Dragon City Mod APK Latest Version

You will get Dragon City Mod APK Latest Version in this article. With the modified APK of Dragon City game, you can get unlimited gems and other tricks.

Dragon City is a social network free simulation game developed by Social Point. Firstly, it launched to play on Facebook in May 2012 and on IOS in 2013. Later in 2014, developers made this game available for android phones and tablets.


A fascinating social strategy game, combined with captivating battles in real-time against virtually created winged fire-breathing creatures “Dragons.” You almost go to the Paradise Peninsula, located far away in skies to the heavenly heights, where these most unusual creatures are found and grown in an island.

Dragon City Mod APK File Information

App NameDragon City
DeveloperSocial Point
File Size111 MB
ModsSingle player & Multiplayer

Dragon City Game Play

You take a particular area of the island and then keep expanding this unique wonderful place,  by building magnificent, beautiful buildings and then gradually developing it to a better level. Grow your Dragons and try to make them as much more robust as possible and let them grow faster, and protect your city from dangerous enemy’s attacks.

Farm for Dragons

You are living in a beautiful, mysterious world where you breed, feed, and train your monsters to win the enchanting battles. These Dragons have developed several different elements from the most popular strategies. At the start, you have to do the construction of your farm for Dragons, then carefully arrange their beds, after which you can provide exceptional food for your flying creatures.

Amazing Dragons

These adorable dragons are considered harmless and quite lovingly monsters who love to eat delicious vegetables and tasty fruits instead of fresh meat and living creatures. Cute dragons will hatch from tiny beautiful dragon eggs, whom players will have to place in an incubator until they hatch after baby dragons hatched out, you will have to look after the fire-breathing baby dragons until they turn into adult monsters.

World of Dragons

In this game, you dwell in a fantasy world full of magic spells. You can create your world where your dragons get flourished by providing them many resources, which include a sufficient amount of food, areas for them to rest, play, and to live around a happy life. You are supposed to provide your dragons with a good experience.

Transformation of Dragon

In this virtual strategic game, you can build your dragon city. At the start of the game, you get one baby dragon, and then you have to feed and train to transform them into a big powerful monster.

There are more than 100 unique dragons that you will have to find, train, and master them. After making your Dragon, a mighty, strong monster, you’ll have to fight with other 80 million-plus dragon masters to expand your dragon city. From there, find ten different species of dragons and use them to beat the other players fighting in the Dragon City universe.

Gold and Gems to Buy Dragons

You have to buy a habitat for your Dragon, such as Flame Habitat, Terra Habitat, Sea Habitat. Need gold to purchase these habitats. You also have to buy Dragon eggs like Flame Dragon, Terra Dragon by gold, and gems. As the game is updated every week, you get many new dragons with new exciting features. Each Dragon has its specific strengths and weaknesses.

Dragon City is a social game with lush graphics and fascinating Gameplay that let you and your kids fall in love with this game.

Features of Dragon City Game

  • Download it online, free of charge.
  • Download and installation are elementary.
  • It can involve friends and can play this fantastic game with them.
  • Can Share gifts with your friends.
  • It contains plenty of exciting missions and adventures.
  • You can play this game on your smartphone and tablets.
  • It can play on every android phone.
  • You can also play this on your Facebook.
  • Build up outstanding buildings and make your city look attractive, using your creative skills.
  • You can show your Dragon strength while fighting with many other international players.
  • New dragons and new missions gave every week.
  • You can protect your Dragons anytime, no matter where you are.
  • It can be updated automatically—so no need to get worried about updates. Many new features will add after each update.
  • You can unlock all types of Dragons.
  • Unlimited Gold and Food.
  • It features unlimited gems.
  • It doesn’t need the rooting of your smartphone.
  • Get automatically synchronized.

What Is Dragon City Apk?

It is an android application package file format which developed to make it playable for androids and tablets.

  • First time developed in 2014
  • Developed by Social Point
  • Its latest version is 9.14
  • 109 MB size
  • It belongs to the simulation category
  • Uploaded on April 9, 2020
  • Require Android 4.0.3 or above
  • Can be downloaded from Play store
  • Also available on Apple Store
  • It is free for download

What is Mod APK?

It means a modified or hacked version of the original Apk file. Mod APKs are modified applications or games in such a way to provide better features, and it also unlocks all the premium features. The term  ‘MOD’ used here for the ‘Modified.  APK is the format of an application used in Android. It is the short form of the Android Application Package. As we have .exe setup in our PCs, similarly in Android, the application format is Apk.

Original Apk files are modified into Mod Apk so that users can enjoy some premium facilities that AKP provides for only certain users (who pay for such unique features) for free of cost. These Mod APK will also have all the full premium features of the original APK without the end-user paying for features that we usually have to pay. That is precisely what most of us want, yes, the free stuff.

These Modded Apks commonly made for popular Games Apk, but any App can also be modified. For example, let’s say there is a photo editing app you’ve downloaded. You may not get all the wanted features and tools; since just a few of them, others may need to be unlocked after you pay. Now, if you have a modded photo editing app,  that might simply have all the premium tools and features already opened. So Mod Apk is simply the hacked version of originally published apps while they are free to download and install.

Dragon City Mod APK

It is a modified version of the Dragon City game. Many modifications have made to add up to your joy and bring easiness to your Gameplay. In this Mod Apk, you get unlimited resources that you can use to feed, breed, train, and master your beautiful dragons. Here you can review your dragons as many times as you want and can grow unlimited food for them and many more such amazing things.

