Are you crazy about PUBG Mobile? If yes, then you are in the right place and this article can be very useful for you. So welcome to our site PUBG Mod APK. Today we will tell you lots of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks in this article, as well as we will give you PUBG Modded Version APK.

You can do a lot of things by using the PUBG app, hack this game as well as you can increase and use unlimited Battle Points and Unknown Cash (UC) in it.


Fellas, this PUBG MOD APK will prove to be a jackpot for you. Using this, you will be able to kill your enemies quickly and have a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner“.

A lot of people search on Google every day  “How to Download PUBG Mod Apk?“,  “Pubg Mod Apk Latest Version“, “Pubg Unlimited Health Mod Apk” so today we are going to give you a free PUBG mod version, and you will not find this free on any other site.

Nowadays, everyone knows the advantages of Mod Apk and what it can do. If you do not know about Mod Apk, then there is nothing to worry about, we will tell you about it in detail below.

As you know, PUBG Mobile Mod has become the fastest-growing smartphone game in the world, which has set a record of a hundred million above downloads in the first year because of its popularity is all over the world.

PUBG has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. Its biggest reason is that this game is multiplayer and you can play with friends, relatives, and family members, which makes this game more interesting. It has become heavily addicted to teenagers due to the Zombie and TDM mode in it.

PUBG has been developed by the Tencent company, and it owned by Brendan Greene. PUBG Mobile’s gross revenue is 160 million dollars till last month August 2019, which includes World Wide Android and ios platform.

Nowadays you will see a smartphone on the hands of every youth, and on their mobile, you will definitely find PUBG mobile games. With this, you can get an idea of ​​the popularity of PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

So let’s talk about the MOD APK.


What Is the Mod APK file?

In Mod Apk people can enjoy cool features and do a lot of customizations without spending a penny. With the help of Mod Apk, you can kill your Enemy quite easily, and they won’t even know that you are using any hacks.

There are some unique features in every Mod Apk by using which you can enjoy the game quite well, but using Mod Apk in-game is not fair, and that is not a good thing, so I would suggest you play the game from the legitimate APK so that the equity remains.


You all know what PUBG is, but not many people understand what PUBG Mod Apk v0.19.0 is.

In the hacking version of Pubg, some developers modify the original PUBG Mobile source code or take advantage of the application bug for modifying the APK file. When this miss-use is revealed to the developers of PUBG, they issue a new update, so that the modified PUBG APK user get banned.

So now you must have understood what a PUBG MOD APK is, so we would advise you to use its original version as it is an illegal work and your account may get banned. So use this at your own risk and we will not be responsible for the account banned.

Friends, You will not find the PUBG Mobile latest version hack on any other site, which we are giving you free of cost on this site, so before downloading Pubg Mod APK, you should know what features will you get in it. We have written down everything in details, after reading it, you will know what is the use of it. Also, we have given the downloading link below, with the help of this you will be able to download APK+OBB file in your device.

What Features Will You Get In PUBG Apk?

Although you will get a lot of features in the PUBG Hack Mod Apk, it has some extremely amazing features such as Unlimited UCNo RecoilWall HackAimBot, and many cool features. This app is Anti-banned, yet we will advise our users to create a new ID and try this mod apk.

Pubg Mod Apk unlimited UC

Each game has its own currency by using which you can either open a level or buy a costume or other thing. In the same way, UC is the currency of PUBG Mobile Mods that you can use to open crates, costumes and a lot of characters. UC stands for Unkown Cash, which you can earn by purchasing, or either you can earn through an event.

After gaining popularity, PUBG is bringing new updates every day in which it is adding new outfits and costumes. You need UC to buy those outfits.

Buying UC in PUBG is very difficult because it is very expansive; you will get 66 UC for 0.99$, which is very expensive. You are neither Ambani nor Bill Gates, so we are giving you this Pubg Mobile UC hacks in which you can earn and use Pubg mod apk unlimited UC and buy any costume or skins.


Whenever you play PUBG, you will face a lot of difficulty in killing your opponent, it comes due to recoil, which makes it very difficult to control the gun, but it is not impossible. You can kill your enemies comfortably by using this Mod Apk as it will zero the gun’s recoil so that you will be able to use the weapon quickly.

