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Are you looking for the best Android Emulator? If yes then I must say that you are landed in very much right place. Today in this comprehensive guide we are going to reveal all the facts & figures about happy chick APK together with the direct downloading link of Happy Chick! So, don’t leave in mid, go through the whole article & find out the best information about Happy Chick APK.

What is Android Emulator?

If you are a tech nerd then you must be familiar with the purpose of Android emulator and if it is new for you then I must say that no need to be worried at all! We are going to answer you about what is Android Emulators!

Android emulators help you to enjoy the fullest potential of the PC games on your Android Smartphone. Yes, now it is possible to enjoy the Happy Chick for pc games on your Android Smartphones, tablets, and other such applications.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the Android Apps and games on your PC as well with the help of Android emulators. One of the best Android emulators includes the happy chick Android Emulator and BlueStack Emulator.

Happy Chick Apk

What is Happy Chick APK?

There is nothing wrong with to thanks happy chicks which makes it smooth & possible to enjoy the games of any platform on Android smartphones. You can download any game from any platform and let the happy chick handle it for you. Its cross-platform compatibility is super awesome. The feature which makes the Happy Chick APK unique & stands it out among others is downloading it directly from the Android Classic games. That clearly means that no need to download any third-party tools in order to install it.

Warning – For the smooth running of the application you must ensure the availability of platforms before downloading & installation. Installation of happy chick APK somehow a bit crucial and tricky in order to enjoy the endless adventure games.

Versatility of Happy Chick

Happy Chick is very versatile in nature as it is highly available for a number of platforms including

  • PS1, PS2, & PS3.
  • MAME.
  • Nintendo 64.
  • Nintendo DS.
  • Gameboy.
  • PSP.
  • Others consoles.
  • Android.
  • PC.

But here we are dealing with just only Happy Chick APK and its supporting platforms. We ensure you all the files available for you to download are 100% virus scanned and working. So, have unlimited fun on Android with best Android Emulator.

Happy Chick – An Ultimate Emulating Pack for Android

As far as technical aspects of happy chicks are concerned it is just like a classic console for Android OS. When things come up to pick up some amazing & appealing games & programs, installation of ROMs in folders and setting up the environment like graphics and other logical terms then it seems very hectic. Happy Chick is actually one of the best & appealing platforms emulating a great number of games for different gaming platforms available at happy chick servers. You are at liberty to download it online whenever you want.

There are few loopholes in the happy chick which you will experience once you start using the application. It doesn’t come up with any kind of android game officially but it has a number of built-in emulators at the backend. And unfortunately, it is a fact that the usage of emulators is not legal.

As far as games are concerned with happy chicks most of the users upload the games by themselves. You can upload any new game in the ROMs simply by creating a whole new entry in the app together with game screenshots and some other necessary information. The whole game of happy chick to keep away their hands from hosting illegal activities & this is the way they can prove that they are not offering any copyrighted content.

Upon Downloading & Installation

Once you successfully download Happy Chick APK & install it properly firstly you will see the interface of the application in the Chinese language. Here you need to change the application language by following the step by step guide given below.

  1. First of all, go to the Manage which appears at the bottom of the application.
  2. From manage navigate to the settings.
  3. From setting you can change the language of the application to English or any other you want.

Note: You can also change the path of storing files & keep them in the folder where you want.

List of Supporting Emulators by Happy Chick

Here comes the list of supporting Happy Chicks Emulators.

  • PC-Engine.
  • PSP
  • Dreamcast
  • Arcade Machines
  • NeoGeo Pocket
  • Nintendo DS.
  • Nintent 64
  • Play Station.
  • Game Boy Advance.
  • Super Nintendo
  • Megadrive
  • NES
  • Wonderswan Color
  • Game Boy Color

How to Select Happy Chick Supporting Emulators?

It is common saying that a happy chick user interface is really confusing when a user interacts with it very first time. The home page of the application comes up with a number of ad hoc ads, banners, and different languages which is really annoying. But that doesn’t mean you uninstall the application. You simply can resolve it by navigating to the category section and here you need to find out the list of simulators with the games of consoles which you have already downloaded.

Once you are done with the selection of Emulators & downloading of the game which you want to play. Simply tap on the game! Or you can also upload the game in the folder and later on with extreme ease you can share it with the online community as well.

So, what are you waiting for! Launch the Happy Chick APK Emulator and play unlimited games on your Android smartphones without any restrictions and limits. While playing if you want to navigate to the submenu, all you need is to tap on the home page button and select the next game you want to play, make all necessary changes & enjoy the emulate machine.

