OGWhatsApp APK Download 

OGWhatsApp provides you the ability to block specific contact calls. WhatsApp does not provide you with this amazing opportunity, and you are a fuss. You have to block the callers frequently if you use OGWhatsApp. you can limit and set the number of contacts who can call you at any time, and this will save you from the fatigue of frequent blocking of contacts.
  • Send Up to 90 Images At a Time: By using OGWhatsApp you can send more than 90 images at a time. With the use of WhatsApp, you can only send 30 pictures at a single time as WhatsApp has Limited capacity and allows you are sending 30 images only
  • Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker: There is an Android WhatsApp locker that locks your WhatsApp.You can download OGWhatsApp and get to know about other features as well. The privacy concerns are major concerns of OGWhatsApp, and they have fulfilled their promises in terms of privacy.

Some Things To Know About OGWhastapp

There are particular things which nobody has told you earlier, but in this article, we are going to tell you in detail about a few things you want to know about OGWhatsApp. The things which you need to know about OGWhatsApp are given below.

  • Use OGWhatsApp APK as a secondary account: We prefer that you should use OGWhatsApp as a secondary account and not as a primary account as these modes are prone to get banned whilst WhatsApp catches them so you should use your primary account as your business account and uses secondary account for chatting purposes on OGWhatsApp.
  • Do Not Overuse any features: You should not overuse any feature. you are allowed to use different features, but if you overuse any feature, WhatsApp may find your account there, and it will trigger them to ban your account. so you needed not use a single feature.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is OG Whatsapp an official application?

OGWhatsApp is not an official application of WhatsApp, but it is a modded version that was developed by some third-party founders. This party had an image for creating a mod, and they brought their imagination into reality. You should not be considering it as an official WhatsApp application as this party had an image for creating a mod, and they have brought their image into reality, so it should not be considered as an official WhatsApp application as it is official.


From where I can download OGWhatsapp?

You can get the downloading link for WhatsApp at our site as we provide you with the latest and most up-to-date version of WhatsApp.

Is OGWhatsApp APK Download free to use?

OGWhatsApp is free of cost, and you do not have to spend a single penny to get this application in your Android devices. All you have to do is download to enjoy the best features. It contains an ad for its uses.

Will I be get banned from using OGWhatsapp?

Already stated that the latest version of WhatsApp is updated and is anti-ban, but you are prone to ban if you frequently use a single feature on the application. You should be using OGWhatsApp with caution as you can be blocked by WhatsApp very easily.

Will I be able to communicate with other people who use the official version?

Yes, you will be able to communicate with other people who use the official version. This is just a mode with some enhanced features, and it has nothing to do with communication with other people who use the official version. so get rid of this worry.

Installation Guide

Now you all know about OG Whatsapp, from where you will download it, and how will you install it? Worry not, we have got you covered! To install OG Whatsapp to your android phone, simply go through this installation guide.

First of all, you will need to download the OGWhatsApp APK Download from the trusted source, which we provide on our side. We have provided you with the direct download link from the trusted site.

After downloading the OG Whatsapp updated APK, go to the File Manager of your phone, look for the OGWhatsapp APK and tap on it. This will initiate the process of installation. The installation process might take a few moments.

After the installation process is completed, you don’t need to do anything. All you have to do is to open the app and start using the awesome and useful features of OGWhatsApp APK Download.

Final Verdict

A few final words I would like to say in favour of OGWhatsApp APK Download is that it is one of the smartest modes available on the Internet platform. It is getting Fame in no time as it has an anti-ban feature and is the most updated application up till now. so if you want to enjoy the features of OGWhatsApp, you have to follow the installation guidelines to download it and install it on your Android devices to enjoy its features.