ES File Explorer Premium apk

ES File Explorer APK superbly manages files and applications for you. The other options include cloud drive storage (via Yandex, OneDrive, or Gdrive), a tool to end running apps. Furthermore, FTP service is available on your mobile phone as well as on your PC.

The app allows users to manage and access data on Android phones. Moreover, sharing files is made easy by this application for you. Apart from that, watching movies, uploading photos, and managing your network connection is not tough now.



How does It work?

As time goes on, every field introduces inventions. You will observe this also in tech. People used to share documents between their mobile devices and PC by USB cable. But, that is outdated now as the process was time taking. Nowadays, wireless options to transfer files are readily available with little effort and time.

If you want to share files between your android device and Windows via an android file manager, don’t worry. It is easy nowadays using es file explorer APK. It uses a Wi-Fi connection to transfer and open files between both devices instantly. The procedure is effortless, as described below:

  • Firstly, on your PC, create a shared folder and give it any random name of your choice. Remember to set permissions as read/write access.
  • Secondly, on your device, launch es file explorer APK. In the address bar, tap in the upper-left corner and select the LAN option from the network category.
  • Thirdly, in the footer, tap on the “search” option. Available network shares of your LAN will appear on the screen. If you fail to recognize your PC in the list. Make sure that both devices are running on the same network connection. If everything is fine as described above, you will see your PC listed with its IP address.
  • Fourthly, select your PC from the list and insert the user ID and password of your system.
  • Finally, after doing all steps successfully, a shared folder will appear on the screen. Now you’ll be able to transfer files.

This isn’t the only option to share files using Wi-Fi. Indeed, it is easy to use and includes wonderful options that make it different. Thus, it would be best, try it once.

Features of ES File Explorer APK

1. Batch Rename Files or Folders

While using file manager APK on your android device, you can rename files in bulk.

  1. Open the folder where you want to rename files and folders in bulk.
  2. Please select the file until a check mark appears on it.
  3. An option will appear to check multiple files at once. You can use it for ease. Finally, select the “Rename” option now.

You’ll observe Another window, “Batch Rename,” on the screen. At this time, assign the desired filename and number. Add a number from where you want to start the series.

2. Search Local Files

It allows the users to search files based on keywords or categories on their device. For instance, you can search by keywords by clicking on “Search” in the toolbar and enter keywords (text, PDF, and many more) to find your desired file.

Whereas, for searching according to a category, on the top corner, click on “search icon” and then select your category (audio, images, APK, video). If you feel difficulty finding your file, you can perform an advanced search that will help you identify your file based on its size and date.

3. Change View and Sorting of Files and Folders

As file explorer in windows allows to change the sort order and view of folders and files, similar options the File Explorer app gives to its users. Select the “View” option in the toolbar; it will allow you to change the sort order and view of files.

4. Open and Create Zip files on an Android Device

When you compress multiple files of larger size into a single ZIP file, it is beneficial. It reduces the size of your files. If you convert all the larger files into ZIP files stored currently in your device, you will save significant storage space.

While sharing files over mobile data, it will save data usage if you do compress files beforehand. Es explorer APK allows you to easily create and open ZIP files on your device. It is also feasible because you don’t have to rely on a PC to create ZIP files.

5. Create an Encrypted File or Folder with Password Protection

Undoubtedly, the android device ensures many security options for its users. It includes pin lock, face-unlock, or patterns. Whereas, if you want to secure your important files, you’ll have to encrypt them. Press the file you wish to encrypt for a little longer and select “More > Encrypt.” Lastly, set the password of your own choice.

Besides, if you want to decrypt files, pressing the decrypt button will do this at once. Encryption of a file is a manual process. Select the “Use the same password for next encryption” option to avoid setting a password every time you encrypt files.

6. Manage or Uninstall Multiple Apps at Once

Another feature I like is that it helps you to manage multiple apps. Firstly, If you want to uninstall more than one app at once, slide the toolbar from left to right and click “Library > App.” Secondly, from the address bar, select the apps you want to uninstall by checking on them. Lastly, press the “Uninstall” button to remove all apps.

