Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

It is an excellent simulation game developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. In the game, you move the hammer with the mouse & that is all you have to do. With practice, you will be able to swing, jump, climb & fly. Great mysteries & a wonderful reward await the master hikers who have reached the top of the mountain.

It is a hardcore android game where the player controls the hero who sits in a pot. In the game, you need to take control of the protagonist & your task is to lead him through all the trials & to overcome the max area of ​​the game.


All you have to do is overcome obstacles with the hammer, with which you will climb the trees, the boulders & high mountains.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

If you make a wrong move, the level you are on needs to be played again. Train your agility & nerves to achieve outstanding results.

In our future post, we are also planning to provide you getting over it PVP mod APK. In our recent posts, we have posted about Hill Climb Racing Game which can be downloaded for free.

About The Gameplay

The gameplay revolves around a silent man called Diogenes who resides in a large metal cauldron and wields a Yosemite hammer which he can use to grip objects & move.

Using the mouse or trackpad, the player tries to move the man’s upper body & sledgehammer in order to climb a steep mountain.

The game has been accompanied by Bennett Foddy’s voice-over commentary who discusses various philosophical topics. The commentary provides quotations related to disappointment & perseverance when significant progress is lost by the player.

As the player progress up the mountain, the game increases in difficulty. There are no checkpoints which the player is at constant risk of losing some or all of their progress.

The game is concluded when a player reaches the highest point of the map & enters the space. Upon reaching the conclusion, a message appears asking players if they are recording the gameplay. When a player indicates that they are not doing so, the game provides you access to a chatroom that has been populated by other players who have already completed the game.


  • You can climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer & a pot.
  • Listen as philosophical observations are made about the problem at hand.
  • Between 2 & ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, the median time to finish the game for the playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.
  • The game makes you lose all your progress, over & over.
  • Feel new types of frustration that you didn’t know you were capable of.

What’s More?

  • It is an amazing simulation game.
  • Stunning High Definition graphics.
  • Great gameplay on Smartphones & tablets.
  • Easy to play & download.
  • Has many interesting missions.
  • Full of excitement.

The Game is also available on the Play store but at a price of $4.99 but here at iGamingforums you will get that for free.

How To Install Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Apk

  • Download the APK file & cache.
  • Allow the installation of apps from unknown sources in the settings
  • Run the installation using a file manager
  • Copy the folder of cache from the downloaded archive to SD/Android/obb/ directory on your android device using the file Manager. The result should be SD/Android/obb/cache_folder/file *obb
  • Run the application

TIP: Before installing the game, Turn the WiFi & Mobile Data off. It can be enabled later once the game has started working fine.

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