Make WiFi more Powerful and Faster

Having a bad or slow Wi-Fi signal can be exasperating. When we hire an Internet plan with Wi-Fi for our home or office, not only the speed of the same is important, but other factors that we usually do not take into account and that, in many cases, may be the cause of the problem with your signal

For a Fast and Powerful Signal

Yes, we can not deny that the speed of your Wi-Fi is important, especially if you consume streaming video platforms in 4K, play online or download large files. However, this is not the only factor that we must take into account.


Surely you have ever noticed how the bars of the Wi-Fi icon appear full on the screen of your devices and, even then, the signal you receive is still poor. This is because the bars indicate the state of the network, but not how it is working.

Check the Router

The first indication that something is wrong with your WiFi is the light signals that are in this device: make sure they are lit and that they are green. If one is off or red, it could mean that this is precisely the main cause of the problem.

As a second step, you should locate the router in an area that allows the waves of the wireless signal to propagate effectively through your home or office. Try to place it in high areas and free of physical obstacles. It is also recommended that you place the router away from other electronic devices, in particular those that emit electromagnetic waves (such as microwaves or some telephones). Wooden furniture or doors and related materials are no major obstacle to the propagation of your Wi-Fi waves, so do not break your head trying to position your router in impossible places.

Walls and blocking of signals

The walls (especially if they are very thick or have some kind of metal), can also become an obstacle to overcome. A good option is to adapt network extenders, an action that is neither expensive nor complicated (you only have to connect them to an electrical outlet). With them, the range of wireless waves will most effectively reach your devices.

Nowadays, more and more electronic devices are connected to the Internet. The more devices are working through your network, the greater the congestion that occurs in it and the worse the result in terms of the power of your Internet connection. With the following app WiFi Analyzer, you can determine the intensity of the connections and the channels in which the waves travel, which will be very useful when evaluating and repairing the problems in your signal.

Speed Meters and their values

Our last advice would be to measure the speed and know how to interpret the numbers that appear. With Speedtest you can measure the speed of your Internet, either in its web version or in its Android app. In these evaluations, you will find three variables: ping, loading speed and download speed.

The ping is the time it takes your connection to react when your device makes a request on the Internet, so a lower value indicates better performance. The loading speed is the time necessary for the data of your device to upload to the server, and the download speed is the opposite, that is, the time it takes for the server data to go down to your devices. The last two values are measured in Mbps, and the higher they are, the better.

And well, it is good to recommend that you have a Wi-Fi password safe enough so that neighbors can not catch it. What do you think of these tips? Are you satisfied with your internet speed?

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