Features Of Dragon City Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Gold and Gems
  • Unlock most powerful Dragons
  • Unlimited food for your Dragons
  • Maximize any Dragon’s level
  • Review your Dragons unlimited time
  • Expand your Dragon city efficiently
  • Open any ancient portal easy
  • Unlock the greenhouse for free

Free Unlimited Gold

One of the essential features of this Dragon City Mod Apk because the thing you need the most is unlimited gold. And here you will get unlimited gold by this Mod. You can use this gold to buy multiple resources.

Free Unlimited Gems

Gems have a lot of importance in the game, just like gold. Significant role while reviewing your Dragons between the battle. Gems are required while building up your city. It also helps to unlock some magical dragons. To purchase dragon gems are of great importance so you can hatch these eggs to increase your collection. You can also free the caged dragons and then breed and train them to turn into powerful monsters. So just get relaxed. Because this Dragon City Mod Apk gives you unlimited free gems.

All hundred Dragons

One of the most loved features of this Dragon City Mod Apk is that you get all hundred types of dragons. These dragons can be used according to different game situations to defeat rivalry dragons. Because there are more than 80 million masters in the Dragon City game. Different dragons have different characteristics; each of them contains more than one element, which becomes the most crucial aspect while choosing them to fight against high profile players. You can breed two different kinds of dragons to get a more powerful dragon containing the powers and characteristics of both dragons.

Everything is Unlimited

Isn’t it the most amazing and great thing of this Mod that you can get all resources in unlimited quantity like food, gold, gems, and orbs. Because in Dragon City game, you will have to fight and struggle a lot too, earn gold, gems, and orbs to expand your Dragon city. It becomes tough. But here you are getting everything free and in unlimited quantity.

Player Vs. Player Combat

As I already told you that more than eighty million are playing this game regularly. If you are hoping to be one of the best dragon masters among all of them, please, then you have you battle with other players with your most power potenton. You may get confused if you are playing Dragon City Mod Apk for the first time about attacking and defense, so never challenge an experienced friend until unless you get sufficient experience. Choose any mighty dragon which can do any type of attack. The game would become much easier for you, and you can perform any action from the given options.

More Features

Here below, some more features have mentioned,

  • Can Unlock any dragon
  • Get unlimited foods for your Dragons
  • Can speed up any task using unlimited gems
  • You can win every PvP battle
  • Can empower your dragons
  • Can unlock new arenas

How To Download And Install Dragon City Mod Apk

  • Don’t worry it is effortless to download
  • And easy to install
  • Open the link given above
  • Click onto the start download
  • After completing the download
  • Uninstall any version of previously installed Dragon city game
  • Open your File manager
  • Find APK file
  • Click on this file to start the installation
  • Allow for permissions if asked
  • Enjoy the game after completing the installation

Dragon City Mod Apk for iOS

Dragon City Mod Apk is also available for iPhone users. For the iPhone operating system, it’s version v9.10.0 is available.

Dragon City Mod Apk for PC

You can enjoy this fascinating game onto your PC by installing an android emulator on your system.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We know many questions are running inside your mind right to understand the features and Gameplay of this modded version of Dragon City game. You have many demands and concerns regarding this. Here we tried to give the answers to the most asked questions by our visitors. If you also have any other issue in your mind then or facing any problem, then please don’t hesitate to ask. You can write your question in the comments section below. We would love to solve your problem regarding Dragon City Mod Apk.

Why do we need to feed our Dragon?

So, we know that when we started our game for the first time, we got one cute baby dragon, which was the early stage of a dragon’s life. At this phase, your Dragon was very weak and small, and of course, you are not going to win any battle if your opponent has a more powerful and more significant dragon.  That’s why we need to feed our dragons to increase their level, power, and to transform them into a strong and powerful monster. As your Dragon increases its strength, you need more food for them.

Is it safe to use Dragon City Mod Apk?

Yes, it has guaranteed that this mode is 100% safe to use. It has already been tested and verified. Its working has tested for bugs, and improvements have made.

Can you give some tips for the beginner to get more diamonds and gems in the game?

You can get more gems and diamonds by following the tips mentioned below

  • Build Habitats

It is the best way to get free gold and experience points, and you just have to spend 200 golds.

  • Breed your Dragons

Yes, you will get more gems and gold when you breed any two of your Dragons. Along with this, you will also get a more powerful dragon.

  • Battle with other players

The player with Player battle is the best way to get more gems and gold. If you win a contest, you will get a new dragon, so you can use it to complete 100s dragon collection through PvP battles.

  • Complete daily goals

By completing all of the regular new goals given to you, you will get more gems and coins.

How can I create a legendary dragon?

In this game, you able to create your legendary Dragon by unlocking it from the shop. You can do this by the breeding process. Because you are opening a unique Dragon from the shop, then you will have to spend a lot of gems.  But in the breading process, you just have to select two powerful dragons of different types and then breed them to produce a new dragon that contains the power and abilities of both dragons. You may have to wait fifty-four hours until your legendary dragon egg gets hatched.


So friends, as now you are going to install this beautiful fun pack in the latest modified version. In which you are going to enjoy all the premium features free of cost. No, just play the game, create, design, and use your imagination to build your fantasy world for your favourite dragons and create your personalized Dragon Book. If you like this fantastic Dragon City Mod Apk, then please let us know by commenting below. Have a good day.