Towelroot APK Download:

Towelroot APK Download: It is very common for Android users to root their device. But, choosing the most efficient and trust-worthy tool is essential for an efficient result. To Download Towelroot APK which is a simple rooting tool, is most suitable for any version of the Android. The inventor of this tool is GeoHot. He is very famous for hacking the iPhone. For the device running with Android KitKat, you can use this rooting tool. But the limitation is for Marshmallow or Lollypop. These are not compatible with Towelroot rooting tool.

Download Towelroot APK


Download Towelroot APK for Android 4.4.2 / Tablet

As mentioned already rooting the Android phone with Towelroot APK is very simple. You can do this by following simple steps. To do this, you need not approach for a high-tech assistant. Now, let us observe the steps to root the Android Tablet or Android Phone with TowelRoot Apk.

Download Towelroot APK

Step 1: Navigate to the notification bar in your Android Smart-device by tapping down on the home screen.

Step 2: After you find the notification bar, you can see the settings icon. You need to on the icon.

Step 3: You find “Unknown Sources,” in the settings option. After you discover the option, check it to on. You have to this, to ensure that settings on your Android device are active.

Download Towelroot APK

Step 4: After performing the Step 3, visit the home page. And select a browser of your choice.

Step 5: In the URL bar of the browser, type “”. And search for the tool.

Step 6: After the page is displayed, you will discover a red symbol. Click on that the symbol.

Step 7: You have to click on the OK button.

Step 8: Purpose of performing Step 7 is to start the installation of Towel Root Apk on your Android Smart Device.  To continue the process, you have to click on the “TowelRoot APK download” option. It redirects you to another web page in which you will find a button with “Install.” Please, click the button.

Download Towelroot APK

Step 9: On an excellent Internet connection your download will finish in 2 or 3 minutes. After the download, you have to click on “Open” option.

Step 10: Next, you will find an option, “Make It Ra1n”. Click on the option. To root your Android Smart Device, this is the primary step which you need to perform.

Step 11: After Step 10, you have to check whether your Android Smart-device can support the software, SuperSU app. In case you do not have this app on your device, please download and install SuperSU app. You can find it in the Google PlayStore.

Support Issues & Solutions for TowelRoot APK

In some situations, Your Android smart Device may get support from Towel Root apk. This is possible when you have recent updates in your Smart Device. To deal this kind of scenarios, we have another process to download TowelRoot Apk. Find whether Towelroot apk is not working because of problems in the mood strings. Then change string manually. This enables to download Towelroot apk on your Android Smart Device.

To change the mood strings, you have to open the rooting app for at least three times. After you open the app, a box will open. You have to enter few codes in the box. These codes differ based on the version of the mobile device.

Here are the codes:

  • 133701040 (For all standard mobiles)
  • 133701041 (temporary root access)
  • 13370173804 (Samsung Galaxy phones)

When you these codes, Android device permits to download the rooting app. Click on the root button after entering the codes in the box. Select which access you want. In case you prefer temporary rooting then enter the second code.