SHAREit for Windows PC 

ShareIt for PC: SHAREit is the biggest file & document sharing app in the world. More than 500+ Million people using this app at this time. SHARE it for PC desktop is the best feature of these apps. SHARE it supports Windows 10/8/7 and all other versions. SHARE it Pc version apps file transfer speeds 200x faster than Bluetooth. So Download SHAREit for Windows PC version from this website if you want to the original file.

SHARE it the app is an EXE file formate for Windows PC. You don’t need to use any third party emulator to use SHAREit for PC because of this application has a Windows version file. Also SHARE-it for Laptop if you have windows operating laptop.


So before downloading SHAREit for PC, you should know what is it, feature and how to use this app and then download the app. So let’s start

SHAREit Apk for Windows PC Laptop

Share-it is a free tool, that allows you to send files between devices even if you don’t have any internet connection or nearby wifi network.

SHAREit allows with this main job is another major service. That is web browsing and showing adds for clients.

SHAREit is a free application for all users and for all devices. They access us to share, keep, reserve, and browse on this SHAREit app freely by smartphone or computer.

In the invention of smart electronic devices and the technology based age life is most comfortable and easy. It is also a part of this. By SHAREit we can share in a moment we can share any file without cable connection or internet in an emergency moment or daily sharing.

Why people use SHAREit App on Windows Desktop?

SHAREit app for windows desktop computer is easy and update features for this. Share it is most popular for its user friendly interface and systems. Now SHAREit has made a big platform for sharing files and they help the people frequently.

And as the user and new gadgets lover people get a better and believable experience they use it. You can use SHAREit also to share without connecting data cable on your phone to PC or PC to PC.

I recommend you to use SHAREit only for one time minimum. As SHAREit gives a good result and better service it is your benefit.

 Feature of SHARE-it Apps for Windows PC

SHAREit is a wonderful and 100% workable sharing app. It has many advantages and a little limit but that is not so fact. SHAREit has a large number of amazing features that are need for you. So let’s know some features for better user experience and easy access.

The SHAREit latest features are…

  • Easy connecting system and sharing file method with another device.
  • Quick file transfer support with a single time.
  • Send one file or more at a time.
  • You can receive multiple files with time from the sender.
  • Easy language for all users and simple methods to share.
  • You can share by SHAREit any kinds of files by it.
  • SHAREit can share and transfer a copy file without moving the original file. That’s means, without changing the main document only making a copy share this for others.
  • SHAREit access photos, any media file, movie, drama, telefilms, document, pdf files, audio songs or any audio video contents or other files.
  • You can transfer by SHAREit folder also from mobile to windows PC, or Windows PC to mobile.
  • File sharing without any internet connection and cost.
  • It has no need data cable to connect because it is a wireless system connector.
  • SHAREit has a wonderful setting, you can transfer one by one or twice on a time.
  • There are “pause”, “cancel” “resume” for easy controlling to send the file.
  • It can load trending file for entertainment.
  • Most and fastest file transfer app which is now on the top list of sharing apps.
  • You can share your file with many persons one time by grouping. By group share you can transfer more than one person with time by using SHAREit.
  • You can use SHAREit as a media player. SHAREit is an audio and video player also.
  • SHAREit save your sharing history on a list with every time and connect schedule too.
  • By SHAREit, the user of the SHAREit app can download videos from there.
  • The most feature of the popular SHAREitapp is “SHAREit is available for every operating system and device”
  • Now SHAREit for android, windows PC, windows phone, mac os, iOS, ibook pro etc.
  • Storage settings is available also. You can change your default save or reserve folder after transfer by SHAREit. You can receive on your SD card, or phone or any folder what do you want.
  • SHAREit allows you to change your name, avatar. You can use your personal photo on SHAREit and nickname for introducing you to other devices.
  • There is a notification setting. It may notify you after completing the transfer of your file or when it will be failed. You can off this service if you want.

The disadvantage of SHAREit:

Although SHAREit has a large number of features it has some unwanted tasks. Those are so simple because it is a free app. As SHAREit is free for all and it has to earn also, without any benefit no one can free service in the world. Let’s below and see more…

  • SHAREit shows us many advertisements. We know and think any advertisements are disturbed for us when we are busy and work. With sharing time the show ads sometimes.
  • SHAREit loads some trending short contents that are not for acceptable for all. And that time SHAREit cost a data pack. It is a little but not so good for all users.
  • Sometime SHAREit does not work properly. Sharing is failed without any reason and it will be slow also.
  • The sharing speed is not fixed at all times. In a rare time it does not work. But after refreshing that is solved.

SHAREit is an actually good app than other apps. You can use SHAREit without any doubt. As it has some problem nut that is not for a long time. If your device is suitable it works perfectly.

 Download Share it App for PC free

Hi Friends I know you are now looking for SHAREit for PcShare it is an amazing any file sharing app. If you would use Share it for Windows 10 you have to download first on your device like a desktop.

