Spotify Premium Apk Download FREE Latest (Working)

Ever thought of upgrading to a premium version of Spotify Apk? Well, if you are a frequent user, you definitely had. What if I tell you that the premium mod is available for free? I’m sure you will love to download Spotify Premium Apk latest version for Android, iOS, Blackberry or PC.

In this post, we’ll let you know a lot of things about Spotify mod apk like Features of this app, download guide, Step-by-step installation process, etc. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead with the post and leave your feedback in the comment section below.


What is Spotify Premium Apk?

Those days are back when we used to download paid music files free and listen to them on our phones. We now have free online music streaming services for a better experience. One such amazing service is “Spotify”. We are all aware of the fact that Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming services. The app is offered in two version- “Spotify apk free” and “Spotify Premium”.

Spotify premium

But what’s the difference between them? Just like other paid apps, the premium version some extraordinary features to enhance your experience. Apart from this, the premium version frees you from those annoying advertisements. To get the premium version you need to pay to Spotify. But hey, wait a minute! What are we here for if you have to pay for such silly things?

If you are a frequent user of Spotify, you would have definitely dreamt of purchasing the premium version of Spotify. Well, instead of paying for it, you can get the “Spotify Premium apk free. With the app you will be able to enjoy all the paid features of Spotify Premium free. Not only this, Spotify is not available for all the countries. So, you need to install the Spotify mod apk to experience the best ever online music streaming services. This Spotify Apk will fulfill all your desires of using Spotify.

App NameSpotify Premium
Size38.10 MB
DeveloperSpotify LTD.
TaskStream Music Online

Features of Spotify Premium App

What you have read till now was just an introduction to Spotify Premium mod apk. So, what can it do? What are its features? How are they different from the normal Spotify App? The answers to all these questions will be answered in this section. The Premium version has a lot to offer you. These astonishing features are going to blow your mind.

  • At times, the free version of Spotify displays irritating ads. Instead, the premium version of the apk offers you ad-free online music streaming experience.
  • What if you don’t want some song to be played in the playlist? The free apk does not allow you to skip a particular song. But the premium version will let you skip songs that you don’t want to listen to.
  • The premium version of Spotify will offer you’re a privacy option. This will help you hide all of your app activities. Thus, you can experience private music listening.
  • The free version of Spotify does not allow you to save songs for offline streaming. But the Spotify premium free will allow you to save songs for offline streaming with one touch.
  • The Spotify Premium app comes with the option to “Shuffle” songs of a queue.
  • The premium application will unlock the option of seeking feature.
  • You can skip multiple songs at once using the premium version of Spotify.
  • In the Spotify Premium Apk, you will be able to use the “Track Selection” feature that is lacked y the free version.
  • The free Spotify does not allow you to play a song in a loop. But the Spotify mod apk, this feature will be unlocked. And you can stream your favorite songs in a loop.
  • The Spotify apk premium will let you use the unlocked version of the “Spotify Connect” feature.

Download Spotify Premium Apk Latest Version for Android

Well, I hope so that now you are clear about the features of Spotify Premium Apk. Also, this would have provided you an idea about the difference between the free version of Spotify and the premium version of Spotify.

Now, you should move ahead and complete the Spotify Premium download on your Android smartphone. To download Spotify Premium free, click on the button available below.


Allow Installations of apps from unknown sources. By default, you can’t install any apk files from any source except Google Play Store. And unfortunately, this app is not available for download on Google Play Store. So, you need to grant permission for installing apps from unknown sources. For doing this, follow the steps given below carefully:

  • Go to “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Navigate to Privacy and security options.
  • Find the option stating – “Unknown Sources: Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources”
  • Simply slide the option to grant the permission.
  • Voila! You are now good to go.
  • You need to have empty storage of at least 100 MB to download, install and run the Spotify Premium App.
  • You need to be running Android v4.1 or above to successfully install this apk file.

Note: This method may or may not work with your smartphone. So, find the option of “Unknown Sources: Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources”. Once you find it, enable it and grant the permission.

Guide to Install Spotify Premium on Android

The installation process has been explained in detail in the steps below. Read and follow everything carefully to avoid any troubles while installing the apk file. However, before we proceed with the step-by-step guide, you need to look after some prerequisites.

Step-1:Download Spotify Apk In the previous section, I have already explained about downloading the apk file. So, go through them for any assistance.

Now that you have downloaded the apk file and looked after for all prerequisites, go ahead and install the app. Follow the steps given below carefully to avoid any troubles while any process.

Step-2:Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the file.

Step-3:Tap on the downloaded file of Spotify Premium apk.

spotify premium app

Step-4:You will see a new pop-up with an option to navigate ‘Next’ in the installation process. Tap on it until you see a new option named as ‘Install’.

spotify premium download

Step-5:Tap on ‘Install’ and wait for a while until the app gets successfully installed. Voila! You have successfully installed the Spotify Premium free apk on your android smartphone.

download spotify premium

Now that you have downloaded and installed the apk on your android phone, go ahead and enjoy its amazing features. I’m damn sure you are going to enjoy it a lot. Well, why should we only use this app on our android phone? Let us have a look at how you can install it on other devices like PC and iOS.

