Kartra Review of 2022: Everything you need to know about

Having high-quality products or services is not enough. It would help if you had a solid marketing strategy to make your business successful. Most businesses lack creativity, skills, and strategy, to effectively market their product or services. Due to which they are not able to generate higher revenue.

For such businesses, and organizations Kartra is the solution. Kartra is a digital marketing platform. Kartra is a tool or software that helps you to grow your business. Kartra consists of professional tools and resources that help you create sales funnels, landing pages, and more. All of this helps you attract customers from all around the world.


However, many entrepreneurs or business owners do not know whether Kartra is their all-in-one solution for their business. Today, we will talk about kartra review and how it helps businesses and enterprises decide whether Kartra is for them or not.

So, lets start our Kartra review.

How does it work? An Overview of kartra Review

Kartra is a cloud-based platform that allows you to do video hosting, list building, email marketing, build membership sites, and more. All of this helps you to convert your audience into your customers.

Users only have to pay monthly to use Kartra and get their hands on the most professional and reliable advertising tools in the market. Karta is an all-in-one solution for business owners, bloggers, consultants, and more.

As most of the businesses are now operating online, they need Kartra to attract potential customers. It is a important point to discuss in kartra review as it make their name in the competitive market. By using Kartra businesses, do not have to use any external software or third-party tools to generate high-quality leads.

Kartra Review: Features

There are numerous features of Kartra, due to which it is known as a comprehensive solution for digital marketing. Some of the most effective features for kartra review are given below.

  1. Checkouts

One of the main features of Kartra is that it helps you create mesmerizing checkout pages. There are tons of built-in templates that you can use to customize your checkout pages using Kartra.

Talking more about kartra review, By using Karta, your frequent customers do not have to put in their detail every time they purchase something from your website. Kartra remembers your visitors and suggests them to fill their detail in just one click. It enhances the user experience of your website, which helps you increase your conversion rate.

  • In addition to this, Kartra allows you to choose how your customers pay.
  • You can choose between multiple payment options including installment, or one time.
  • You can also set up the option of credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Skrill, and more for your customers to allow them to pay for what they find comfortable.

You can also structure the installment options to reduce their burden and give them flexibility. By using Kartra Checkouts, you can give your audience different subscription offers. And trails and can offer your loyal customers coupons. All of this helps your online business generate more sales and earn higher revenue. You should know this while doing kartra review.

  1. Web page builder

It is important to discuss while doing kartra review. By using Kartra, you can design your customized web pages. Kartra has over hundred stunning web page, and category templates which help you create unique web pages. Each web page can be created in a different manner, which helps attract many potential customers. 

With Kartra page builder, you only have to drag and drop the template, and web pages are created within minutes. With Kartra page builder, you can resize existing images or can add your personalized images.

You can also add different backgrounds, and customize bullets, and edit paragraphs using your desired fonts. You can also create customized headings, add logos, build a navigation menu, add videos to your home page, customize buttons, and more. All of this makes your pages visually pleasing.

  • In addition to this, all of the web pages are purely responsive.
  • It means your users can access your website using a tablet and mobile phone without any trouble.
  • Beautiful web pages enhance the user experience of your audience and give you better business opportunities.
  • You can also create pop-ups and decide when to show them to your visitors.
  • Well-timed pop-ups can help you convince your audience and can help you turn them into valuable customers.

You can also create your design regardless of the templates. With the blank canvas feature, you can integrate your style, concept, and features to make your pages stand out.

  1. Kartra Email

Email marketing is one of the main features of digital marketing. With the right strategy, you can create an attractive email and compel your audience into your business. With Kartra email, your audience or potential customers get automated messages if they have not read your earlier sent email.

It helps you to remind your audience of your product or business, which increases your visibility. Moreover, you can choose the schedule when your potential or existing customers receive your next email. You have to select the time, and the mail is automatically sent to your subscribers.

With Kartra email, you can view how many of your customers read your mail and what customers value (earning you profit). With Kartra’s built-in analyzing tool, you can identify the best day and time your leads engage the most with your business. It helps you target a specific audience and tailor your campaign strategy.

With Karta email, you can use customized tags in your messages, which are done automatically when your users sign up for your newsletter. These messages with custom tags are sent automatically to your subscribers, which reduces your efforts and makes your life easy.

  1. Kartra Membership

Kartra Membership is one of the most effective features of Kartra, online coaches and consultants in particular. Creating a membership website is not easy, and requires time, effort, and is expensive as you have to pay professional developers to create it. It is key to discuss kartra review memberships feature.

But not with Kartra. Kartra Membership feature allows you to build your membership website without any struggle. There are numerous fascinating templates. All you have to do is just drag and drop, and your job is done.

  • With Kartra Membership, you can arrange your chapters and lessons in an organized way.
  • Well-defined and properly structured lessons help your users to find what they are looking for easily.
  • It helps them save time and enhances the user experience.
  • The templates can be customized to give you more control over the layout and help you express what you desire.
  • Kartra membership features also allow you to upload all your content at once or set a time, so it is uploaded automatically

With Karta membership, you can structure different pricing for different modules, and training offers discounts for bundles and more. It helps users, especially online trainers, personality groomers, and more efficiently deliver their content.

