GTA 5 Mobile Mod APK

GTA 5 is one of the games in the GTA series. The first version of the series was published in 1997. After publishing more GTA versions GTA 4 was published. Given the interest of game players, Rockstar Games published GTA 5 in September 2013. Most of the games are played on the computer GTA 5 has been developed for many more platforms. So Rockstar Games published not only for computers but also published the games which played on android phones GTA 5 is one of them. GTA 5 APK MOD can be played not only by one player but also by multiple players.

Rockstar Games have not only earned millions from GTA games but also earned billions in a few days. This game spread to people in days, which is why GTA has become a world-famous game and is an award-winning game. Billions of GTA copies were sold.


gta 5 mod apk

Playing GTA V Android APK MOD

GTA 5 is a video game in which not only one player can play but also multiple players can play, multiplayer can complete many missions while playing simultaneously. That’s why GTA can play if only one player wants to play. And if a team wants to enjoy the GTA game, they can also enjoy the game to the fullest.

To play multiplayer it is most important to have the internet. Because all players have to be connected online. And have fun while playing this game. And the most interesting thing about this game is that it has to complete missions while playing GTA 5 game. The game player never gets tired of the game but enjoys playing the game completely.


The character of this game can roam freely anywhere except the game. There are many types of vehicles in GTA 5, which you can use whenever you want. Each vehicle can be controlled with the custom setting, its speed, etc. and more features. There are also many missions in this game, which has to complete step by step. Each mission is slightly different from the first mission.

Besides, a variety of weapons are found in this game, which is also easy to use. And it is very easy to kill your enemy with these weapons. All these weapons are of the latest technology. There are rifles, shotguns, knives, and many more. You can use them wherever you want by making a custom selection.

Game Screen Controls

There are many controls at the top of the game screen. These controls are used to move characters wherever we want. The right side controls help the character to drive the vehicle, set the target with guns, etc. And there are 2 more controls on the top right corner from which the game can be started or back. Also, there are call controls, more and more controls. Installing the game makes all the controls seem interested.

Reveals their use. I mean don’t get bored with this game, because this game is a full action, adventure video game. It is a too interesting game even if you do play or not play with multiple players.


In this version, the map also helps wherever you go. The map shows the location. Clear the location of the enemy. The further map also shows what area and road we are on.


Michael and with some of his team members Nine years ago together robbed in Ludendorff, North Yankton. After getting out of there, three of them are killed during the police firing. One of them was dead by police shot while driving. And two of the remaining three when going to the helicopter. And they are going toward the helicopter with picked up bags, two more of them will be dead by the police shooting. A member somehow manages to escape by resorting to a girl.

Franklin Dealing & Save Jimmy

Michael goes to the beach again after meeting his friend. There he meets Franklin for the first time. Franklin is a boy who trades cars illegally, which deals with Mr. Semi and also deals with another man. Michael reaches  Mr. Semi via franklin. And both Michael and Franklin bring Michael’s son Jimmy back safely from a boat.

Lamer’s Chop(dog)

The Lamer arrives at Franklin’s home in the morning. The Lamer also has a dog whose name is chop. Franklin and Lamer arrive in the van at the Vinewood Boulevard location. There a man has to pick up and drop on the location of the mission. But the man manages to escape on his bike. So the franklin catches it through the chop until the Lamer arrives with van. The mission is completed by leaving this person at the mission site and also by leaving Lamar at his location.

Marriage Counseling

When Michael arrives at his home, he sees his wife, Amanda, sleeping with her tennis coach. Michael gets angry. His wife tries to control him. But Michael, along with his business friend Franklin, and destroys the tennis coach house.

Recycling Plant Meeting

Franklin meets outdoors with his partner lamer and one more friend. And from there Ammu-Nation has a gun store. At the guns store, Franklin and his friends set out a meeting at a recycling plant with custom guns. They get nigga at the recycling plant. And there come more gangsters. After killing all these gangsters while playing the game, the franklin, Lamer, and his friend manage to escape by evading the police.

