50% of People Who Use WiFi in Shopping Malls are Teens

According to a report prepared by WIGO, a leading company in Wi-Fi business management, 50% of people who connected to the Wi-Fi network that has the main shopping centers in Lima are between 18 and 25 years old.

The WIGO study measured the evolution of the tastes and preferences of the users who navigated through its network in five shopping centers in Lima such as MegaPlaza, Jockey Plaza, Larcomar, Minka and the Boulevard de Asia.


Usages of WiFi in Malls is Increasing Rapidly

“To date, more than one million unique mobile devices have enjoyed reliable and secure Wi-Fi, generating more than 6’400,000 million sessions,” said WIGO CEO Carlos Andrés López.

The report indicates that 28% of connected people are between 26 and 35 years old; 56% are men and 44% are women, while most connect between 6 pm and 8 pm and their time of stay is on average 11 minutes.

WIGO ensures that if the profile of each shopping center is analyzed, the behaviors tend to be much more specific and with interesting results depending on different variables such as: in JockeyPlaza, an average of 30% that represents the majority, is connected between 2 pm and 4 pm, the food court is the area with the greatest connection.

The study on the evolution of the tastes and preferences of the users who connected to the WIGO Wi-Fi network in the last five months, indicates that, currently, the preferred activities usage Wi-Fi are: navigation on the web (48 %), Streaming Media (39%), Messaging (10%), File Transfer (2%) and Others (1%) within the latter highlights entertainment activities, among others.

50% of People are between 18 and 25 years of Age !!

Regarding the navigation on the web, the preference for social networks is observed, which responds to the need to be in permanent contact with the social circle, this is evidenced by the fact that Facebook continues to be the favorite social network, since in the last five months a growth of 52% to 60% has been identified which represents an increase of 8%.

While in the Streaming Media category, the preference for downloading videos stands out, which represents an attractive 96% in which YouTube maintains a sustained leadership with an average of 72%, however, we can not fail to mention the income, Still shy but interesting, Netflix with 1%.

On the other hand, regarding the download of audio that represents 4% of the use of streaming we observed that Spotify is becoming one of the favorite audio applications because between October and February it has registered an increase of 21% to 34%, that is to say, an increase of 13%.

Regarding the category of Messaging, within the subcategory of Instant Messaging, WhatsApp leads the preference of users with 99% in the same way, in the subcategory of Share Images, Instagram also leads with 99%, both with sustained leadership in recent months.

However, in the subcategory of Voice over IP, Skype does not experience the same growth because in recent months its use has fallen by 28%.

Also, in the subcategory of Communities, Twitter is the microblogging that is gaining more use of Peruvian Internet users as it has shown a growth of 23%, while new applications such as Tinder are beginning to capture the attention of users, currently in a 11%, having its largest representation in Shopping Centers such as Larcomar and Boulevard de Asia.

Snapchat, has also shown a broad growth of 67% to 90% with an increase of 23% within the subcategory Video Messaging.

Dropbox maintains the leadership in the File Transfer category with an average of 76% leadership that holds within this category

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