Keys to Get Good Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor events such as concerts and multitudinous shows are filled with mobile devices that exchange data and require a superior connection. Summer festivals, outdoor concerts, beach sponsored parties. The summer comes with an endless number of outdoor events that welcome numerous people willing to share their photos, comments and online messaging and without waiting for a connection failure during the process. For this reason, outdoor shows have been, for some years now, increasingly popular events that have required a higher Wi-Fi connection than usual to support a large number of data exchanged between numerous devices of attendees and spectators.

Keys for Good Outdoor WiFi

Possible failures in the connection such as network instability, outages or interruptions in service can affect the success of events. Outdoor shows are tested using the Wi-Fi connection they offer their viewers and, in many cases, their reputation and the guarantee of their success and popularity will depend on the quality of the service they offer. The expectations of its assistants are increasing and the generation of spectators who flock to summer festivals, music concerts, demand a higher quality every year. In fact, according to a recent Adglow study, 89% of the population uses the smartphone as a device from which they connect to the Internet during the summer.


Good Outdoor WiFi

Specifically, the use of social networks and the amount of data that is transmitted through networks can offer a more solid connection in an outdoor environment that provides the necessary stability and without failures that the viewer requires. HPE Aruba has met the three key requirements to ensure the best possible connection in outdoor spaces:

  1. Guarantee security during connection: Security is one of the key elements when it comes to providing an optimal experience for the viewers. Although a priori it is not essential for the user, security is what will create an experience that offers the necessary tranquility for users of devices when exchanging files or accessing public networks without the need to take risks. For example, in sporting events when a game with image rights sold to a TV network is played, the technology must prevent the transit of images, photos, audio, precisely to protect the agreement between the stadium, the teams and third parties, but for example if a concert is held in the same stadium, this technology is ideal for managing the air and business derived from the engagement solutions.
  2. Robustness of the network: the robust network will be responsible for not causing failure or loss of connection at any given time. In this type of events, there are peaks of network activity in which all the devices are sending an image or instant messaging videos at the same time, which results in some connection failures.
  3. Data transmission capacity: The data transmission capacity has to do with the power of the equipment. Using special equipment for outdoors that is resistant to inclement weather such as rain, or high or low temperatures is essential to ensure an optimal connection.

Jose Tormo, regional director of Iberia of HPE Aruba , has affirmed that: “outdoor events such as concerts and multitudinous shows have filled the Iberian Peninsula with mobile devices that exchange data and that require a connection superior to that achieved outdoors with low-end equipment. Users do not imagine sports events in which they can not share images, voice and text messaging or upload content to social networks without the power of networks that they require and that they enjoy at home or in companies. In external environments and in the past it was not achieved consistently or solidly. Teams can not allow failures that tarnish the reputation of an outdoor event.”

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