GBWhatsapp Apk Download 2022

GB Whatsapp is an alternative of Whatsapp containing a large number of new updated features as compared to simple Whatsapp. Gb provides you approx 99 features with full privacy. You can change the theme, font color can hide that you have seen someone’s status. A lot of features like this are available in this app. Without wasting your time let’s just know how can you get access to the app.

How you can get access to GBWhatsapp?

Getting access to GBwhatsapp is not so difficult and there is no hard and fast rule for getting GBWhatsapp. GBWhatsapp is a free to download app which is available for any kind of mobile phone either android or iPhone An alternative and customized app through which you can change and customize things according to your desire. You can download and install the app so easily. You can download the app from the below button.


GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2022 (Version Info)

App NameGBWhatsapp
Required Android Version4.0+
App Size53.5 MB
Root Required?No
Main TaskWhatsapp with extra features

 Download and install GBWhatsapp for android: 

You can download and install the app within a few seconds. The only thing you have to do is to click the Download button provided to you right here. You can easily download it and install the app from this website as an APK file. The procedure is written below:

  • Download GBWhatsapp APK from the download button.
  • Tap on the above-given download button
  • Get it to download on your device
  • After download, Go to settings>unknown source>allow it
  • Then you’ll be able to install it on your device
  • Later, click installation tap for next then verify your number
  • After verification successful, then you can easily use this app on your device.

However, it’s a proxy app so you won’t be able to get this on the Google play store, the only way to download the app Is to click on the button provided to you over here and from here you can get the APK file of GBWhatsApp for your android.

Difference Between Gbwhatsapp And Whatsapp

There is a hell difference between actual Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp. When WhatsApp was introduced it was new to everyone and people enjoyed all in one app through which you can voice call, video call, can text, can group chat also.

As the time pass, WhatsApp has been updated like you can change the chat window wallpaper but after some time people become used to it and want new features like other app were providing which fascinate people more than WhatsApp so they started finding alter apps and GB WhatsApp is the best alter as it provides with a variety of features and is bringing new updates. All updates contain more features in it.

Let’s have a look then you will be clear about the difference and won’t remain confused. With these points, you will get to know the facts that why GB is better than the original.


The word customization is showing that in this you can customize anything according to you. The original WhatsApp lack this facility or if it provides some customization feature is to change font size, chat wallpaper that’s all but in GBWhatsapp you can customize everything the theme, font color, font size, call color, can also change colors of chat. More features are provided in GB instead of the original one. This feature attracts many people because beauty attracts, and the innovation this app brings with it is awesome. These features fascinate users with new things


In WhatsApp many restrictions offend people sometimes like you can’t share status for more than 30 sec, you can’t upload a status more than few words but with Gb, you can upload status more than 250 words and can also share videos of more than 30 seconds. There are many other restrictions that WhatsApp applies and GBwhatsapp unrestricted them and allows the users to enjoy the app with great ease.

Blocking contacts:

Well, WhatsApp allows you to block a contact number and the GB not only allows you to block a contact number but also allows you to block unwanted video or voice calls from others you can prohibit others to disturb you without knowing them you can block their calls. This feature is such a blessing for those who wanted to get rid of these calls.
Sometimes people irritate you by calling after a few minutes or hours and you can’t talk to them all the time so it’s the best way to keep you safe

Hide second tick:

Hiding second tick means that when someone sends you a message then there will be only one tick on his/her side but you can read the message without letting them know. And this feature is only provided by GBwhatsapp, rather than this in actual WhatsApp you have to turn off the Wifi connection so you won’t be disturbed by the other or you have to block them.Well blocking some known person is quiet awkward so GBwhatsapp has brought the best solution so that you won’t get into an awkward position and can easily hide the second tick so that it will show other that you are offline and are not available at the moment.

More than one account:

Whatsapp has restricted the user from having two accounts with the same app. You can only run one account by using actual Whatsapp so many businessmen and others who are carrying two Whatsapp account have to use another mobile phone for using another account of Whatsapp. That was so inconvenient for a person to handle to mobiles at a time.

Instead of WhatsApp original GBWhatsapp has introduced a feature that you can run two accounts at a time on a single device you don’t have to carry another device for this. All you can have in just only one device by using GBWhatsapp. Well, in GB you can add an account and can use it. But the number on which the account has been made is different. Two different accounts from different numbers can be run on GB at the same time.

