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Download GBwhatsApp Apk: Gb WhatsApp Apk update is now available online. A few days ago, GbMods Authority has published the GBWhatsapp Pro Apk latest version named GbWhatsApp v8.70 Antiban Pro. This Apk latest version is available here. You can download GB WhatsApp v8.70 free from this site directly.

GBWhatsApp is a Well-Known Apk to everyone as GBWA in shortly. This Apk is like an alternative Apk of the official WhatsApp Pro. After made the problem with Whatsapp Apk. Then GbMods Authority made an Alternative chatting Apk named Gb Whatsapp Pro. Though Whatsapp Apk for Android has limited features. But they have added huge features to this GbWA Pro Apk.

Now this Apk is used worldwide for free Messaging, Chatting, Video or Audio calling, and sharing files also.

GBwhatsApp Apk
App NameGB Whatsapp Pro
Latest Versionv8.70
Last Update1 day ago (2020)
Apk Size54 MB
Total Download20,000,000+
RequirementsAndroid 5.00 +

Download GBWhatsApp APK

How do I download GBWhatsApp?

Ans: If you are thinking about this issue. Then follow the guidelines below.

  • At first, Open a Browser on your Android or iOS devices.
  • Then open the Google Search engine.
  • Now, search here GBWhatsapp Apk
  • Here select the GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version.
  • At last click on the download Whatsapp GB Apk.

Download GBwhatsApp Apk Latest Version

Download the New Whatsapp Pro Antiban app from the official website & if you want to get a Pro & secure app with the Antiban version. Do go to below to download GBwhatsapp New update from a direct link. New Version GB Whatsapp Download 2020 from the below link. This is the official link.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk All Versions (Old to New & Latest)

Did you know all about the GbWhatsapp Pro Apk all Version? I mean have you know the GbWhatsapp Old, new and the latest version of this Apk. If your answer is No. Then I can help you to know all the versions of this Apk. Here I have Picked up the full list of GBWA Apk.

If you want to download a GBwhatsapp Older Version of these. Then Click the Version name and go to Download GBwhatsApp Apk older Version page. From this page, you can download this Apk very easily.

V8.55 (coming)V8.50 (coming)V8.45 (coming)
V8.40 (running)V8.35V8.30

Here you may imagine, GBMods Authority starts its GBWhatsapp Pro Apk journey with the GbWhatsapp v7.10. Day by Day, They have published the GBWhatsapp update version with many features and fix its bugs. That’s why GbWhatsapp became the most popular chatting and messaging Apk worldwide.

What is the latest version of GBWhatsApp?

As you know GbWhatsapp Apk has many versions. Now you are thinking What is the latest version of GbWhatsapp? That is a good question. For your kind information, GbWhatsapp v8.25 is the latest version of GbWhatsapp Pro Apk. Now download the GBWhatsapp Apk latest version v8.25 free from here. Here I have provided the GbWhatsapp update version download link. You can download GBWA update free from this link directly.

Installation guide: How to Install GBwhatsApp

Are you looking for the Installation Guide of GBWhatsapp Apk mods? If your answer is YES. Then I can help you by sharing full and complete guidelines to Install GbWa Mods. Here I have included an easy and the short way to Install GbWhatsapp Apk for Android. So check the Installation process and Install this GBWhatsapp latest version.

  • Firstly, Download GBwhatsApp Apk latest version 2020 free from the WhatsApp Plus Download Link above.
  • Now enable your Android’s Unknown Sources Option. to enable this to follow the step below.

Go to Android’s Settingsthen click the Security and FingerPrints Optionand Next press the Unknown SourcesButton. Tap on it to Enable.

  • Now Open the GBWhatsApp Apkpure from on your download manager.
  • Press the file.
  • Then Click Install Button to start the Install Process.
  • Now follow their Instructions and go forward.
  • After Completed the Installation. Open Apk.
  • Now fill-up requirements with your data like your name, Phone Number, and etc also.

Congrats! You have successfully done your job. Let’s have fun with the GBWhatsapp mods Apk. Have a Nice journey with your Chatting Apk.

Features Overview of GBWhatsApp Latest Version

I have mentioned before Gb Whatsapp Apk came with many new features. Let’s check the new and old combined features of this Apk.

  • Download GBWhatsapp Apk Mods free
  • You can share High-Quality Video files.
  • Send 100+ Pictures at a time.
  • You can Update it timely without uninstalling the current app. That means you can update your GBWA plus without lost any chatting.
  • Extra privacy settings are available, like
  • Hide your last status
  • Hide your daily task
  • Make a recording to your Video or Audio Chating.
  • You can control your microphone on GBWhatsapp Plus
  • Hide your last seen message.
  • Manage multiple Account in GBWA + update
  • Message scheduling opportunity.
  • You can enable or disable anti-revoke and so on.
  • GBWhatsApp App is an Anti-Ban Apk.
  • Many new emojis Added
  • groups opportunity available
  • New options in settings
  • New emojis added.
  • Theme settings.
  • Up to 100 Mb file can share
  • New notify bar icons Added
  • You can customize its feature

Hey. Its become too long. This is enough for this post. If you want to know more features about this Mods Apk. Then download GB Whatsapp Apk and invent new features.