Talking more about kartra review, You can also upload different formats of content. Like you can upload video, text, and audio to deliver high-quality content to your users. Kartra also identifies your visitors’ progress and saves their progress. So, every time your customers or audience leaves their viewing lessons, they are automatically driven to from where they left upon the re-logging.

Moreover, with Kartra Membership, you can automate your messages and send them to your members when you publish your content. It helps your users never miss the freshly posted content. The system also prompts a message each time your member completes a course. You can edit those messages to give a little personal touch to your members. It is a key thing to know in order to discuss kartra review.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing videos

High-quality videos help you attract an audience from all over the world. Videos are one of the most widely used online marketing tools. Users are attracted to videos that have delivered high-quality and informative content.

However, creating such videos is not easy and requires dedication. But with Kartra, even this procedure is simplified. You can choose how your videos should be played. For example, you can choose whether your video should be automatically played once the web page is loaded or not

  • You can also choose whether users can share your videos on social media platforms or not by enabling or disabling the Show Social Share option.
  • In addition to this, you can add your watermark to your videos, so no one can copy or steal your videos. Adding a watermark will also increase the visibility of your content and will help your business grow.

With the dual video playing feature, you can choose whether you want your videos to be played on your web page or integrate your video within a pop-up window. You can choose between different video player skins, all of them which are mesmerizing.

Kartra Review: Benefits

Kartra has some of the most valuable benefits. Some of the most highlighting ones for kartra review are given below.

Guaranteed higher server uptime

Kartra’s servers are fast and do not lag. Kartra offers a higher server uptime which means your business remains online most of the time, and servers do not crash. It helps you enhance the user experience and earn higher revenue.  You can’t ignore this kartra review benefit.

Easy integration

Although Kartra is an all-in-one solution for your business, it allows you to integrate your Kartra-based system with other software and platforms. Some of the platforms include Braintree, Twilio, and Kajabi.

Content delivery, email marketing, and SMS campaigns are made easy with Kartra easy integration feature.

Analyze your conversion rate

With Kartra, you get access to hundreds of useful resources and tools. With these tools, you can easily identify what strategy best suits your business to generate high-quality leads. You can change your marketing strategy by analyzing previous progress to increase conversion rates.

Stunning sales funnels

With Kartra, you can create stunning sales funnels. You can integrate Kartra web pages, Karta emails, lead tagging, and more with each other to create a dynamic sales funnel.

To create a funnel, all you have to do is drag and drop a series of events and create a flow chart. It saves time rather than manually creating a sales funnel. Moreover, you have to outline the sequence, and the rest of the work will be done by the system.

It comes with a built-in tracking tool by which you can track the progress of your visitors and view how many of them have turned into customers. You can also identify the weak point, which means the point where your customers are exiting your website. All of this helps you to optimize your sales funnel and generate high-quality leads.

You can also IF/THEN rule to define a scenario, and based on that scenario can prompt users to take certain actions.

It helps you create lively opt-in forms.

With Kartra, you can create professional opt-in forms by choosing from over 50+ striking templates. All of the forms comply with GDPR, which ensures that your business does not get penalized in the future.

You can also pop up the forms while your users view your video on your web pages built using Kartra. You can even integrate the forms into your website.

Kartra Review: PROS & CONS


  • Cost-effective – Kartra has four monthly plans. They are Starter($99/mo.), Silver($199/mo.), Gold($299/mo.), and Platinum ($499/mo.), All of them have tons of features and are cost-effective.
  • Additional Add-ons – Kartra also provides its users some extra bandwidth and email sends without them spending a single dime.
  • Reliable Support – Kartra has a professional team and training that allows users, new ones, in particular, to help them get familiar with the software.
  • Tagging – With Kartra, you can tag customers based on their behaviors. All of the tagging is automatic and is by identifying IF/THEN statements.
  • Numerous customizations – You can edit the templates or can start fresh to design your concept, which helps to build your brand identity.


  • Glitches – There are some glitches in areas where improvement is needed.
  • Too many technical terms – Sometimes, numerous technical terms can confuse a non-technical person.
  • Freezing issue – Sometimes, the drag and drop menu can freeze and lag, particularly in the email editor. But it does not hurt a business.

Kartra Pricing you need to know about:

Kartra Pricing is important to know about. It offers different packages, which makes Kartra Pricing change for different pricing.

It is offering limited-time use for $1 for testing purposes only. Its basic package starts from $99 with 2500 leads. It has a package of 12500 leads for $199 only. There is a package of 25000 leads for $299, and a package for 50k leads for $499 also.

So, this was a complete overview of Kartra pricing.


The above-specified is the complete Kartra review of 2021. If you want to have a complete solution to manage your online business and increase conversion rate, make sure to check it. Kartra pricing is normal, and you will love to use it.