Status update:

A status update is limited in original WhatsApp, while there is no limit in GBWhatsapp. In WhatsApp, you can only upload a video of 30 sec but in GBWhatsapp you can upload a video of 1 minute approx. and in written status, you can only write limited words but in GBWhatsapp you can write more than 250 words easily.
As well as you can hide that you have seen someone’s status in GB while you can’t do this using simple Whatsapp. In GB you can also copy someone else’s status without letting them know and the original Whatsapp lack this feature.

However, there are several features that are there in GB but are not in the original Whatsapp. Gb provides the latest update every year and also the latest update GBWhatsapp is amazing it has lavish features in it. Official WhatsApp lacks all these features. There are only a few features that are in common. But the GBWhatsapp is a great modification of WhatsApp

Everyone nowadays is using GBWhatsapp because of its features, its picture quality during video-call, and also the sound quality remains so clear. The best part of this GB app is it can schedule voice messages. Now you can send voice messages whether you are busy or not awake or sleep hence whatever you are doing will not affect your routine. Once you schedule the message it will be sent at the time you have decided it.

Now, without wasting your time, I am going to tell you about the features brought by the GBWhatsapp and how you can get handy to this app. This app brings a great variety of features to make the user more convenient. There are approx 99 features of this app we will discuss a few of them.

 Features of GBWhatsapp: 

Freeze last seen

You can simply freeze or hide your last seen by turning off the option so that no one in your contact list will be able to see when you were last online and when you have seen their message. Freezing last seen means that no one, even another GB user won’t able to see the last seen of yours.

Disable forwarded:

This feature doesn’t allow other people to forward your message to someone else. It will remain to only that person to whom you have sent the message. Either it’s a voice message or a text message. This enabling will save you from any troubling situation.

Anti delete messages:

GB provides you the opportunity to read the text message sent by someone and before you read are deleted so not to worry you can easily read deleted messages by using GBWhatsapp. This feature may also help read the message being deleted from another side. The sender won’t know that you have read the deleted message. This is what we call anti delete messages so that you can feel free to read the messages.

Blue ticks:

The blue ticks show you that your message has been seen by the person to whom you send the message. If you don’t want that someone who is sending you a message gets to know that you have seen the message you can simply turn it off. By turning it off you will hide your active status as well as the color of the ticks won’t be changed.
Sometimes the sender gets offended that you have seen the message and didn’t reply so to secure yourself from such phase turn it off and do your work with full concentration.

Hide view status:

If you want to see the status of others but don’t want to tell them that you have seen so the best way is to hide view status. In this case, you will see the status but you won’t be appearing in the seen list of that person. It will hide the seen status, the other person will think that you haven’t seen the status but in actual you have seen it.

Anti-delete status:

You can also see the status which has been deleted by the updater. The anti-delete status means you can see the deleted status as well and the other person will remain unknown to that. This lets you know that who has updated the status. The developer of GB is doing a great job.
It was just an imagination of people that they wish to see the deleted status. Now the wish comes true, you can easily watch the status.

Calls privacy:

The call privacy, the best feature ever, sometimes calls disturb you during your work and you want to get rid of that so you can easily change your privacy setting and can block calls from the one to whom you don’t want to listen to any call even voice or video. Blocking their calls won’t disturb you again.


In broadcasts, you can hide the blue ticks, second tick and can also hide blue microphones. By doing this you can hide your appearance. You can hide the second so that others will think that you are offline and are not available on WhatsApp. You can also hide the blue microphone so that others will assume you haven’t listened to the voice message which means that you are not here on WhatsApp.
To keep yourself hidden the best app is GB. Through this, you can do everything without coming to anyone’s knowledge


You can hide the same thing in groups as well you can hide blue ticks, can hide the second tick, hide blue microphone, hide typing, hide recording. GBWhatspp provides you with these features to hide you can hide blue tick’s means that you can hide your activity from others so that you can easily enjoy your time without getting disturbed.
Groups are sometimes annoying as everyone starts message and the notification especially irritates if you see the message and won’t reply it would be unethical, so to protect you from such situation hiding is the best option.

Hide typing:

Hide typing sometimes you have to chat with someone and after the chat, you want some important messages. When you open the chat it will show on other’s screen that you are typing something so to get over such situation this feature will help you a lot so that you can easily get the important info from the chat window

Hide recording:

Hide recording is like you don’t want to tell others that you are recording something. It’s on your choice so you can easily hide it by turning it on and can also keep it secure.