To extract the APK of any app, click on the app for a while, and select the “Backup” option. If the green color appears, it means you did the backup before. The black color indicates you have not done the backup of the app before. Whereas, red color shows that you had done the backup of some older version of the app.

APK files are archived forms of files in ZIP format. Also, the format of such packages is the JAR file format. Backup is helpful in a way that you can extract data from the app (images, videos, any other data) anytime.

7. Remove Pre-installed System Apps

Bloatware also comes in android devices, just like on Windows PC. It is software already installed by the manufacturer of the mobile phone company. The worst thing about such software is that they use much of your device’s valuable space and are not useful for users.  Moreover, you have to root the mobile phone to remove such apps.

Firstly, slide the toolbar from left to right and select “Tools Root Explorer.” Secondly, from the pop-up menu, press “Uninstall system app.” A list of all system apps will appear on your screen. Lastly, you can check several apps of your choice from there and tap the “Uninstall” option to remove them.

You can do the backup of system apps for future use.

8. Save Files Directly to Various Cloud Services

ES file explorer file manager enables its users to access files directly from different cloud services. Furthermore, you can save files in your cloud storage without even using their app. It works with Box, One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex, and many more.

  • Firstly, slide the toolbar from left to right and click on the “Network.” Secondly, press the “New” option, list of all available cloud services will appear on the screen.
  • Thirdly, select your desired cloud service and verify your account with explorer.
  • Finally, you can perform all the tasks on your cloud from explorer with a single click only.

How to download ES Explorer APK?

As we know, es file explorer APK is the most popular software nowadays to manage files, delete, install applications on android devices. There are merely different ways to download it free on an android phone, TV, or any other device that supports the APK package installer.

These are the following of es file explorer downloader:

  1. Downloader
  2. Rapid App Installer
  3. Google Play Store
  4. Other APK sites
  5. Download from

How to install ES File Explorer APK?

  • Firstly, if you want to install ES file explorer on an android device, enable installation from unknown sources. It will let you install applications other than the Google Play Store.
  • Go to settings first, then in PrivacyUnknown Sources and tick on “Allow Unknown Sources installation.” 
  • Your device setting may differ slightly from the steps described before, but it would be similar.

Method 1: Using a USB Drive

Installing apps through a USB drive is one of the oldest and convenient methods in android devices. Besides, if your device doesn’t support USB, you can use a converter or any other installation method.


Firstly, download the file manager pro APK on your Windows PC.

Secondly, move the APK file to your flash drive.

Thirdly, plug that flash drive into your android device (android TV, TV box, or any other android device).

Lastly, use the default file manager of your device to install ES file explorer.

Method 2: Download the APK file on Android Device

In the second method, you can download the file explorer APK file on your android phone. Some Android TV lacks to download APK files from their web browsers. In contrast, android TV boxes can easily download the APK file from web browsers like Google Chrome.

Following the same procedure will help you download and install it on your mobile phone.


Firstly, launch a Chrome web browser on your device. Secondly, search for APK files through Google web. Thirdly, click on the download button available on the web page, the file will start downloading. Finally, when the download is complete, launch the APK setup and enjoy the features of ES file explorer.


Do you have to pay for ES File Explorer?

Tech-junkies and cord-cutters have used ES File Explorer for years without payment. Whereas the new update features require a monthly subscription of $9.99.

Is ES File Explorer a Chinese app?

Yes, ES file explorer is a Chinese app, and countries banning Chinese apps can’t access it. For example, India.

What are the most popular file manager APK for android?

Following are the recommended file manager applications by android user:

  1. Amaze File Manager
  2. ES File Explorer APK
  3. Solid Explorer
  4. MiXplorer
  5. Astro File Manager

What is File Manager used for?

File Manager makes it easy for its users to manage, cut, copy, paste their files on a computer and mobile phone. Furthermore, some file explorers come up with exciting features as in ES file explorer APK.

Is there any option to restore data with file explorer?

As we know, ES file explorer gives us unique features. Recovering files through it is one of them. Firstly, you have to slide the toolbar from left to right tap on “Tools”“Recycle Bin.” Subsequently, the Recycle bin window will appear to select the files you wanted to restore from there.

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