Features of Happy Chick APK

Here are some amazing and appealing features of the Happy Chick APK which you will experience once you download & install the Happy Chick APK. Here we have compiled the list of these features.

  • Console Integration – Happy Chick Emulator is highly capable of emulates more than 18 different consoles and can easily host a huge number of games which are also compatible with these consoles. It is one of the unique features of the Happy Chick APK because none of the other application in the market is capable to provide such features. Download the Games from Play Station, Nintendo, PPSSPP, GBC, GBD, and more than others.
  • Games from Cloud Storage – Officially, all the games of the Happy Chick emulator are hosted on the cloud storage of a private server. This feature makes sure that you can easily download the heavy files with great speed and without using any third-party network application.
  • Huge Database – The Database of the Happy Chick APK is really big which can easily accommodate a big number of games as well as the data of each and every users of all ages. Games are including like Street Fighter 97, Super Mario, Pokémon, FIFA, GTA, IGI, and many others.
  • Online Multiplayer Support – It is hell fun to play the games online with your loved ones like family & friends. Happy Chick is highly capable to support this feature. You can play all the arcade, PSP, and other console game online with your loved one. You can also record the gameplay and can share it with friends via Bluetooth or internet.
  • One Click Play – Most of the emulators available in the market supports just only one console but this Happy Chick APK is unique among all of them. It can easily support more than 18 consoles and you can play with One Click Play System. Simply tap on the game install it and play on whatever the console you have.
  • LAN Support – The Happy Chick APK Emulator is capable to offer the LAN Support. You and your friends can play via local servers with your friends. It supports LAN gaming which means that you can enjoy the game on a Local server with the Wi-Fi Network.
  • Save & Sync – The Happy Chick officially use the cloud servers in order to save the data of the games and the custom settings. So, don’t worry if you by chance lose your device. You can start from the same place where you left.
  • Custom Gamepads – All the restrictions of enjoying the games has been removed with the Happy Chick APK. With the Happy Chick Emulator, you can connect your own controllers. You can also create Custom Game Maps and can easily choose your gaming controls.

Happy Chick APK Download Links for Multiple Platforms

Happy Chick APK Download

Happy Chick APK one of the best Simulator which allows the users to enjoy the old as well as new games. You can play the games belong to 18 different old gaming system. The user interface of the Happy Chick Download is super easy to use and also consist of a number of customizable features.

You have a chance to refresh your memories of childhood by playing old games of 90’s like Super Mario and others. So, what are you waiting for? Read out the full article to explore more about the Happy Chick APK Download for Android.

Happy Chick Download for Android

The Happy Chick APK is officially available for more than 18 different platform which allows you to enjoy thousands of games with just a single click. In these 18 platforms, Happy Chick Emulators also include the Android Platform. You can easily enjoy all the Android games which are hosted by the third-party websites and applications.

You can also download it and save it in your Android OS without any assistance of the other application. All the games states are saved and synced with the local cloud storage. So, in case if you change your mobile you can still enjoy the game from the state where you left. Download now Happy Chick APK for Android. Read out the full article to explore how to install Happy Chick APK full properly.

Happy Chick APK Latest Version Bugs Free

Hey mate! Are you looking for the Happy Chick APK Latest version? If yes then luckily you are landed at the right place. Today we are going to unveil all the hidden aspects of the Happy Chick APK latest version in which you going to experience much more gaming than ever before with happy Chick old versions.

So, what are you waiting for? Here comes the full article in which you will get the direct downloading link of the Happy Chick and also able to go through the’s New section of the application. Rush now without wasting much of your time.

How to install happy Chick APK

The process of installation is very crucial in order to enjoy the Happy Chick Emulator. That’s why we also planned to release the step by step guide about how to install the Happy Chick APK. Before installation you need to download the Happy Chick APK Latest version.

All the files we hosted on our server are error-free, tested, virus scanned, and working. That’s why don’t hesitate to download the Latest version of the Happy Chick APK. Once you download, go through the full article about how to install Happy Chick APK Properly.

Happy Chick Emulator APK Download

Happy chick is one of the best Emulator and highly capable to support the 19 different platforms. Most of the Emulators available on the internet just only support 1 platform but the Happy Chick Emulator APK Download is unique in nature and have no match in portability. You can attach any console with it. You can also attach the custom gamepads with the Happy Chick Emulator for free. So, what are you waiting for the rush to the full article and explore the features and downloading link of the Happy Chick Emulator APK Download.