Jewelry Store Robbery

1) Michael, Franklin, an old man, three more men carry out this robbery. In this robbery, first, some missions jewelry store is reviewed. Then, except for the old man, the player will go to this bank and rob while playing the game. And in a very technical way, it will also avoid the police.

2) In some more missions, the whole information of another bank is taken. Then a team member blows gas down from the roof, which makes all the staff and visitors faint. So Michael and his team steal easily. This whole plan has to be continued by a game player.

Trevor Phillips saved Mr. Cheng and his Translator

Traver Philips is sitting in a drink bar. At that moment, Mr. Cheng and his translator approached Phillips. And Mr. Cheng was drunk. The translator asks Philips for help, but Philips refuses. So the translator tells him that Mr. Cheng’s father wants to kill me. He is also making a business deal. And the translator says to Philips I will give you money, help me. So Philips walks with them.

Leaving the drink bar, They go to the Meth Lab location, where he hides Mr. Cheng and its translator in iceboxes. And together with the chef himself kills as many gangsters as come. The task of killing gangsters has to be done by the game player. In the end, Philips saves the life of both the translator and Mr. Cheng.

Death of the main characters of GTA V

One player looks at the outdoor early in the morning. So a Businessman who came to meet with the player. This man gives a job to kills the other players. After giving the job, he left. The player calls to other players and tells him to come to a location. And the gamer can kill his team members.

Now it depends on the gamer whether he obeys the businessman or not. If one player does not deceive his other players, then all three together can eliminate this businessman.

We have discussed some missions here, which shows how interesting this game is. And also tried to say that this game is the best game to spend free time.


  • Different type of weapons and the range of weapons excellent.
  • Vehicle interesting, the latest model and high speed .
  • Vehicle custom controls.
  • More features than the previous version.
  • Rockstar provides many features for users/players for example camera setting, tone or notification setting, color or theme changing, etc.
  • Single and multiplayer video game.
  • Game controls working too good.
  • Graphics and Entities of the GTA 5 game feel like everything is really happening.
  • Game Missions (interesting missions).
  • And there are many such features. Which you will find as soon as you install the game. And those features are very interesting.
  • The map of the new version is better than the old version.

Android Requirement for playing GTA 5 APK MOD

The version of the android phone must be better to play GTA 5 or install on an android phone. Because this game is a game with good graphics. And it takes up more space on the phone. It is difficult to play this game on android lower versions. Even if we installed, the game will not run properly.

Your phone may hang while running, i.e the game will get stuck, or the game will stop. Don’t want a more expensive phone for GTA 5. The detail is given below. You can get an idea by looking at whether your phone is supported or not.

  • Android Phone Space: Minimum 2GB
  • CPU: Up to 1.7 GHz
  • Android: 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, 5.0, 6.0
  • Jelly Beans, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie
  • Samsung S4,5,6,7 & Note 4/ 5


How do I GTA 5 mobile apk free download?

Download GTA 5 full game for android. GTA 5 android zip file easy to download and enjoy while playing.

How to GTA 5 apk data files download?

You can easily GTA v apk + data free download and also GTA V obb file free download. There is no cost for this version.

How can I install GTA 5 APK MOD?

GTA requires the first setup to install the game, which you can easily find from our website. And then you can also download the obb data needed. Then you have to go to settings and turn on unknown sources. Then you can easily install the game like the other games.

GTA requires the first setup to install the game, which you can easily find from our website. And then you can also download the obb data needed. Then you have to go to settings and turn on unknown sources. Then you can easily install the game like the other games.

Can I download GTA 5 APK MOD for free?

Yes, of course, you can press the download button and download GTA 5 apk free and full version.

Is this game a mobile version?

Of course, this setup supports all mobile phones.


  • Excellent Graphics
  • Colors also good
  • All entities voice too good
  • Easy to playing
  • The more interesting than the old versions
  • Playing online with multiple players
  • More 30 players can play at a time as a team member
  • Custom driving.


  • It’s a little difficult to install
  • It is difficult to find more cons in the latest version.