Pubg Mod Apk AntiBan

When someone plays with the PUBG Version, his account gets immediately banned because it is against PUBG’s policy, So this Apk is an anti-ban by which your account will not be Ban. So play this game without worrying, but always try not to play PUBG Hack with your real ID and stay in a safe zone.

No Time Limit

Nowadays, people have become addicted to PUBG Mobile Modded version people do not know how long he has been playing the game. PUBG Mobile has made a rule that you can play PUBG in just 6 hours at a time, after that, you will be banned, after which you will be able to play only after 24 hours, but with the help of this Mod Apk you will be able to play as long as you want. 

Battle Point (BP)

BP is also a currency of PUBG Mobile whose full form is Battlepoint. Battle Points depends on “How many kills you have done?“, “How long you have survived?”, and “How much damage you have given to enemies?“, on these bases, you get Battle Points. The battle point can be used to change your skin and buy some costumes.

In our PUBG Modded Version Apk, you will get Unlimited Battlepoint, which you can use with full potential and buy as many skin and costume as you want and impress your friends.

Pubg Mobile Mod Apk Aimbot

Every gamer must have heard about the Aimbot, it started with our old game Counter-Strike. You can understand the meaning of the term “Auto Aim“, which means that guns will Automatic Aim and shoot your enemies so that your enemies will not get time. The best part is that it does not shoot people hiding behind a wall or tree, which doesn’t give suspicious activity feel, and it also minimizes the chances of getting banned because no one will notice your activity no one will even report.

The most important thing is that this only works with guns, it does not work with any other weapon or grenade, and after activating this hack, you do not get unlimited ammo, which you have to take special care of them. If you use it well, then you can easily kill 15 to 20 enemies in every match.

So if you use it carefully, then there is no risk of getting banned, and you will be able to have “Chicken Dinner” in every match easily.

PUBG Mod APK Wallhack (Pubg wall hacking Apk)

You can understand from the name what is meant by wallhack; in this hack, you can also see your enemies across the wall.

And your enemies will also be visible on the radar of the map, which lets you know how far you are from your opponent, but keep in mind that you have not been noticed in anyone’s eye. It is less risky than Aimbot. Do not shoot anyone from across the wall, if you do this, then you will come in the eyes of others. But if you play sensibly, then you will go far enough in the game without anyone noticing, and no one will know about this PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Hack Mod Gameplay

PUBG’s full form is Player Unknown’s Battle Ground. The graphic of this game is so strong that you will be addicted to playing it. In this, people from all over the world play in groups from different countries. This is a multiplayer game that you can play with your family friends and relatives. Your smartphone should have at least 2GB of RAM, then only this game will run smoothly on your mobile. If there is less RAM on your mobile, you can also play PUBG on it too, We have written a separate article for this, after reading that you will be able to play PUBG in Low Ram Mobile also.

You can also play Pubg in guest mode, and either you can play by logging in from social media if you are an Existing player and you have played before from social media then you can revive your scores.

When you Download PUBG Modded Version, you will get a map downloaded, and the rest will be download. In the Classic Mode, you get four maps in which the first is Erangal, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok.

If you want to play a short time game then you can play in Arcade mode, and there you will get 4 maps. The first is Quick Match, Sniper Shooting, Mini Zone, and PUBG War mode.

And in the last few updates, PUBG has added many more maps like Evo GroundTDM, Zombie Survive Till the Dawn, and a new map were added a few days ago which name is TDM Mode.

How To PUBG Mod Apk Download-

  1. Keep in mind that every game has two files, one is the APK file, and the other is the OBB file.
  2.  So you have to download both files, and both files are around 2GB.
  3.  You will get OBB and APK file from below given link, so click on the button below.
  4.  After that, you will be redirected to the next page, where you will have to generate the Downloading link.
  5.  After generating the link, you can download it by clicking on the Final download button.

Download PUBG Mobile

Version0.19.0 [Latest]
Last Update2 August
Offered ByTencent

How To Install PUBG Mobile

  1. First of all, you have to download the PUBG Mod APK file and OBB from the given download link.
  2. It may take some time to download as it is a 2GB file, so keep patience and install it when it is downloaded.
  3.  To install on your mobile, the Unknown source must be enabled. You can enable it by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Unknown Source.
  4. After the apk is installed, PUBG Mod will not run because you have to attach the data file (OBB), which you have downloaded above.
  5. You will have to open the file manager and copy the OBB file from where you have downloaded it and go to the Android folder then OBB folder in which you will have to paste the folder containing Tencent.
  6. After that, you have to check your network connection and open the file, then it will connect to the server and verify both data from the server, and your game will start.