Hide online status: 

You can hide your online status by going into setting privacy and then can turn it off by doing this you won’t be shown online to someone. Hiding the status will show others that you are not available on WhatsApp so they won’t disturb you.


Themes can be changed by going into setting you can save theme restore them download the theme and can apply it as well. The applying theme will make your Whatsapp screen look good and attractive.

Hide chat divider:

Hide chat divider means it will remove the grey line between the chats in the main screen, you can do this by going into GB setting > homescreen>hide chat divider. It’s on your choice whether you turn it on or off.

Change background color:

In this you can change the color of the background and so that you be able to choose it according to your choice. This will make your background amazing with amazing colors. Go to GB settings >homescreen>FAB>Background color.

Change icon colors:

You can change the con of your every chat, by doing this you will find the chat you want within a sec or also it looks great. The icon’s color makes your home screen superb. You can change it by going in GBSEttings>Homescreen>FAB> change icon color.

Hide new messages:

You can hide new messages, as you have to hand over your phone to someone else and you want to hide the new coming messages you can hide the new coming messages. By doing this you won’t be notified and can easily hide your message from others, go to GB settings> homescreen>FAB> hide new messages.

Hide Whatsapp log:

Your phone is going to be in an unknown hand or you want to hide your call log so you can easily do that by simply turning it on. Go to GB settings>home screen>FAB> hide Whatsapp log. Following this, you will be able to hide your call log and by turning it off you will get your call log back.

Unread messages counter color:

You want to differentiate between reading and unread messages you can easily do that by changing the color of unread messages. Go to GB settings>home screen>rows>unread message counter color. There you can turn it on and can change the color of any chat to whom you want to change.

Page title text color:

You can also change the color of the page title like chats status and calls you can also change all of them. Go to GB settings>home screen>header>Page title text color. From there you can easily change the text color of your page title.

DND mode:

DND mode allows you to stop receiving Whatsapp messages until you turn it off. Go to screen>home screen>header> DND mode. From there you can turn it on and can stop receiving messages until you want to turn it off back.

Contact online color:

You can change the color of the online contact color when someone is online it will change the color of that contact name. Go to settings> home screen>rows> contacts online color. So that it will let you know that who is online from your contacts and who is offline.

Schedule message:

You can schedule a message as you have to wish someone on its birthday or you have to assign work and you will be busy so you can schedule a message and can set the date and time so at that time the message will automatically send to the selected contact. Go to GB setting> schedule message. Type the message select the date and time.

Recent update text:

You can also get notified by the recent update text. This will tell you that you have received a new message whether you want to reply to it or not.

Ringtone for contact toast:

You can change the ringtone for some special contact. From those you can’t miss any call, you can change the ringtone so you will get to know who is calling you and how important the call is. Go to settings> home screen> ringtone contact toast. Turn it on so that you will be able to differentiate the calls.

Send large files:

You can send a large file, you can send approx 100 images at a time, videos of 100 Mb and can also share documents. You can also send videos of 30 Mb, this feature is amazing as you don’t have to select images again and again.

 Download and Install GBWhatsapp for iPhone: 

Well, there is not much difference in downloading the app. It same as in android but you have to tap the download button to have GB for your iOS so that it will support iPhone and you can enjoy the app. You can download and install it easily by the following steps:

  • You are provided with a download button here.
  • Tap on the above-given download button
  • Then simply you can install with easy procedure.

Here you go, now you have installed the app, open up the app explore the features, you will gonna love the app.

Keep that in mind if you haven’t back up your data then before using this Whatsapp back up your data so all the information media documents will be saved. A question must be continuously striking your mind why should we go for GB instead of simple Whatsapp. Let me clear your confusion first then, we will go further for features and other specialties. Well, this app is also available for PC users. Let’s have a look.

HOW To Download and Install GBWhatsapp on PC

This brings great news for the ones who are using Whatsapp on their desktop and just dream to have modified feature on it well from here you can download GBWhatsapp on your PC and can get the benefit and can also enjoy the modified feature. The GBwhatsapp also provides the facility of WhatsApp web but the problem is if your phone is out of reach or is off due to some reason then you won’t be able to get access to it.

