KineMaster Mod APK

If you really want to become a master in video editing then KineMaster Mod APK will really help you. As we all know video is the best way to show our message and talent by uploading on social media platforms. If you are a YouTuber and Instagram Influencer then KineMaster is the best app for you. 

You can use this application to edit the best quality videos for your personal blog and for your personal use without any watermark of the app.


 This application is very easy to use for video editing. If you are going to use and download KineMaster Mod APK then read this well-informed article till the end before downloading the app.

Overview Of KineMaster

KineMaster app is one of the best applications to edit videos with excellent quality. This app is available to download on play store and that version is based on freemium. 

The meaning of freemium is that you have limited features to edit video and if you want all features then you have to subscribe it’s premium plan. 

But if you are using KineMaster Mod APK then you can use all features without subscribing to a premium plan. 

If you are using KineMaster apk then you can edit videos for your YouTube channels, IGTV Instagram, Blogging and for your personal use. KineMaster was first launched by NexStreaming on december 2013. 

This is a very popular application to edit videos since it was published. KineMaster was downloaded by more than 6M+ users within 2 years.

 If we talk about the number of downloads of the app then the number is 100M+ with a 4.4 rating that shows the popularity of the app.

KineMaster APK 

It is a modified version of the original KineMaster pro-KineMster application that gives you all premium features unlocked.

KineMaster has other modified versions such as KineMaster Diamond, KineMaster Gold and black.

The features of the app are the same as the premium plan of kinemaster such as HD quality video editing, watermark-free video editing, use multi-layer, chroma-key, vice-over and many more. 

This application is free to use and you can download the app from here.

All the features of the app are very helpful to edit the best quality video, so let’s get started to know all features of the app to edit high-quality videos in an easy way.

Features Of KineMaster Mod APK 

Features of this application are so amazing to edit HD quality videos in a professional way. You don’t need to use other applications to edit videos because it will give you all the features to edit excellent quality videos.

And the best thing is that this application is suitable for your device and free to use.

If you really want to edit the best and professional video then read all its features for better understanding. 

WaterMark Free Video

Yes, this app will give you access to edit videos without any watermark of the app. As we all know, watermarks in videos look irritating and especially if we are YouTubers and use watermark videos. 

So, from today you are going to get rid of this issue because KineMaster Mod APK gives you a feature to remove watermarks from edited videos.

 If you are using its original app then it is not possible to remove the watermark without taking it’s the premium plan. Its modded version is also known as KineMaster No Watermark mod apk.

Multi-Layer Feature

You can add unlimited multi-layer in the video according to your requirement.

If you want to add layers of the different font text, images, sound, gifs, animation then download KineMaster Mod APK right now because it will give you access to add this layer. 

If you are using its original KineMaster version without subscribing to the premium plan then this feature is unable to use.

But don’t worry its modded version helps you to create a multi-layer.

Slow To Fast 

If you are editing video for professional use then sometimes it’s necessary to use slow and fast video editing of some scenes.

So, this app will help you to control the speed of the videos according to your need and scene. You can use these features to give the best video to your audience.

Chroma Key 

If you are using this feature in an official app then it is not free to use. You can easily use the chroma key feature in KineMaster Mod APK.

This feature will help you to give VFX effects in your videos. With the help of the Chroma key, you can easily change the background color and set it according to your video theme. 

HD Quality Video Editing 

If you want better HD quality video then try this application. It will give you the facility to edit video and export in HD quality.

You can edit videos in HD quality with proper transition and upload it to your YouTube channel for a better user experience.


You can give splendid voiceovers to video for better quality. This feature is really very helpful for video content creator.

You can use this feature easily and also add your own recorded audio in the video with the help of this application.

Share Directly

This feature saves your time because now, you don’t need to save the edited video and go to your file manager to share on another platform.

Because KineMaster mod apk gives you a feature to share video directly from the app.

Trimming And Blending

You can easily trim the videos for better performance. Apart from this if you want to blend two or thrice video then it is very easy in the application. 

Aspect Ratio

As we all know the aspect ratio of the video is very important because if we don’t make the right aspect ratio of video then it will not fit on many social media platforms, for instance, Instagram videos need a perfect aspect ratio.

So you can adjust the aspect ratio of the video with the help of this application.

Apart from this, you can also use some more exciting features and that is

1. If you are going to use this app then free to unlock the kineMaster Asset Store.

2. You don’t need to use a PC or Tablet because it gives you a feature to full-screen mode.

3. Transitions play an important role in video editing, so this app gives you features to use pre-installed amazing and beautiful transitions.

4. You can easily insert an audio track of any format.

5. Export video in your suitable format.

6. Animation and GIF are very popular nowadays and if you wanna want to use it on your video then you can use them with the help of this free application.

Download And Install Apk

You can easily download and install the app because it is like a piece of cake. If you don’t know you to download and install the app then follow these steps

  • Step1: Click on the download page button mentioned below after that a new tab will be open.
  • Step2: Now, you have to click on the download button mentioned in the new tab.
  • Step3: Then go to your device setting and enable the option for unknown sources.
  • Step4: After that, you have to go to your downloaded file location and click on the installation button.
  • Step5: It will take some time to install the app. After that, you can easily edit your videos. 

Click on the button mention above and download KineMaster Mod APK

By following these steps you can install the app and the important thing is that if you have already installed the KineMaster app on your device then it can show errors when you will install.

So, first uninstall the previously installed KineMaster app.


This was all about KineMaster Mod APK and I hope it will help you to edit the best quality video. You can download the app by following the steps mentioned above and if you have any issue in installing and downloading the app then tell us in the comment section and leave your email address we will solve your all problem.

So, use this app to edit your video for YouTube, Instagram IGTV, Instagram reel, Whatsapp status, Blogging and for your personal use.