Happy Chick APK for Nvidia Shield

If you are looking for the setup of Happy Chick APK for Nvidia Shield then you are at the right place. Your search ends here. Now you can enjoy any game on your Nvidia Shield. Don’t hesitate to download the full setup of Happy Chick for Nvidia Shield. Moreover, we also share the features you will be going to experience once you install the happy Chick APK for Nvidia Shield. Read out the full article and find out what we have for you at our website.


No limits to enjoy the old 90’s games as well as the new games like FIFA, IGI, GTA, and many others. So, what are you waiting for? Download Happy Chick APK for free and enjoy the best and top games and have fun.

To sum up all, the Happy Chick APK emulator is the Best Application to enjoy the apps and games without any restrictions on 18 different platforms. Highly flexible and capbale to adopt any kind of game consoles, and gamepads.

Versions Changelog of Happy Chick Emulator APK

Most of you want to know about the changelog of a happy chick emulator or how it is evolved from simplest to the advanced. Let’s discuss these changes one by one followed by the version.

Latest Version (1.2.9)

  • Overall increment in the BAIDU net space download channel or WEIYUN net space.
  • Overall increment in the PSP game setting. From now to onward no need to be worried at all about different settings of the game.
  • Overall increment in the ONS emulator.
  • The Emulator version of PSP is upgraded to
  • Overall betterment in guide map at the start page.
  • Overall betterment in the tips of the switch to gamepad controlling.
  • Users can switch between the horizontal and vertical visions as they want but the default vision is horizontal.

Version V1.2.8

  • A number of PSP features published like PSP multiplayer.
  • Overall increment in the waiting time in order to provide enough time for users to select game & join the room.
  • Resolved 416 error in which user face downloading & decompression errors.
  • Issues related to the Bluetooth gamepad has been resolved.
  • WSC simulator and inside N64.
  • OTG & Audio connection supported.
  • Multi-lingual support by selecting the language from the menu.
  • Addition of the backup button in the setting. Now users can easily make data backup when needed.
  • Arcade Multi-playing loading issue has been resolved.

Version V1.2.7

  • Repairing of models that can’t read the FBA Savedata.
  • PSP emulator updated version added in order to support more games.
  • Improve the key set supporting of some models like SHIELD or S7800.
  • Modification of default key for the Android gamepad settings.
  • Repairing of menus under Chinese interfaces.
  • GAMESIR gamepad repaired for the PSP emulator.
  • Removed the mark of GameSIR gamepad.
  • Add the remark of the emulator producer.

Version V1.2.6

  • Repairing of models that can’t read the FBA Savedata.
  • PSP emulator updated version added in order to support more games.
  • Improve the key set supporting of some models like SHIELD or S7800.
  • Modification of default key for the Android gamepad settings.
  • Repairing of menus under Chinese interfaces.
  • GAMESIR gamepad repaired for the PSP emulator.
  • Removed the mark of GameSIR gamepad.
  • Add the remark of the emulator producer.

Version IOS V1.0.5

  • Repair major bugs.
  • Reboot game issue has been resolved while pausing the game from the menu.

Version 1.2.5b

  • Added support for PSP games online, such as Monster Hunter P3/2G.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the PSP emulator, support more games.
  • New built-in FC\SFC\MD\GBA\GBC5 emulator upgrade edition.
  • Optimization of client, server, and more stable than the old version.
  • Repair crash in v1.2.5, and errors which have been founded.

Happy Chick Installation Guide

Today in this comprehensive guide we are going to unveil how to install Happy Chick on multiple devices like iOS, Android, and others. So, let’s begin with the installation of Happy Chick.

How To Install Happy Chick on iOS Through Emus4U

If you are an iOS user having iPhone 6, 7, 8, or 11X no matter what version you can easily download & install happy chick on your iOS iPhone or iPad. All you need is the latest version of Emus4U in order to run happy chick on your iOS devices.

  • Step # 1 – first of all you need to download emus from the internet. All you need is to use your internet web browser and find out emus4u to download.
  • Step # 2 – Once you download it & install
  • Step # 3 -Once you install the application successfully then you have to tap on the configuration profile.
  • Step # 4 – Here you need to tap on allow
  • Step # 5 – Here you need to tap on “Close”
  • Step # 6 – Here you need to navigate to the tap settings from the main menu & from here you need to tap on Profile Downloaded.
Happy Chick

Step # 7 – Now tap on install for initiating the process of installation.

