Razer Enters the Network Market with New WiFi Router

Razer ™, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today announced the Razer Sila, a high-performance WiFi router designed for home users that require WiFi service optimized for high-performance gaming, streaming and downloading multimedia content.

With the explosion of gaming on mobile devices and with the inability of cable in every room in so many homes, a fast and stable WiFi connection is more important than ever. The Razer Sila Router is designed to enable non-latency gaming and smooth, uninterrupted transmission over a fast wireless network, meeting the current needs of mobile users, consoles, and laptops.


Razer’s New WiFi Router

Razer Sila includes a set of technologies designed to provide gamers with the fastest and most stable WiFi connection at home or in the office, such as the Razer FastTrack, Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS, and dedicated callback link capability. The configuration and management through a mobile application ensures that the installation and use of Sila is simple and fast.

The Razer FastTrack software used in the Razer Sila is a proprietary QoS engine for intelligent traffic management. Using deep inspection of packages based on the type of application and devices, from mobile phones to smart TVs through laptops, PCs or consoles. With integrated detection for the PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles, users can easily fine tune their networks for the most stable gaming or streaming experience possible.

” We all know the frustration of slowing down or losing the connection, ” notes Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. ” Often this is due to a high volume of network traffic or noise generated by WiFi signals in the vicinity. The Razer Sila router actively prioritizes traffic and monitors channel strength by automatically switching between them for a stronger, faster connection whether it’s for gaming, watching Netflix, or just browsing the web. ”

The patented Multi-Channel Zero-Wait DFS technology on the Razer Sila enables clean WiFi channels to avoid network traffic and maintain the highest speed for the most demanding applications without any standby or downtime.

The Razer Sila router is also capable of working in advanced network meshes. Two or more Razer Sila units can be combined to provide full and fast WiFi coverage in areas of up to 550 square feet with two units or multi-storey floors of more than 550 square feet with three units. As a Triple Band router, the Razer Sila includes a dedicated 5 GHz return traffic link and independent transmission to operate on up to 4 simultaneous DFS channels, which further reduces possible network jams and congestion. Verification tests performed by Allion USA show that Razer Sila performance outperforms other mesh routers.

Razer Sila was developed in collaboration with the wireless home networking partner, Ignition Design Labs-a technology and engineering company founded by former employees of network giants Qualcomm and Broadcom. Ignition Design Labs became famous for launching the award-winning WiFi Portal Smart Router in 2016.

” Razer requires the best in engineering, design and performance. We are excited to be Razer’s design partners, applying our engineering expertise and patented technologies to build a powerful professional-grade router for the world’s most important gaming and entertainment ecosystem, “said Terry Ngo, CEO of Ignition Design Labs.

The new Razer Sila reaches the market for € 299 and can already be found globally.

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