General Settings of the Router

A wireless router is an essential device in most current homes, but in very few they give it the attention required for optimal operation. What this small team does is send the internet modem signal to any pc, mobile, tablet or device that connects.

The process of installation and configuration of the Wi-Fi transmitter is usually done by the company providing the connection or a specialized technician, once they finish the work we connect and forget to check the equipment, which could be causing the problems of slow connection. Luckily, it is very easy to access the administrative area of ​​a router and anyone can do it to make some adjustments that improve its performance.


Luckily, in this article we will teach you how to make some changes and what are the best ways to configure it yourself in a few steps and without advanced computer skills. Read on to get the most out of this device and maximize its performance to enjoy a faster internet.

How do we enter the Web or Router Configuration Panel?

If you have decided to improve the speed of your connection and want to change the settings of your router, you will probably not know where to start. Do not worry, we will explain in detail each step so you can do it at home, so you will not have to pay for technical services and save money.

General Settings of the Router

Each device is different in many factors. Manufacturing companies or brands offer a configuration access service that varies as they see fit. But most share the same access method to enter the router and even the same default data to access the account (If you think about it, this is a risk for you because any stranger who knows it and has access to your WiFi, You could easily enter the administrator interface to configure the operation of the device). That access method, we will explain it below.

Through the IP address

Most operators use the numbers as the IP address to access the administration panel and be able to modify every detail regarding the use and operation.

  • To use these numbers you must open a tab in the browser. It is recommended to do it on a computer for convenience and ease. The device you use must be connected to the WiFi network to be configured. Once you open the internet tab, copy the code and press enter.
  • It will load an access website, in which you will get a box with a message that will ask you to enter the data to access the router configuration. The requested data is the username and password, but if you do not have them or know them, do not be alarmed, as we told you before, many of the providers use the same data for default access, so try to try with:
    • admin / admin
    • admin / 1234
    • 1234 / admin
    • 1234/234
    • Or try leaving one of the fields blank
  • In case none of this works, check the reverse side of the equipment in physics and there you can find out what your credentials are.
  • When you have entered the settings interface, you will see something similar to the following image. All suppliers have a different design, with elements distributed differently, but basically all have a menu on one of their sides to choose different options. From there we can start making modifications to the network to increase security or improve performance. We guide you in all those modifications that you must make in the following points.

How can we improve router security?

The manufacturing companies include security measures in the equipment, but with the increasing cybercrime and the increase of methods to steal data and information from people, these measures fall short, so it is necessary to optimize security by changing some settings.

For this, we can perform several actions within the configuration of the router that we have learned to access, such as the following.

Change the default password

If you have forgotten the password and need to access the panel, it is likely that the fact that this access data is online is useful. But just as you have access to them, some malicious person can also own them and it will only be enough for you to connect to the network for a moment to enter as an administrator and adjust various aspects of the network as it suits you. So, if you continue with the factory password you must change it to avoid being exposed.

Once inside the administrator interface, you must look in the menu for an option that says « Manage «. Most likely, your router, like most, will come in English and you will find the option as “Management“, you must select it. When you open it there will be certain possibilities, among which you have to search for “Access Control”  or “Access Settings” or something similar.

It will be easy to detect it because it will have the username and boxes for the current and new password on the side. You just have to enter the requested data and voila, you’ll be a little more protected from hackers.

Rename the network

By changing the default password you prevent those who connect to the WiFi network from accessing the configuration system. To increase protection, you can change the current name of the network. The names with which Wi-Fi networks are usually identified for the first time have information from the company that provides the service, which can give indications to whoever looks for your information on how to access your administration panel and from there take your data.

To change the name of the network, being on the router panel you must go to the “Wireless” or ” Connections ” section and once there look for the initials “SSID” , when you find them you must select them and put the name you want, Remember to put a completely random name to avoid inducing clues.

Things to keep in mind to configure and modify router Wi-Fi

The router administrator panel is a complete system that displays various modification and adjustment options for the user. The range of possibilities we have to alter the predefined operation of the network is very wide. There are alternatives that allow greater securityoptimized speed and some others that serve to improve the experience when playing video games and make it much easier.

Some things that we can consider and adjust within this panel are:

Frequency types

There are regulations on the use of networks internationally. These regulations specify the frequency ranges at which a device can emit its signals. The frequencies at which all internet devices operate are 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz and 5 GHz.

Each team according to its technology operates at one or the other. Similarly, network routers depending on the version have the ability to accept the 5GHz frequency, if so, we can choose in the panel the frequency we want to use. Of course, before choosing, we must verify that all devices support it. Choosing the highest frequency ensures a more stable connection, faster and with greater coverage.

Limit access to certain computers or MAC Filtering

The WiFi sender is the intermediary between the modem and the devices that connect to the network. In MAC computers you can establish a filter so that only those devices that are recognized by it can be connected to the signal. This way you make sure that the only ones who can enjoy your Internet are those who have your permission.

To activate MAC filtering that all current routers have, simply look in the configuration panel for the section marked “Wireless” or ” Connections ” and in it some option such as ” Mac Filter / Mac Filtering ” or ” Access Limit / Limit of access «. Within it, you can activate the use of this tool and at once mark the known devices according to their IP addresses (To know the IP of your mobile and allow access, take it and enter Settings).

What is the DHCP server and how to configure it optimally?

Each time a device connects to a WiFi network, it provides you with the necessary elements to surf the internet, among them is an IP address. All routers bring by default a DHCP server that assigns addresses according to specific ranges to each network, that is, the IP address of the device will change with each connection.

If we go to the ” Advanced Settings ” section in the settings panel, we can activate an option to open the router ports and assign a fixed IP address to each device. So every time you connect you will have the same address.

And what is an UPnP server for?

The UPnP server is included in some router by default, in others, it must be installed or activated. The functionality of this is to serve as a communications facilitator. Redirect traffic, opening or closing connections as required, to perform tasks on the Network.

In most of the router configuration panels, the UPnP is in the section of and it is enough to select a box to activate it and stop worrying about problems with the network ports.

 DMZ or Demilitarized Zone

The demilitarized zone or DMZ is an option that only some routers have the privilege of owning. This configuration became popular among gamers, since what it does is open all the ports of the network of an IP, leaving the connection without any restrictions or blockages.

It is not recommended to activate it for computers or mobiles because it could put the computer at risk by exposing it to threats, viruses or internet malware.

The importance of updating the Firmware

The firmware is what allows much of the internet functions, it is a kind of router operating system. Like browsers and other elements, the firmware is constantly updated to solve problems in each version, as well as add functions, optimize the connection or repair errors.

In the router administration interface, you will find a specific section for Firmware where you can see if there are updates available and although not all companies allow you to download the update from the configuration.

Configure a parental control

After connecting your router, from the configuration, you can activate parental control, ideal for parents who want to keep their children under control. Depending on the brand, each team has different control options, but in general, you can block access to various websites and restrict pages that use certain vocabulary.

Although it is designed to prevent children from entering improper websites, you can also use it to prevent certain portals from opening up in which they may be full of malware that affects your equipment.

Check router events and their status

The router stores every movement that is made when a connection is established, entering this detailed record is possible in the configuration panel, where you can check unauthorized access attempts, blocked web access, DHCP addresses, problems connection , and you can also see the speed measurement of the network to verify that it is the one offered by the provider.

Open ports

Opening the router ports has become a very popular activity, especially when you want a specific game or application to work more efficiently. The ports are used to establish connections between applications and servers, one of the most famous a few years ago was the eMule servers. Each application uses a specific port and to improve the operation these ports must be opened.

So these are the Basic general Settings of a Router for better performance and speed.

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