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Some time ago Tinder Plus added the feature super Like, but its availability was limited only to the Australian audience. After successful tests, application developers decided to make it available to all users of the application, so that now everyone has the opportunity to use the Super Like. How does it work? And what is Tinder Plus?

So far, the use of Tinder was based on the fact that it was moving to another profile, leaving a “like” the ones that somehow appealed to us. However, contact with the person concerned is not possible until and she did not give us a “like”. This solution is very limiting and apparently, the creator of Tinder realized this by introducing Tinder Super Like. Thanks to it, when it will use against a person, the recipient is informed that it is you have added him / her super like, so you will immediately know to whom to speak. Shared in this way Tinder Like Super is visible on the receiver side for up to 24 hours.


To use the new functions you do not need to update the application – a new button for this function is available next to the green hearts. Download App StoreGoogle PlayWP Store. If you are young, educated, and live in a big city you probably have not once heard about this application. Tinder is properly applied to “meet new people”. This word is called simply the most ordinary dating or searching for knowledge on one or more nights.

I myself am using this application has been a very long time, so I have some thoughts about how to use the application Tinder Super and how to create your profile attractive. If you want to set up an account there, check out what mistakes not to make and how to avoid embarrassment in a meeting or dating potential.

Important elements of our profile are, of course, photos. Tinder application downloads them directly from our Facebook account, so you should make sure that they are the best. If the social network does not have many of their photos and does not want to share with the world your most favorable picture, it is the solution. You can always select a few of your best photos, then add them to Facebook with visibility options “Only me.” Then you are sure that they will not be visible to anyone on Facebook, but will be seen in Tinderze.

It is also worth mentioning what images it is better not to use. Many times I came across a profile in which the photos were 4-5 people from some event or sweet photograph of the family. In this way, you do not help yourself or even harm, if you depend on that to look good, select some nice pictures in which you are alone. Must necessarily be a few pictures, one is not enough! Select photos without family, without friends drunk, but it is such a good resolution.

What images should be avoided? If you are the proud parents and you feel like a date, picture yourselves with the child. This is not a good place to showcase their child. The same goes for sweet images in clubs. Ok, I know, you’re so crazy, you go to clubs where you drink a day. Like hundreds of millions of other young people around the world, it’s really nothing new or original. Just forgive yourself!

Another most important thing in Tinder is a description of our profile. Do not forget that not everyone pays attention to the photos and appearance. It is sensible to write a few sentences about yourself, but avoid clichés like “Carpi Diem” or quotes from Paul Coelho. Well, unless you are looking for a companion who is fascinated by shoddy literature and also has bad taste.

And now to work, have fun with the application Tinder!

More than 850 million movements a day. 850000000 ratings “yes” and “no” in response to pictures of the most complete strangers. 20 million matches per day, or 20 million new potential friends. Tinder – an application that ideally captures the impersonality and the shallowness of the modern pillared network of human interaction. Although the creator of a weapon application Tinder saying that relationships begin in the same way in “real life”.
Tinder is an application that has gained immense popularity during the Olympics in Sochi, and now it becomes a big hit, which is spoken in Programas television and various media. Tinder The idea is simple. Combine it with a Facebook account, and the application will automatically add photos and other information. Set who you are and who you are looking for and that’s it – Tinder starts showing photos of people in your area.

Strangers can judge – a shift to the left is “no” right “yes”. If the other person also shifted to the right you have a call and you can talk to each other using instant messaging tinder.

Tinder was supposed to be anonymous, but because it uses pictures from Facebook, it’s making a screenshot and using Google Image search can easily find information about users.

In many places Tinder due not to impose a relation relationship – after adjusting for a user to decide what to do next and how to roll this znajomość- is an application to flirt, even a one-night antics.

The creators of tinder say that the method for assessing the dependence of users and whether you want to talk to them only from the appearance was not different than how we act in real life. In fact, the appearance and visual experience for us to have a lot of, if not the most important when deciding to start a conversation. Actually, there is nothing to hide – it is true.

In fact, on the street or in a shop evaluate, even subconsciously, even more people than the few-minute session with Tinder. The problem is that it is not Tinder reality is only an application. Tinder on google play

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