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GetAPK Market APK:-Since last few years, Android has evolved a lot. Too many changes, new updates, and new apps. In these years many new apps were launched some were free, some were paid. And if you are an Android Smartphone user you might have installed few apps and games on your phone. And I guess most of them were free to download or maybe all were free to download :p Am I right? We all tend to download only apps which are available for free. And that’s not something wrong. Free things attract us a lot more than something which is paid. But there’s a twist what if I tell you that you can download those paid apps for free on your Android Phone! Maybe you will think I am joking but I am not, this is possible. You can download paid apps for free! This all is possible with GetApk Market. Its an alternative to Google Play store.

GetAPK Market

GetApk Market is an Android app store, it is the best alternative for Google Play Store. With GetApk Market you can download almost any app for free! Remember the time when you wanted to download an awesome app but you couldn’t because it was a paid app. Now that time is gone, you can download all those apps for free with Getapk Market, you wouldn’t need to pay a single penny! Every paid app for free. Awesome isn’t it!


Some more Interesting Features of GetApk Market

  • GetAPK Market app size is less than 2MB.
  • GetApk Market can download paid apps for free, even the most expensive app on Play Store!
  • Get Apk Market can be installed on any Android phone.
  • You can even get in-app purchases for free with GetApk Market.
  • GetApk Market is very easy to use.
  • GetApk Market does not requires any technical knowledge to operate.

Package Details of GetApk Market

App NameGetApk Market
Developed By
Downloads AvailableInfinite
Min Android Version required2.3
Last Update 
Whats New with GetApk Market V1.6.97All Bugs Fixed

Download GetApk Market

GetApk Market is the best alternative to Play Store. You can download any app from Getapk Market for free and you know what the best thing is? It is that GetApk Market itself is free to download! Yes, GetApk Market is free, and it is the best appstore to download any kind of app you require as is has collection of tons of apps. And I am sure you can get any app you want to download from GetApk Market. I prefer using GetApk Market more than Play store. I am also pretty sure that you will start giving more preference to Get apk Market than the Play Store once you use it. Maybe you will not believe this, even I did’t believed. But once I installed GetApk Market I had to say its the best appstore, it even beats Google Play Store for me. 

Download GetAPK Market for Android

GetApk Market is a galaxy of all apps. With such cool features, GetApk Market tops among the list of all Android Appstores. You can download GetApk Market easily following the Download Button. We will also explain you how to Install GetApk Market and download any app for free with GetApk.

Why should you install GetApk Market?

Getapk Market is one of the top appstores which is competing with Google Play Store! You should start using GetApk Market right now if you are not using it. There are a lot of reason why you should use GetApk Market, here we will state some major reasons why to use this app.

  • GetApk Market is a free application.
  • You can even download paid apps without paying a single penny.
  • You get latest app updates.
  • If you uninstall an app by mistake which was downloaded with GetApk Market, you can install it again without wasting your data as you already will have its apk file.
  • You get really high-speed downloads with GetApk.

Is GetApk Market Safe to install?

We have faced this question a lot of times and the answer to this question is YES!! Yes, GetApk Market is safe to download and install we here only provide apps which are tested by us. And after testing Getapk market we can ensure that it is safe to use. Proof for it is that GetApk Market only needs two basic permissions, one to write storage and another to know phone’s android version, thats it! So GetApk Market is definitely safe to use. However you should remember that when you install any app from GetApk Market always check what permissions are required by that app. If you find any permission suspicious that ignore installing that app.

How to Download and Install GetApk Market for Android?

You might have searched GetApk Market on Play Store, but wait that’s not the legit version of GetApk Market. Play Store does not allow apps which provide paid content for free. So the app which is available on Play Store is totally fake. You can download the latest version of GetApk Market from our website. It is the legit version and you can download all apps for free with this version of Getapk Market we provide to you. GetApk Market is the best appstore of 2018, and you will believe it. Just start using it once.

To download GetApk Market visit here. GetApk Market is download in .Apk format so it won’t be installed automatically after you download it. You need to install it manually. Installing procedure is very easy, we will tell you step by step how to install GetApk Market and download paid app with it. If you are installing .apk for the first time let me tell you what actually are .apk files. APK stands for Android Package Kit, it is package file for android system, apk files on Android are similar to .exe on Windows.

