SHAREit is a popular file-sharing app. It allows you to transfer documents, files, music, pictures and videos from one device to another, that too without using your internet data. And of course, works 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

So, let’s come straight to the point. How do we download Shareit on PC? Well, this is easy. Just to remind you that shareit is a Lenovo product and is officially available for android, ios and PC (Windows and Mac).


Here we go,

SHAREit for PC Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

Gone are those days when we use to use USB and Bluetooth for transferring files. I remember I had a laptop that did not have Bluetooth installed on it. So, to transfer the files or music I always had to use USB. Plus, no doubt It was painfully a long process.

I have already told you about this application, so the good thing is that it’s easily available for PCs. Users don’t have to download any kind of emulators like Bluestacks or Andyroid. You all can get SHAREit from Lenovo’s official websites. It is officially available for Windows 7, 8,10 and Windows XP, without any technical problems.

Download Shareit Apk

Download Shareit Windows

Procedure to use

  • Connect your phone with the PC from the top left icon
  • There will be an option to connect to the PC.
  • Mobile SHAREit will ask you to scan to connect to your PC.
  • Get the QR code from the PC.
  • Scan the QR code and connect the two devices.
  • Now you are ready to send file from one device to another.

Features of SHAREit

  • There is no network restriction, you can use the application anywhere, anytime.
  • Fastest in the world with 200 times better speed than Bluetooth.
  • Cross-platform transferring means you can exchange data with other devices as well i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, PC and Tablet. There is no restriction.
  • Users can transfer almost anything like Music, photos, videos, documents, for that matter Application also.
  • Replicate data like contacts, photos, videos etc from your old phone to new phone. Therefore, there is no problem with getting a new smartphone for yourself. No tensions!

SHAREit for Windows phone

SHAREit is available for Windows PC as well as its smartphones. So, users don’t need to worry, it is quite easy to download.

Window phone users can download the application from The Microsoft Store.

Download SHAREit from here

Procedure to use

  • Both the devices should have shareit installed to share files. Till now we haven’t heard any issues arising from the windows phone users. Therefore, there’s
  • nothing to worry about. Users can download it with ease.
  • To share just select the file and click on share.
  • Click receive on the other device
  • And your file is transferred in seconds.

SHAREit APK for Android

SHAREit is officially available on Google play store for Android users. I am sure you would be thinking that when it is available on Google Play store, then why am I providing you with .Apk file download?

Well, your question is valid. Though it is available for the Google Play store, users can face issues like insufficient memory in their phone or an error that has occurred. In these cases, users can always download SHAREit via .Apk files. Please don’t worry about the legalities. Apk files are generally legal. After this, you can use shareit with the same procedure as PC or Windows on your Android phone. Wasn’t this convenient?

Procedure to use

  • Open the application on your phone and click on “send” option.
  • Select the file you want to share and click on “Next”.
  • The application will find nearby shareit devices.
  • Open the other devices and click on “Receive”
  • Tap on the device you would like to send the file on.
  • Now, SHAREit will start its work. And you are done.

SHAREit for iOS

There is this one thing that I can criticize iOS for. iOS users can hardly share videos and photos with other devices. Of course over the internet everything is available but there is no internal option available.

Well, the good news is that SHAREit also works on iOS devices. Users can share important files and pictures through SHAREit. They can import or export files from iPhone to iPhone or to any other device. SHAREit is available on the iOS store, you can always download it from there.

Procedure to use SHAREit on iOS devices

  • Once you have downloaded the application just create your own account on SHAREit!
  • Find the devices on SHAREit through search option and send the file you want to share. While iOS and windows can share pictures, videos and files, Android users get an extra advantage to share applications.
  • So, now select the file you want to share and select the “share” button.
  • Please see that the other device is connected through the same WiFi connection. Click on the “receive” option on the other device.
  • And your sharing would be done in few seconds.

SHAREit for Blackberry

Well, the blackberry is a of a kind device. The blackberry users are eagerly waiting for the SHAREit application on their phones. But the bad news is that it is still not available for Blackberry users, the reason being that there is less number of people using Blackberry devices as compared to Android and iOS, SHAREit has yet not released a version for them.

Pros and Cons of SHAREit

We have also discussed the pros and cons of SHAREit. Yes, you heard it right, I’ll share the disadvantages of SHAREit also. So, let’s see what I got:-

What makes SHAREit stand out?

  • Don’t use USB or your mobile data to transfer files.
  • Works 200 times faster than any other transferring application.
  • Works on PC, Phone Windows, iOS, Android
  • The app is a lot more soothing to your eyes with the blue and white interface as compared to Bluetooth.
  • Compatible with almost all the devices
  • Users can transfer more than one file at a time, unlike Bluetooth which lets you share one file at a time.
  • Make your phone remote control for your PC through SHAREit.
  • The backup process for your photos is also available.


  • Users face difficulty in transferring file due to its unique user interface.
  • After transferring one file, users have to reopen the connection to transfer the second file.
  • The application is really spacious. Therefore, a lot of memory is been used.

I have given you all, a clear picture of SHAREit. Now it’s your call to take.

The best feature of SHAREit is its availability on various devices. Although the application is available on almost every device, the download procedure is totally different. I’ll discuss the downloading and transferring process one by one. I am sure it is going to be useful to you. But before that let’s see some amazing features provided by SHAREit

Final Thought Review

There is no doubt that SHAREit is one of the best applications till now that is available for all devices be it Android, Windows and PC. Honestly, I love to use SHAREit for two reasons its mesmerizing UI and the ease with which it works for me. Believe me, it is damn fast. You got to try it once!

I have provided you with almost all the necessary information. Just to remind you that SHAREit for PC is officially available. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you!
Before I end this article I would like you all to read a few questions asked by users to Lenovo with there answers straight from the horses mouth:-

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