Smarter Networks: Know the Advantages of WiFi Managed

The Internet is present in the lives of millions of people around the world. In fact, the World Bank estimates that 46% of the global population has access to this network. At present, its use is not only exclusive to people, but also to companies. Peru is not the exception. A study by BBVA Research, presented at the end of last year, revealed that 76% of formal private companies in the country use the Internet. In this context, Wi-Fi is one of the most efficient technologies to connect to this network.

This technology, which allows access to the Internet through a wireless connection, helps Peruvian companies improve several of their processes. However, having Internet or Wi-Fi is no longer sufficient for the competitiveness and efficiency of an organization. “Wi-Fi networks are essential to increase the productivity of a business. To be really beneficial, however, it is necessary that a company not only have a 100% reliable fiber connection but also have a value-added service tailored to each company, “says Miguel Caballero, Deputy Director of Corporate Services of Claro Peru. One of these services with that kind of value that the local market offers today is Wi-Fi Managed.


Smarter Networks

It involves, says Miguel Caballero, a service that includes designing the Internet network required by the company, installing the necessary infrastructure for its operation and managing it. All this through a fixed monthly charge. It also involves taking care of those costs that may be hidden from people who are not necessarily experts, such as maintenance that includes spare parts logistics, travel, 24×7 personnel, technological validity, service level commitments, among others.

This innovative service saves resources and alleviates the operational burden of its management. It provides greater security and allows companies to stay protected and updated technologically.

Advantages and Experiences

In addition to alleviating the operational burden of managing wireless networks and equipment, a company that is committed to Wi-Fi Managed is also protecting itself. If a device connects to a network that is not managed by the company, Miguel Caballero points out, “it can put your credentials at risk and, with this, it can compromise the company’s information.”

The Claro Peru executive points out that hiring a Managed Wi-Fi can facilitate the company to better know its target audience: it will have more detailed access to the behavior and profile of its customers. From that information “you can generate loyalty promotions or adapt to the user experience,” says Caballero.

Claro Peru is one of the main suppliers in the Peruvian market. It offers, on the one hand, a service that requires a single payment for the installation or implementation of Internet equipment. On the other hand, it has a service that includes the cost of the Wi-Fi Managed service and the equipment rental. This last detail ensures the customer the constant technological update of their software and hardware.

Support in the market

Several of Claro’s clients highlight the improvements achieved when hiring this service. “The installation of the integrated wireless solution reduced the investments and the internal costs of the management,” says Dennys Sánchez, Head of Information Technology and Communication of the Peruvian University of the Americas, one of the clients of the Wi-Fi service. Managed by Claro Peru. “The service provider always guarantees the availability of a next-generation Wi-Fi solution,” he adds.

On the other hand, Fanny Lobos, Head of Technological Infrastructure of the PUCP, says that the service provided by the university in provinces of Wi-Fi Manager provided by Claro Peru, has managed to give a better Internet service to the students and teachers of their educational institution and, with this, that they have better access to study resources. “In addition, the university has real-time information on the Internet consumption of each classroom and availability of the service. All this facilitates providing quality education, “he says.

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