Install GetApk Market on Android

  • To install GetApk Market on Android, first of all download Getapk Market from our website.
  • Remember the directory where GetApk .apk is downloaded.
  • Go-to settings and open Security.
  • You will see an option Unknown Sources.
  • Just enable it, else you will not be able to install GetApk Market.
  • Now go-to the directory where GetApk Market was downloaded.
  • Open GetApk Market .apk file.
  • Click on install and wait for few seconds.
  • Once installed you can open and start using GetApk Market.

Note – Installation from Unknown sources is disabled by default. It means you cannot install apps from anywhere other than Google Play Store.

Pros and Cons of GetApk Market

As nothing is perfect in this work, everything has its own pros and cons. GetApk Market also has its own pros and cons. Here we will discuss both Pros and Cons for GetApk Market. Like what are the advantages of using GetApk Market and the things which can be improved to make this app even better for its users. So lets start with pros and cons of get apk market.


Here we will tell you what all things we liked about GetApk Market and about some really good features about this app.

  • GetApk Market is an appstore which has superpower to download all the paid apps and games for free.
  • GetApk Market is an all in one package.
  • You can find almost any app on GetApk.
  • Best appstore for android.
  • You can even find apps which are not available on Google Play Store.
  • You get really awesome download speed.


As we told that everything has its own pros and cons, here we will list some cons of GetApk Market. What all improvements should be done with GetApk Market. But just don’t change your mind of install GetApk Market after reading these cons, because these are negligible in exchange to you get.

  • The User Interface of Getapk is not so attractive compared to other app stores.
  • The app could be made even more responsive.
  • The app should be redesigned and should be made with a great UI.

After checking out both pros and cos of GetApk Market we would still recommend you to download and use GetApk as these cons are nothing in front of the features we get with this app. So you should definitely install Get Apk Market.

And for your information GetApk Market App will definitely crush the android Appstore market in 2018. Because latest version of GetApk Market with awesome UI Improvement will be released very soon so get ready for the more awesome version of GetApk Market!

How to install paid apps with GetApk Market?

So you have downloaded and installed Getapk Market? Now are you ready to download paid apps for free?!?

Yeah! So let’s begin. We will tell you how can you download each and every app with GetApk Market.

First of all you should know which app you want to install, when you know that open GetApk Market and that follow the instructions given below:

Method 1:

  • In the search bar given at the top type the name of that app you want to download.
  • Choose the app from the given results.
  • Click on Get and download will start automatically.

method 2:

  • Open Play Store and search for the desired app.
  • Once you find the app, click on it and go-to its download page (don’t worry if apps is paid you will not need to pay for it).
  • Click on the share button and when the pop up appears select GetApk.
  • App page of your desired application will open and you will be able to download that file for free!

How to install apps and games downloaded from Getapk?

  • Open file manager.
  • Look for folder named GetApk.
  • Open that folder, you will see all apps downloaded are here.
  • Click on the app you want to install and install page will open.
  • Now finally click on install and wait for the app to be installed on your phone.
  • Once installed you can start using that app.

Some Facts About GetApk Market

  • GetApk Market appstore was launched in mid-2014.
  • Since then it has been downloaded for more than 10 million times without any big promotion. It’s really a great figure.
  • GetApk Market is ranked #1 among all the third party Android appstores.
  • GetApk is Free!
  • Size of this app is even less than 2MB.
  • This app is updated for more than 10 times.

Why does GetApk Market provide all paid apps for free?

This is a very common question, that why does GetApk Market provide paid apps for free! The answer is that the developer of GetApk market wanted his app to be very popular and hence this feature. That you can download paid apps for free with GetAPK Market. Just because of this feature this app has become very famous now and has gor millions for downloads.


For us, GetApk Market is a gem. We use this app on our regular basis to download any app we require. We will definitely recommend all of the android users to use this app, and if you are the person who likes to download and test every new app this app is a must-download for you. You can download any app for without paying for it with GetApk Market, what bigger reason you need to use this app. So go ahead and start using GetApk Market. We ensure that you will surely like it. Also if you like the article about GetApk Market do rate this article 🙂

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