How to Install Spotify Premium On PC?

Well, if you ask me, the installation process on Pc is not as simple as that of Android. As Spotify is not yet available for Windows PC, you need to download some extra files to help you install the apk file on your PC. The question arises is that what should you install? Well, some of you might have guessed it.

What is an Android Emulator?

Ever heard of them? Even if you haven’t heard of them yet, go through the following section. Android Emulators are such programs or applications that let you run a virtual android operating system on some other devices without actually installing it. In other words, you can run a complete Android OS with the help of a program on a Windows PC.

In this way, you can test your developed apps and games without running them on android smartphone. The major aim for developing emulators was to allow developers to test their apps and games. Later, a way was discovered to use some android exclusive apps for Windows PC. Similarly, you can use other emulators like iOS emulators for Windows PC and Mac OS, etc.

The market is full of tons of android emulators available for your Windows PC. The best one that I would suggest you use for this process is the “Bluestacks”. Now without wasting much time, let us move on to the downloading and installation process of Spotify Premium for PC.

Download Spotify Premium Apk for Windows PC

Before you download the apk file, download the Bluestacks setup file on your PC. To get it, download the file by clicking on the button below.

Or you can download the setup file from their official site from here. Navigate to the site and click on the download button to begin the process. Now that you have downloaded the file, let us go on for the installation process.

Step-by-step Guide for Installation

Before you start installing the application on your PC, make sure that you are connected to the Internet. While installing, Bluestacks requires some additional files that are downloaded while installation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing bluestacks.exe on your Windows PC. Follow all the steps carefully to avoid troubles while installing the file.

  • Double click on the bluestacks.exe file that you have just downloaded to begin the installation process.
  • Accept the user license agreement by ticking the given option.
  • Then follow all other on-screen instructions and proceed to install the app.
  • Once it is successfully installed you can proceed with the Spotify Premium Apk.
  • Now once you are done with installation of Bluestacks, run the application. After that proceed like this:
  • Complete the Spotify Premium download from the link provided in the download section.
  • Now drag and drop the downloaded file in the Bluestacks application.
  • Follow the given instructions on your screen and proceed to install the apk file on Bluestacks.
  • Once you are done, the apk will be installed and you can run it on your PC.

That was how you can install the Spotify premium latest version on your Windows PC using Bluestacks. Also, if you have the paid subscription of Spotify, you can directly download the apk from Google Play Store. Well, that was installed on Android and Windows. How about using the Spotify Apk on your iOS devices? Have a look at the next section.

How to Install Spotify Premium on iOS?

Well, installing the Spotify Premium Apk on your iOS device is not the same as Android. To download and install the apk file on your iOS device, you need to install something else. To know the exact download and installation process, go through this section of the post.

Before we get to the installation process, download some files. They will be required while installing Spotify on your iOS device. Download Spotify ++ apk file and Cydia Impactor file from below button.

  • Now that you have downloaded the Cydia impactor’s setup file, go ahead and install it on your PC.
  • Connect your iOS device to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Run the Cydia Impactor application and wait until it automatically detects your device.
  • Once your device has been detected, drag and drops the file of Spotify ++ that you have just downloaded.
  • Now you need to enter your Apple id along with the password.
  • Sit back with some popcorn and wait until the app is getting installed on your iOS device.
  • Now on your iOS device, navigate to the “Settings” and then to “General”.
  • At last visit “Profiles” and trust the profile that displays your Apple id.
  • Voila! You have successfully installed the Spotify Premium Apk on your iOS device.

Well, that was it for the installation of the apk on your iOS device. But wait is not done yet! What if you own a Blackberry device? Well, don’t worry. We have got something for that too.

Guide to Install Spotify Apk on Blackberry

The process to install the Spotify Premium apk on Blackberry is pretty easy. But there are some points you need to look after before you move on installing the file. Your blackberry device should be running on BB 10.2.1 or later updates.

The Spotify apk should be downloaded on your device. Get the file from here or click on the button below. Now that you have downloaded the file follow the steps given below. Go through them carefully so that you don’t face any issues while installing the apk file.

  • Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the file.
  • Tap on the file to start the installation process.
  • Now tap on “Install” and wait for a while until the installation process gets completed.
  • Once the installation process ends, tap on “Open” to run the application.
  • Now follow all the instructions on your screen.

Voila! You have successfully installed the Spotify Premium free on your Blackberry device.

Final Verdict

Now I don’t think so anything is left. You can download Spotify Premium apk for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Blackberry devices as well. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install Spotify Premium with astonishing features. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment section below

In case you have faced any kind of problem in downloading or installing the files, comment on any post. Or you can also contact us via email. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. For more amazing fresh content like this, keep following.

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