Details of all those above features

Are you thinking about the above features of this Apk? Now you want to know details about these features. It’s simple. Because Wiseman has the curiosity of many things. They always want to know the details of this matter. Then  Nothing to worry about it. Here I will include the details of these above features.

So keep scrolling down and read the details.

What’s new in GBWA Apk Latest Version

As you know GBWa Apk update 2020 has come with many new facilities. Do you know about these opportunities? If your answer is Negative. Then check the new features below.

  • All older bugs and errors fixed
  • New emojis Added
  • Now can make a call participants in the groups
  • New Amazing tick styles
  • Connect with WhatsApp official website
  • The bug fixed while adding stickers from the Google Play store
  • Now, this is a more stable app.

Advantages of using GB MOD

There are many Advantages of this GBWA Apk for Android free Version. There are many features like the GBWhatsapp Premium Version. These all are very cool and simple. For These Features, GBWA pro is the most popular messaging Apk in your Country.

Here I have some New features of GBWaMods. But these all are very popular and well-known advantages to this Apk users. So let us check the GbWhatsapp Pro Apk Advantages.

  • Hide Online Status :-This is an amazing feature of this Apk. Hide Online status from others is a very useful feature to all Mods Apk users. When you don’t want to publish that you are online. then you can hide your Online status from your Whatsapp plus friends. That means you can hide you from your friends.
  • Hide Last Seen Message:-Do you want to see your friends Message in hiding from his/her? If you think that, then this feature is very useful for you. By using this feature you can hide your seen option. That means you can your friends message SMS without knowing him. That’s really interesting or Not?
  • Writing Text Safely:-Typing a text to your friends without knowing him/her. That means when you type a text/message to your friends he can’t see the “‘ He is typing”‘ Notification. You can type a status like that hide typing status. this is an uncommon feature of messaging Apk.
  • Junk Cleaner:-This is a very important tool to thus users who don’t want to keep unnecessary spam on his WA plus account. Really Unnecessary spam and file make your account very slow. so this tool will rid you of the problem and make your account faster.
  • MultiMedia Sharing Improved:-In this new edition of this GbWhatsapp Apk. The developer has developed many facilities of this Apk. Basically we have got helpful by improving the Multimedia sharing system. Now we can send up to 100 + photos or up to 300 Mb files at a time. That’s only possible in the GbWhatsapp Mods. So its really helpful features to us.There are many features you have seen in the above. If I discuss details all of these features. Then it will be so long. So I have cut short here. If you want to know the details of other features then ask me in the comment section below.
  • Customizable Theme:-The first amazing matter of this latest version is Customizable Theme. That means you can customize this Apk theme. As I mention before, there are many new themes is available in this Apk. These all unblocked to use. You can use any one of them. With this opportunity, you can customize your GBWA Apk theme by changing the boring design.
  • Message Scheduler:-Everybody wants an opportunity to make a message scheduler. Everyone wants ”When he is sleeping, his messaging Apk automatically sent a message to his friends.” This dream comes to be true. That means you can make a message scheduler on this Whatsapp plus 2020. Make a Birthday wishes message on Message Scheduler and set the time. It will send at the time automatically.
  • Multiple Accounts and Languages:-The most useful feature for these users who want to make a dual account on his GBMods. Their dreams come true. Now anyone can make multi-account on their GBWhatsapp Mod Apk. That means you can use an account for your family or office and another for your Friends.And the Other thing is Languages. There are many languages has added in this last update. You can chat with your foreign friends with any language.
  • Hide Blue Ticks:In WA plus Apk, users get a single tick when the message is sent and double ticks mean messages were delivered and double blue ticks which sands the sent message was seen. You can hide blue ticks and do not let others know that their messages were seen by you. That’s really very useful for you.

Hey Buddies. Are you feel Bored to read the Advantage of this GbMods Apk. Then no more discussion about this advantage of this Apk. Now Download GBwhatsApp Apk latest version and know about other advantages of this Apk.

Disadvantages of using GBWA

There is very to find out an Apk which has no disadvantage. To be frankly there is a little Disadvantage of this GBWhatsapp Pro Apk. These all cons are very simple. So they will not make big trouble for you and your Android device. But you ought to know about these Disadvantages of this Apk before start using this GBWA Pro for Android.

1. Ban

This is the most boring problem for GBWhatsappMods Apk users. They all feel tensed about the Bans. Because they are at risk of having to go back to the original WhatsApp Messenger.

But the GBWhatsapp latest is Anti-Banned Version. So you can get rid of this problem. Though its an Anti-Ban Version we can’t trust this Authority. That’s why you should make your GbWhatsapp Back-up file.

2. Keep Updating

You May know, GbMods always update their GBWhatsapp. So you need to update your GBWhatsapp via download GBWhatsapp the last update. That’s very irritating for all users. So it is a disadvantage of this Apk. Though it is a disadvantage, it is useful to us. Because in every update, GBMods developer has fixed problems and added many new features.

