketing solutions. One of the features of ConvertKit is that it allows its users to create beautiful landing pages.

Aesthetically pleasing landing pages help you grow your email subscribers, which enhances the visibility of your business.

There are tons of templates offered by ConvertKit that you can choose for your landing page. You just have to click on a template you like, and the template will be set as your landing page template.

  • You can edit the templates as well. Like you can edit the background, edit headings, text, etc.
  • Although you can create your entire landing page without coding through ConvertKit, the platform allows you to customize your landing page through CSS as well.
  • In addition to this, there are 100,000+ images from the popular stock photographs platform, known as Unsplash.

You can select mesmerizing pictures for your landing pages through ConvertKit.

The most incredible thing about the landing pages created by ConvertKit is that all of the landing pages are fully responsive. As the usage of mobile devices is growing, responsiveness nowadays is not a luxury but a necessity.

Having a responsive landing page enhances the user experience of your audience. And helps you grow your subscribers’ list.

Moreover, all the opt-in forms of ConvertKit on a landing page are designed to turn your audience into potential customers. Keyword-smart copy feature integrated with landing pages helps you target the relevant keywords.

Relevant keywords help you attract more audiences from all over the world. All of this boosts your sales and helps you earn a higher ROI.

2. Email signup forms

Another nifty feature of ConvertKit is that it also helps you create professional email signup forms. Through this feature, you can add your own fields to collect the customer data you like.

By collecting the custom data, you can send different content to each group of audience or subscribers.

All of the email sign-up forms can be customized to a user’s needs and wants. You can edit the background, text, and more to generate leads.

  • You can select from three different layouts of email sign-up forms.
  • You can create inline, pop-up, and slide-in email sign-up forms to grab the attention of your audience.
  • All of the email sign-up forms of ConvertKit can be integrated with websites and other landing pages. WordPress, Shopify, and Leadpages are some of the well-known platforms with which ConvertKit’s email sign-up forms can be integrated.

You can also choose the content that your daily visitors see and can customized messages to people who have just filled in your email sign-up form.

In addition to this, you can create unlimited forms by only paying once. Unlimited tailored forms mean you are able to turn your visitors into subscribers.

3. Email marketing

As mentioned earlier, ConvertKit is typically an ESP, which means its prime focus is to optimize your email marketing strategy. With ConvertKit, you can send emails to your subscribers having a unique layout. There are numerous mesmerizing email templates that you can select.

With ConvertKit, you can even attach videos, add images through its inline styling option integrated with the email marketing feature.

It enhances the user experience of your subscribers when they receive your email. It also adds a little bit of a personal element. It can turn your subscribers into your customers.

The most effective part about the email marketing feature of ConvertKit is that around 98% of emails are delivered to your subscribers.

ConvertKit’s emails are not flagged or put in the spam folder by your subscribers’ system. ConvertKit’s emails are opened 30% on average, which means it is one of the best email marketing tools in the market.

4. Tags and segments

You can also tag and divide your subscribers into different segments through ConvertKit. You can do this by tracking the activity of your subscribers through the emails you send them. Or you can even collect the additional data with ConvertKit’s email sign-up forms.

Tags and segments help you to deliver specific content to a portion of your audience. You can also send personalized messages to a different segment of your visitors.

5. Automated email funnels

You can create a customizable flowchart for your visitors consisting of several events interlinked together. Based on the actions or steps completed by your audience mentioned in the flowchart, you can choose what message or content should be prompted to them.

All of the messages are sent automatically by ConvertKit. All you have to do is create a flowchart and select what message you would like to be displayed before the segment of your audience.

In addition to this, the messages can also prompt your audience to take a specific action. The best part about ConvertKit is that it lets you filter buyers from non-buyers.

It means you can’t accidentally send an email about the same product a person from your audience has already purchased unless you want to send it.

ConvertKit Review: Benefits of ConvertKit

There are numerous benefits of ConvertKit. Some of the most popular ones are specified below.

  • Enhance user engagement through A/B testing

Your email subject line plays a vital role to grab the attention of your users. A catchy email subject line is a must when you want your subscribers to open all your emails.

With ConvertKit, you can test two different email subject lines. ConvertKit’s Smart System automatically identifies which subject line had the most opening rates.

You can then use that specific email subject line in your next emails to maximize user engagement.  You can’t ignore this while discussing ConvertKit Review.