Many people fall into a problem to ton find a real and honest website to download SHAREit for pc or windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 or Windows 7. So I am here now a single click solution to download with the various devices from one site.

There are many site to download SHAREit but I have one solution for you. By one site you can download SHAREit variant product like for android, windows, mac os, ios, and windows phone. You can get also SHAREit products like cloneit, lockit, cleanit, listen it.

In this time I think you are feeling bore to reading the previous writing but you need to know that’s is available and what is perfect for you.

Ok, now got your main point to download SHAREit successfully for your any kinds device as for Windows 10, Windows 7, android, share it for mac or others.

You can download updated and lattestSHAREit for any device for all time by this link

Or you can go to the latest share it downloads page by click here directly. Please don’t worry and don’t think any doubt because there is the main and origin share it software because it is the main site and service center.

So there is no long process to download SHAREit. Just enter the site and follow the steps…

  • Click here and enter your SHAREit app download center…””
  • Now click the “download” button and it will start automatically for you as an update and latest SHAREit app for your windows. You don’t need to seek an update version because it is the update. And it will be finished downloaded on your previous default download folder. (If you click download button it will be downloaded as a default app that’s mean which device from your visit there it is for this.)
  • If you want another version of SHAREit or another category like visiting from windows you can download for mac os or other or specific for windows “ See on the right side of the download button and on clicking there choose your product and automatically it has been started.

 How to install the SHAREit for PC Windows 10/8/7

Installing process is so simple and easy for windows pc 10,8,7 or others. For installation you have only one condition. That is not a big condition just you need the file or software the SHAREit app of the pc version.

How you can check or find out the share-it software for? It is easy for you also. You need .exe format file and all data with this.

For installation, the share-it app on windows apply the next steps and complete your installation tasks…

  • Download the share it app for windows pc. (From windows store or here
  • Go to your file location or where is reserved your share it file.
  • Finding out .exe file put a single by left button by your mouse and then tap right button and click “ run as administrator “
  • You can change your installation location from the “browser option” if you want, you can use it. It doesn’t matter and no need for all.
  • And then accept their all condition must without thinking. If you don’t allow their condition you cannot succeed to install.
  • In this way go next and accept all and last by checking “finish” finish your job for now.

How to use or transfer any file by SHAREit on PC to Mobile / PC to PC

File transferring process by SHAREit, how to use SHAREit, how to send mu file to PC or from PC, how to receive on SHAREit windows 10 etc. issue is now everywhere. Many of user especially new users must suffer this problem but they can not a proper solution for this.

There are many guidelines available. Whole is not bad, some of them is most good and useful. But here I will share with you about SHAREit some basic settings and methods to use properly.

SHAREit is a very free helpful app for PC a mobile. There is a connecting problem for all, so let’s go below and describe how you can connect your device without internet, data cable.

How to connect and transfer file by SHAREit:

  • First of all “open Share It on your both device”
  • Then “turn on the mobile hotspot on your mobile”
  • Then go to PC and connect the “same mobile hotspot which is yourself (you’re turning on hotspot)
  • Then if you are shown a QR code “scan by your smartphone and connect”
  • And after connecting with mobile by hotspot you are ready to share.
  • Then on PC or mobile “chose to send or receive which device is sender or receiver you selected”

Now enjoy your sharing with friends, family, or others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SHAREit safe to use for Windows PC (Laptop too)?

Yeah, SHAREit is safe for all users and all devices. SHAREit is now for windows, mac, ios or others. Share-it is a single corporation for all. They serve properly. You can use SHAREit for Windows PC freely.

 What Type of Files Can be Sent?

SHAREit can be sent any kind of file to any device. There are many files here. They can be like this, photos, videos, long or short contents, documents, pdf files, doc files, any software, or etc.

Can I share files between different operating systems?

Of course, you can share your any files between different operating system. You can transfer one from any kind of device to another. And it is easy and about the same interface. For example, you can share a file from mobile to computer, windows to mac, or ios to os operating systems.

Do I need cables, an active Wi-Fi network?

No, you do not need any cable to connect another device. You do not need also any Wi-Fi or active data connection or you don’t cost your expensive mobile data. But you have to turn on your hotspot only to connect the same Wi-Fi to connected a definite device, there no lose your data.

Do I need Bluetooth to connect to other devices?

As SHAREit app is a wireless systematic app and it helps us to share our important files to others. We have to need to connect wirelessly to each other without any cable.

Because of this we have to turn on Bluetooth connect but do not need paring or connecting separately. Just you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your device.

Does SHAREit Use Data?

No, normally SHAREit do not use any data. If your data or MB is available then SHAREit use from them to trending videos for you. If you have no data SHAREit don’t use.

 Is it Possible to Share an Entire Folder?

Obviously yeas! You can share an entire folder or file from Share-it to others. It is not only possible but also an easy task. It may be called, it is the main task of the SHAREit app for windows PC, Mac PC, Android or others.