Sometimes many users have lost his old chatting when they update their Whatsapp mod. But nothing to worry about this GBWhatsapp update 2020. you can update this Apk latest version without uninstalling the current version.

3. Third-Party App

It is well-known to all Mods users that GBWhatsapp is a Third-party Apk. So your data, text message or chatting has saved on their servers. That means when you send a text to your friends that will go on their servers first then sent to your friends. So we can call it another disadvantage of this Apk.

Another Problem of this WA Plus Apk.

  • It is not legal to Download GBwhatsApp Apk in your Country. But you can use this Apk without face any problems.
  • You can not Download GBWhatsapp Apk free from the Google Play.
  • You may lose your current account cause for your older account.
  • You can not use a temporary phone number to verify your GBWhatsapp account
  • It is safe to use. but you need to care all the time and use the WA+ guide.

Hey Guys. Are you scare to Download GBwhatsApp Apk? I think your answer is No. Because this disadvantage is nothing to you. It’s a common problem for all Apk users. So no more discussion and thinking. Now, Download GBwhatsApp Apk and Install it by following the Installation guide of GBWhatsApp Mods Below.

How to use GBWhatsApp App safely

Use the new latest update GB Whatsapp Pro on your Android then it will be helpful for you. So Download GBwhatsapp Latest Apk & keep update all-time when come a new update. New Update version always safe for you.

When in an App find a bu then comes a new update of that App. So avoid old version GB Whatsapp free Apk all the time.

People Also Ask About GB Whatsapp

F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download WhatsApp GB?

Ans: If you are thinking about this issue. Then follow the guidelines below.

  • At first, Open a Browser on your Android or iOS devices.
  • Then open the Google Search engine.
  • Now, search here GBWhatsapp Apk
  • Here select the GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version.
  • At last click on the download GB Whatsapp Apk.

What is WhatsApp GB?

Ans: Gb Whatsapp is a Mod Apk version of WhatsApp official Apk. After taking rest the Whatsapp Apk. GbMods Authority made a third-party Apk named Whatsapp GB. This the most popular chatting Apk in your country.

How do I download WhatsApp GB on my phone?

Ans: If you are thinking about this issue. Then follow the guidelines below.

  • At first, Open a Browser on your Android.
  • Then open the Google Search engine.
  • Now, search here GBWhatsapp Apk
  • Here select the GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version.
  • At last click on the download Whatsapp GB Apk.

Is GB WhatsApp banned?

Ans: Yes GB Whatsapp is Banned in your country? But there is nothing to worry about this Ban. Because GB WhatsApp latest Version is an Anti-Ban Apk. So you can download and use this Apk without any fare of Ban.

Is GB WhatsApp still banned?

Ans: Yes. GBWhatsapp is still Banned in your Country. Though this Apk is Banned in your country, you can use this Apk very easily.

Why is GB WhatsApp banned?

Ans: This is an important Question about this Apk. GBWhatsapp is a Mod version of Whatsapp official Apk. GBMods has made this mod Apk without the Whatsapp official permission. That’s why the Authority has Banned this Mod Apk.

Why was GBWhatsApp banned?

Ans: As you know, GB Whatsapp is a Mod version of Whatsapp Apk. This is an unofficial version of this Apk. So, Whatsapp Apk authority has banned this GBWhatsapp.

Ans: GB Whatsapp isn’t legal Apk. This Apk is a third-party Apk like YOWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, OGWhatsapp Apk.

Is GB WhatsApp banned in India?

Ans: Yes. GB Whatsapp is banned in India. But you can download GBWhatsapp Mod Apk in your country. That’s safe to use.

Is GBWhatsApp harmful?

Ans: No. GBWhatsapp Apk is not harmful for Android. This Apk has not to addict any viruses or malware. So you can use this Apk without any fare.

How do I fix or Unban GBWhatsApp ban?

Ans: That is a very important question. Here I have included the full process to fix GbWhatsapp Ban.

What happened to GBWhatsApp?

Ans: GBWhatsapp Apk is a third-party Apk. This App is made without the main official Whatsapp Apk resources codes. That’s why this Apk is Banned by the Whatsapp official Apk.

Is GBWhatsApp working now?

Ans: Yes. GBWhatsapp is now working properly. This Apk is working pretty well in your country. Now this Apk is used all over the world.

Is GBWhatsApp safe?

Ans: Yes. GBWhatsapp is safe to use. There is no doubt to use this Apk. This Apk isn’t attacking any viruses or malware. So this is not harmful Apk for Android.

Is GBWhatsApp download free?

Ans: Yes. GB Whatsapp Apk download is totally free. You can use this Apk without pay monthly charges.

Final thoughts

In this post, I have discussed the GB Whatsapp Apk all versions. Here I have provided GBWhatsApp latest version download link. From this link download Whatsapp GB Apk any versions. So Download GB Whatsapp Apk and Install it by following the Guide.

By Chance, You face any trouble to Download GBwhatsApp Apk or Install this GBWA for Android then don’t forget to ask me in the comment box.

By the way, Thanks for Download GBwhatsApp Apk v8.70 and Congrats to be a New GB Whatsapp Family Member.

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