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Faug is a wonderful game that has been released by the Indian gaming company Ncore Games, which is a gaming startup based out of Bangalore, situated in Karnataka India. The Faug game and Faug PC requirements are searched by millions of people in India so that they can make the necessary adjustments to make it compatible with the game. In this particular article, we will be providing the premium features of this game and at the same time the requirements which you need to keep in mind so that you can play the same without any problem on your PC.


Faug Game

The Faug is a wonderful game that has been launched by the Indian gaming company Ncore games which have been announced after the Indian government banned more than 50 Chinese applications in India.

It has been released after the ban of the famous game Pubg which was made by the Chinese government company Tencent games. This particular game will provide a wonderful shooting experience to all the people who used to play the Pubg game on their mobile phones or even on the computer.

The game is designed in such a way that the Pubg player will not feel anything new when he or she is playing the game and in fact, will get the feeling of patriotism and attachment to India as the soldiers and the dresses of the players are designed very similar to that which are used by Indian soldiers.

The game is believed to fill the void created by the ban of Pubg game in the Indian market as the maximum market share was covered by the Pubg due to its humongous popularity among the people and at the same time the offering of wonderful premium features along with the easy support of the graphics.

The brand ambassador for the promotion of the faug download game is the Indian Superstar Akshay Kumar who launched the news of this particular game on his personal social media platform on Instagram.

In the poster, which was released by Akshay Kumar we can see an Indian soldier who is holding a wonderful automatic machine gun in his hand and aiming towards the enemy while the Indian flag can be seen on the shoulder which created a lot of buzz and patriotism among the people. Know more details

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App NameFAU-G: Fearless and United Guards
Device Compatibility:android
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Faug PC Requirements-Faug game pc download

For enjoying the Faug game on the personal computer, the minimum requirements which the users should keep in his or her mind are listed below so that they do not face any kind of problem while they are installing or playing the game on their personal computers.We have tried to briefly explain every requirement for faug for pc so that you do not miss out on an important part and play the game in a much better way:

1. CPU of the PC

The first setting which every person who loves to play the Faug game on their PC should remember or keep in his or her mind is that the CPU of the PC should be minimum core i3.The core i3 processor of the CPU will ensure that the high-end graphics which are offered by the Faug game are easily supported by the computer and no issues are found when the person is playing the game.Apart from this, the processor which is used in the PC should be a minimum of 2.4 gigahertz so that the videos and the background music are sent together without any problem and the user can get a wonderful experience while he or she is playing the game in the PC.

2. Operating System of the PC

The operating system of the PC in which you are planning to play the Faug game should be windows 7, windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows Vista so that you can enjoy the game in a better way.

All these versions of windows will make your computer compatible with the settings of the game and at the same time will not provide any kind of hindrance when you have installed it on your device.

Also, it should be ensured that the operating system of the computer that you are using to play the Faug game is 64 bit which will make the graphics of the game compatible with the display of the personal computer.

All these settings of the operating system will help in making the game a wonderful ride for the player and will help in creating wonderful memories to cherish for a very long time.

3. RAM of the PC

The smooth functioning of the game depends upon the RAM of the device in which it is being installed.If the random access memory of the personal computer in which the Faug game has been installed is on the higher side, then this will result in the easy processing of the game and at the same time will not heat the device so that the life of the device is not reduced with the frequent use.

Higher RAM of the device will also result in making the gaming process hassle-free. It is believed that  RAM of 4GB and above is sufficient to install and play the Faug game on your personal computer without any problem and at the same time ensure that even other applications are running smoothly while playing the game on the computer.

4. GPU of the PC

The graphic processor unit of the PC in which you are playing the game plays an integral role in the smooth functioning of the Faug game. It is believed that if the GPU of the PC is direct x 11 Intel HD graphics 4000, then this will result in the streaming of high-definition graphics of the Faug game and at the same time easy location of the enemies inside the game.

You will also be able to see clearly whatever the location of the game is present in the dark mode, at the same time can aim for a headshot on the enemy without any problem.

5. HDD Space of PC

The Fau-g game requires a good amount of space inside your PC as everything which the game displays on the screen are in high definition and is embedded with superb background music.

It has been designed in such a way that it requires a good amount of RAM and the graphics processor unit as we have already discussed in the above portion of the article.

So it should be kept in mind that a space of at least 4 GB in the HDD of the PC is required to install the game and play it without any issues.

The amount of space will ensure that the game is easily played by the individual and at the same time, the device is not heated so that the people can enjoy the game without switching off the device because of the problem of excess heating up.

6. HD Display

It is said by the experts that if the Fau-g game is played on a PC which has high definition support, then this will be beneficial for all the people who are playing the game as they will be able to experience some of the best graphics and background music developed by the Indian gaming company.

If the display is not high-definition, then there are chances that you may face some kind of issue while playing the game as the screen might freeze as it will not be capable of handling or experiencing the high definition videos and action sequences.

The high definition display will also help in locating the enemy in a better way as the game will require you to hide behind the different types of obstacles that are available in the game and take aim directly at the head of the Enemies and kill them with the sniper shot.

Final Verdict

The Faug game and Faug PC requirements are searched by millions of people all around the world after the ban of the famous Chinese game Pubg imposed by the Indian government.

This special game has made a lot of vibe in the market as patriotism and the feeling of the Indian culture is associated with the game and has been seen as a direct replacement and competitor of the Pubg platform.

In this particular article, we have tried to focus upon the requirements for the Faug game which will help you to play the game without any problem on your PC.

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Fau-g (FAQs)

  • Which company has developed the Faug game?

The Faug game has been developed by the Bangalore based Ncore company. The game has been launched as a direct replacement for the Pubg game which was developed by the Chinese company Tencent.

  • Is the Faug game believed to be the replacement of Pubg?

The Faug game has been announced just after the Pubg ban by the Indian government which has spread the news in the market that this particular game is the direct competitor of Pubg as it will fill the void after the ban of the game in the Indian market.

Feedback by users

  • Rajdeep Nath:-Firstly Thanks for making and launching the Indian Action game FAU-G. The graphics are very good and we can assume the reality by playing games. But please add more options in game-like as climbing on the hill, hide in a small tree bush, guns, map of Galvan and squad. Add there the voice speaking the option to our team. Add weapons like bomb ,granade, bullets. Play the vande matram during background. U will definitely upgrade game. And add scope option to gun. Add a hospital centre if u can to get treatment.
  • Anand Jaiswal:-Firstly I would like to wish you all & your whole team a very happy republic day. Now I would like to review some awesome moves & fantastic audio which is in hindi. I really loved the intro which is proudy for me and all other Indians. I salute to our Indian army. This Game has fantastic graphics & I really loved it. But it needs some important updates that’s like a jump button, an objective for us to entertain us. and the main thing that auto pickups of guns or tools to attack. Thank You.
  • Darsh Jogi:-Ncore games, you really done the great job. Personally I like the galwaan story and also game can pass massage through hindi language. I noticed in the game that I have small timedrop and legging during fighting and when I running and suddenly change my path direction. I don’t why because of my android phone have lower processer and also my android version is too old but definitely game is just outstanding. Graphic is similar and better than another open world games in the 500mb

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