By following all the steps given above, you can install this PUBG Mod Apk and enjoy it, if you have any problem then you can also watch our video.


PUBG is the most searchable game for iPhone and iPad after the Fornite. there is no need for jailbreak or any kind of application to run Pubg iOS, So you can enjoy your favourite game without any problems. In Pubg Hack iOS you will get some special features such as Higher speed, Xray spider hackers, Hide trees or bushes, Hide bridges and no human verification or survey to download.

So, if you want to download PUBG iOS for your iPhone or iPad then continue to reading our this given below article for more details…


PUBG is also available for PC, but you should have to good system requirement to Run PUBG for PC smoothly. PUBG Pc file size is too large so you need a good internet connection to download it. Playing Pubg on PC gives you an amazing experience and good control over your weapons. It also required some specific things to run smoothly on your Pc. I have written a details guide about it, which will help in download the file and run smoothly on your Desktop or Laptop

Pros of PUBG Mobile

  • Action packed gameplay
  • Lots of customization options
  • The best battle royal game
  • Many game modes available
  • Multiplayer

Cons of PUBG Mobile

  • Not beginner-friendly
  • No tutorial
  • Sometimes lags
  • Drains battery life fast
  • Time-consuming



Q1. Can I hack PUBG Mobile?

No, you cannot hack any online server game, you can definitely modify it, but that modification will only be up to your app. It will not make any changes to the server. When Pubg brings a new update, this app will not work for you, and you will have to download the latest modified version APK.

Q2. What is UC in PUBG Mobile?

UC’s full form is Unknown Cash, using which you can open or buy any premium item. You have to purchase UC to get UC, and you will get 60 UC at 0.99$. The sad thing is that you can’t get it for free, but you can get unlimited UC by using our Mod Apk.

Q3. Do We Get Unlimited BP and UC In PUBG Mobile Mod?

Yes, you will get unlimited UC and BP in this modded version game. There are lots of features in this, like AimbotWallhackNo recoil. Sometimes the game gets reset due to the updates on the Pubg server, but otherwise, it’s ok; you will get all the features with this Pubg Mod Apk for android.

Q5. Will I get banned if I use PUBG Mod Apk?

This latest 0.19.0 Pubg Mod Apk is 99% anti-ban but still, there is “1%” chance, so I can’t say anything about it. Your account might get banned, so we tell everyone who uses our Pubg Mod Apk that at first login with some secondary social media account instead of your primary account.

Q6. Can I recover my score or data on PUBG Version?

Yes, buddy, you can. but there is lots of risk of getting banned from the Pubg server because of the high security offered by the Tencent server, So I advise you to play the Mod version with some secondary account. As a famous line of cooldrink company’s Moutain Dew “Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai” ?


Q7. what is the file size of the latest PUBG Mobile Mods?

The Pubg Mobile Mods Apk is 49.2 MB and OBB size is approx 2-2.5 GB only. You can directly download both OBB and Apk file, after that, you have to install this Pubg Modded Apk on your android device for free by following those instructions.

Q8. Is PUBG MOD APK Completely Free To Download?

Obviously, it is 101% free. All the amazing features in the game have also been Unlocked, so don’t worry about it. We won’t charge you a penny. It is completely free FOREVER.

Final Verdict

PUBG Mobile is an android game which gives the best battle royals mode to enjoy with your friends and family. Nowadays people search PUBG Mobile mod game to take benefit and make an image in front of his friends. So here we provided the latest version of Pubg mobile game.

If you want to download this game then just follow our instructions. As well as know that this version of Pubg is not available in the Google Play store, that’s why we have created this blog to provide free stuff. If you have any queries or questions then feel free to contact us.

PUBG Mod APK v0.19.0 + Latest version [Unlimited Uc, Anti-Ban]

Are you crazy about PUBG Mobile? If yes, then you are in the right place and this article can be very useful for you. So welcome to our site PUBG Mod APK. Today we will tell you lots of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks in this article, as well as we will give you PUBG Modded Version APK.