Happy Chick

Step # 8 – Now here you have to enter the passcode which you setup for your device.

Step # 9 – Now again tap on the install for installation.

Step # 10 – Now again tap on install for installation.

Step # 11 – Now tap on done.

Finally the installation process of Emus4U application has been successfully completed. Now you need to navigate to the home screen of your mobile and have to launch the EMUS4U application in order to install Happy Chick.

Install Happy Chick

Step # 1 – Once the Emus4U has been successfully launched you need to tap on Apps option appearing at the bottom of the screen.

Step # 2 – Now you have to tap on “GET” button which is appearing next to the Happy Chick.

Step # 3 – Now you need to tap on install.

Step # 4 – Now here you need to tap on app installation & then you have to locate it on your device.

Here if you are trying to open the application you will receive an error of untrusted Enterprise Developer message.

Step # 5 – Here you need to provide the right of developer by approving it. And in order to approve the developer navigate to the Settings & then General.

Step # 6 – Here you have to go to the Profile & device Management.

Step # 7 –Beneath the Enterprise App you see the text tap on it. You may find something to read like Shanghai P&C Information…..

Step # 8 – Here you need to tap Trust “ShangHai P&C Information Technolo….” Or any text that is displaying.

Step # 9 – Here you may be asked to verify then you need to Tap on Trust.

Finally, that’s it. Happy Chick is now ready to use. Now tap to open the Happy chick APK and enjoy the fullest potential of the application. Enjoy Happy Chick on IOS Devices iPhone & iPads.

How to install Happy Chick on Android Devices?

Here comes the step by step guide about how to download & install Happy Chick APK on Android Devices.

Step # 1 – First of all you need to download Happy Chick on Android Devices simply by clicking on the downloading button provided below or from the official website of Happy Chick. Here we are mentioning the method of downloading & installing through official website. Navigate to it.

Step # 2 – Download the application by clicking on the download button.

Step # 3 – Here you have to tap on OK.

Step # 4 – Tap on “Open”.

Step # 5 – Here you have to tap on install.

Step # 6 – Wait for some time in order to complete the process of installation.

Step # 7 – Once whole process completed tap on the “Open”.

Step # 8 – Here you have to tap on Agree.

Step # 9 – Now it is the time to launch the Happy Chick.

How to Install Happy Chick on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Box

This portion of website is best and full of information who wants to run their application on Happy Chick TV Box on their TV, this can easily be done with the help of a streaming devices like amazon Firestick.

What is Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K?

The amazon firestick is one of the best devices for all-in-one streaming powerhouse that has been loved and adopted by millions. Most of user find it one of the best streaming devices for Tv shows, movies, and many others.

Once you done the jailbreaking of your device you will be able to enjoy unlimited movies, TV Shows, Sports events, PPV, and much more and above all everything for free of cost. Here we have also mentioned the comprehensive guide about how to jailbreak your device in order to unlock the streaming capabilities.

One of the amazing & appealing features of this amazing & appealing device is that it is highly capable to run the retro games with the help of Happy Chick Application.

Here comes the comprehensive guide in which we have mentioned in detail about how to install Happy Chick on Firestick or Fire TV. If you want to install Happy Chick on

  • Android TV Box,
  • Other devices with Android OS.
  • Then you have to simply follow the mentioned steps.

Let’s go through these steps one by one

Happy Chick Installation Screenshot Guide

Step # 1 – from the main menu of the application you need to navigate to the settings.

Step # 2 – Here you have to click on My Fire TV

Step # 3 – Select the Developer Options.

Step # 4 – Here you have to click on the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step # 5 – Select Turn On.

Step # 6 –Here you have to return to the Home Screen of your mobile and from search icon search Downloader.

Step # 7  – Select the Downloader app.

Step # 8 – Click Download.

Step # 9 – Click Open.

Step # 10 – Click Allow.

Step 11 – Click OK.

Step # 13 – Wait for file download to finish.

Step # 15 – Click Install.

Step # 16 – Click DONE.

Step # 17 – This will bring you back to Downloader. Click Delete to remove the file.

Step # 18 – Click Delete again.

Step # 19 – Return to your device’s home screen and under YOUR APPS & CHANNELS, click See All.

Step # 20 – Scroll to the bottom to hover over the Happy Chick icon and click the Options button (3 horizontal lines)  on your remote.

Step # 21 – Click Move to front.

That’s all about Happy Chick! All you need is to click the Home Button in order to return back to the home screen & happy Chick in now available under Apps. Enjoy Happy Chick APK.