  • Allows you to view the stats

With ConvertKit’s email tracking feature, you can readily analyze the performance of your emails. With ConvertKit, you can view the open and click rates of each email that you send to your users.

You can also learn about conversion through ConvertKit. Statistics help you figure out what is lacking and what you can do to enhance your email marketing strategy.  It is also an important point to discuss in ConvertKit Review.

  • Broadcast emails

With ConvertKit, you send a series of automatic messages anytime you want. You have to select the day, date, and time and your email will be automatically delivered to your audience.

This automation feature help business owners, content creators, and bloggers save their time.

  • It helps to survey your audience.

With ConvertKit, you can identify in real-time the steps that your visitors are at. This surveillance helps you to analyze what steps in your workflow are lacking. It also helps you identify what steps are helping you convert your audience into subscribers.

Through this surveillance, you can optimize the steps which are preventing your audience from being converted into your subscribers.

All of this helps you effectively grow your business and compete effectively in the market.

  • GDPR compliance

All of the email sign-up forms, opt-in forms, and emails you send through ConvertKit comply with GDPR. It means that the data you collect and the email you send follow all the rules and regulations stated by Federal Law.

Being GDPR compliant as an email marketer helps you avoid any future problems, like getting penalized.  You surely need to understand this point while discussing ConvertKit Review.

  • You can promote your digital products.

With Convertkit, you can promote your digital products and boost your sales by creating a dynamic sales page. This feature is beneficial for e-commerce marketers.

You can create different product pages for numerous products such as e-book, newsletters, online coaching, and more.

Creating a unique product page for your product helps you attract your customers. You can also set the price for your products.

You can send your paid subscribers your newsletters in different ways. For example, you can mail the newsletter directly to their inbox.

  • Low transaction fees

As ConvertKit also helps you promote and sell your digital products, it charges a transaction fee. But the fee is only about 3.5%.

It is only applicable when you start selling your product. If you are unable to sell any of your digital products, you will not be charged.

  • Inexpensive

ConvertKit has three plans. They include Free, Creator, and Creator Pro. The free plan is $0, which allows you to send emails to 1000 subscribers. Many features are not accessible in this plan.

The Creator plan is $29/mo., which allows you to manage 1000 subscribers and allows free migration. The Creator Pro plan starts from $59/mo., which has all the features mentioned above.

All of these plans are pocket-friendly as compared to other ESPs.

ConvertKit Review: PROS of ConvertKit

Some of the pros of ConvertKit review are specified below.

  • Video training – The platform offers video training, and workshop which helps your content to reach a maximum audience. On-demand workshops are also one of the resources that Convertkit provides its users. All of this helps content creators to increase the visibility of their content.
  • Inspiring creator stories – ConvertKit has numerous stories told by some of the most successful creators of all time. All of these stories are inspiring and can help other content creators to be motivated.
  • Smooth workflow – The workflow is smooth, and the interface is user-friendly. It is a good platform for novice content creators.
  • Influential automation – The automation process is effective.
  • Great visual automation – Visual automation gives you full control over how you choose the series of sequences.
  • Easy to set up forms – Both email signup and opt-in forms are easy to create and publish. All of the forms are made in several minutes without coding. It is ideal for people who are not tech-savvy.

ConvertKit Review: CONS of ConvertKit

Although there are numerous pros of ConvertKit, there are some cons. Some of the drawbacks of ConvertKit are listed below.

  • Sometimes the automation process can become difficult despite the user-friendly interface.
  • Training videos about how to use the software are not available.
  • Limited customization of templates.
  • Many features are there which require time to learn. But once you get hold of the platform, it helps your business grow unexpectedly.

ConvertKit Pricing

Speaking of the pricing plans from Convertkit you can get some of the most amazing packages which seem to be tailored right according to your needs. Here are the pricing options and their working methodology.

  • The free package is available for everyone, and it works for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • The Creator package starts at 25 per month, if you have 500K subscribers then it will cost $1916 per month.
  • The Creator Pro package starts at $50 per month. If you have 500K subscribers, then it will cost $2166 per month.

Apart from these options, the best part is that you get 2 months of free services if you pay annually. You can contact their team if you need services for more subscribers.


The above-specified is a comprehensive ConvertKit Review. If you want to have a reliable email marketing strategy, you can choose ConvertKit as your email service provider.