Cut the Rope Time Travel APK Guide

A lot of versions of the cut the rope game are available on the online platform which provides ultimate excitement and adventure giving to the people so that they can feed the little green monster.


Cut the rope time travel APK is the latest version in this particular gaming series where you have to feed the monster all the candies and travel back into time to make everything correct to gain the maximum points.

In this particular article, we will be focusing upon the premium features that are provided by this game along with the honest application review given by the users.

Cut the Rope Time Travel APK

Cut the rope time travel APK is a game where you have to play with your thinking ability and tactics so that you can feed on the candies of a particular stage to the little green monster.

You also need to travel back into the past so that the main character of the game can completely eat all the candies of the stages and move forward in the future with the maximum points in your profile.

You will get the opportunity to solve more than 80 levels that have different types of difficulties and can also experience high-quality 3D graphics along with incredibly addictive gameplay.

Premium Features of Cut the Rope Time Travel App

The premium features of the cut the rope time travel APK are given below in the form of bullet points with their brief description for the better understanding of everyone:

  • Enjoy the game in high-quality 3D graphics so that you can get the maximum entertainment.
  • Use your thinking ability to eat all the candies available in the stages and make the green monster happy.
  • Travel back into time so that you can finish the candies that you are not able to pick up while playing the game and increase your points.
  • Enjoy the bonus stages which appear in between the normal gameplay and increase your skills and ability by the same.
  • Challenge your friends on the social media platform by showing off your score and status of the game.
  • Cut the rope in such a manner which results in covering maximum candies of the stage and improving your star performances.

App Review

Cut the rope time travel APK is a wonderful game which is the latest addition in the cut the rope series providing you the ability to travel back in time and feed all the candies to your little monster.

The game has been downloaded millions of times by people because of the addictive gameplay and the premium features along with the ability to challenge your social media friends.

Final Verdict

Cut the rope time travel APK is a game where you need to feed your little green monster all the candies along with travel back in time to make everything right to collect the maximum points.

In this particular article, we have tried to cover almost all the features which are offered by this game so that you can enjoy the game in a much better way once you have installed it on your Android devices.

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