GBWhatsapp is facilitating its users that they can now download the app and can easily use WhatsApp whether they have access to their phone or not. The amazing thing is you can call, record voice notes, share videos, images everything that you use in your android or any mobile device.

To download the app on your PC you have to download an emulator first you will make your PC able to run the app on your desktop. Bluestacks is the best emulator which is most secure to your pc. As it will save your desktop from threats.

  • Download the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Then Wait for the download.
  • After download agrees to the permission asked by the app.
  • After the installation of the emulator.
  • Add the downloaded APK file to the emulator by the drag and drop method.
  • Click on install, allow the permissions asked by the app.
  • After installation, open the app.
  • Add your mobile number, the app will verify it.
  • For verification, it will send a code to your number
  • Add the code, and after verification, you can easily explore the app with the world.

Versions In the history and the updated one 

There is a built-in downloader in the app so you can easily download the profile picture of any of your contact or can also download the status without knowing them. You can do all this silently this feature is awesome you won’t have to ask someone to send his/her status now you can download it by yourself so easily.

There are many versions of GBWhatsapp it has been updated with time. Every update has brought new features with it, which has been loved by the users, so the developers are going so well they are continuously working on updates to bring on new features for the users to love the app more. Well, let’s have a look on previous versions a few versions list is as follows:

The few features are as follows:

  • Anti-ban
  • Zooming of profile picture
  • Customize theme mode
  • Audio-clip can be of 100 MB
  • View media without loading
  • Get notification when someone changes its dp.
  • Emoji’s changer
  • Can copy status etc.

These features are flawless and awesome in use. The app is so user-friendly that everyone can use it. The versions by the developer are bringing great features.

Advantages of GBWhatsapp:

The advantages of GbWhatsapp are countless as it is a modified form of WhatsApp. All the new and old version is so good that it made the user so glad that the download of this app is increasing day by day. The advantages of using this app are as follows:

  • Can copy status to clipboard
  • Dual account
  • Multiple languages
  • Can send more than 30 images
  • You Can hide personal chat
  • Can hide logs
  • New emojis
  • Change tick color
  • Can change icon color
  • Change color of display dialogue

The disadvantage of GBWhatsapp: 

The disadvantage of this app it’s is not an official app. It can’t be found in the Google play store. this can only be downloaded in the APK file

  • Can’t available on Google play store


Is GBWhatsapp is secure for our devices?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine for usage when you are downloading the app it will give you a warning that this app is not secure for your device. Well, the warning is because it is an unofficial app and is a more secure app that is there for us.

Why we can’t find GBWhatsapp on the play store?

We can’t find it on the play store because it is an unofficial app that is only be found on the website as an app file. The only official app can be found on the play store. That’s why we can’t find GBWhatsapp on the play store.

Does GBWhatsapp ban the account of the user after some time?

GBWhatsapp has a disadvantage in the last update. Now the update has brought the feature anti-ban. Now the Gb WhatsApp does not ban anyone’s account. It is the most secure app so that you can enjoy the app.

Does GBWhatsapp hide the status seen from others?

Yes, of course, it hides status seen from others if someone in your contacts has updated the status and you don’t want to tell him/her that you have seen the status so you ca use GbWhatsapp it will hide you from the seen list.

Can we change the color of Display Dialogue?

Yeah! You can change and customize the settings according to your desire you can change the color of display dialogue. Go to GB settings> home screen> headers> change display dialogue in which you can change the color of chats, status, and calls.



Yeah, you should have to be that much happy as I am right now. Because of this highly upgrading era, we all know, how much it is important to stay up to the mark in maintaining our social engagements. GBWhatsApp is currently the most proficient futuristic and perfect characterized app right now.

These social apps make us happy, give us the satisfaction of being connected to our circle but are not secure for some reason. Besides all other apps, GB WhatsApp is the only app that is perfectly securing your personal or professional, both kinds of data. No one can hack this, no one can blackmail you.


Well, this feature is the most attractive one in my opinion, which makes us more convenient to download, install and use it. You can use it for both business and casual chit-chats with your friends, family and business partners or teams.

After reading my article, I am damn sure that you’re not only going to enjoy it by yourself but also will share it with your other contacts or in your circle. So, don’t waste your time my friend and download this securing app now. In case of having any confusion or any query, our team is always there to respond to you. Just drop your query in our comment box and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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