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TUTUApp was invented to suit your needs perfectly. It is the best option that enables you to download premium/paid apps for free even when the official apps’ website does not allow you to get it for free. It has two versions; VIP helper and regular free variant. I will be sharing TutuApp apk, TutuApp iOS, TutuApp for Android and TutuApp for PC can be downloaded down below.

Normally, It is not available to be downloaded from official Google Play store. On the other hand, TutuApp for iPhone, iPad, iPod is also not available on iTunes store. So to overcome this issue and get this android app, then you are required to TutuApp APK download and then install it following the manual procedure as shared below.


I will be also sharing a guide to finding Tutu. VIP for PC and TutuApp VIP. You can follow a complete tutorial to get Tutuapp free download on this page. If you really love downloading paid games and apps for free then download tutuapp now. You can also checkout TutuApp Pokemon Go Android here.


If you are struggling to get paid apps and games for free then you are supposed to download Tutuapp for android. TutuApp 2018 version is released, and you can download tutu app apk latest version from here. I am going to share a complete guide with you where I will be sharing a method that how downloading Tutuapp for PC and TutuApp iOS.

TutuApp VIP works on both rooted and non-rooted devices without putting your device on risk. So you can enjoy all the features without caring about other kinds of stuff. The VIP version is a paid version as it comes up with some extra features which will help you to enjoy the app without further issues.


It is one of the best app which can be used to download all the paid apps and games for free. You are not required to pay even a single dime to enjoy any paid app for free. TutuApp VIP is available to be downloaded on your device; but it is in Chinese language and its English version is not available.


TutuApp apk is available for all the android devices.  Here are the steps you need to follow for you to download TutuApp apk latest version for free, along with the steps that how to download TutuApp apk for android. Get the steps here.

The process is quite straightforward. All you can do is to install the app from a source link to the latest version. It will take a few minutes before it is successfully downloaded.

It is important that you change some setting so that the app installs on your phone. It will allow the device to accept apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to mobile security setting and enable the “unknown sources” part. You can then install your already downloaded app and enjoy all paid apps free of change.

After that you can enjoy playing games for free using TutuApp APK 2018 and TutuApp 2018 for iOS. You will required to get APK file so that you can use TutuApp for Android and TutuApp for iOS.


  1. Affordable

It is a free app. It means that it does not cost you even a dime to download and install it. It also displays a variety of paid apps free of charge. Thus, allowing you to download, install and use paid apps’ version for free

  1. Compatibility

The app is available to all operating systems for Android, iPad, iOS or iPhone. It can also be installed to windows us and personal computers. The app also has an English and Chinese version to suit a variety of users.

  1. Safety

It has protection from telecommunication companies. Hence, no need to root your android device for you to install the app. It also works on any Apple phone thus you are not required to set a jailbreak. This app works perfectly in ios gadgets as it does not require Apple ID logins

  1. Simplicity

It has an easy interface and easier functionality. It is what makes it the best app choice for downloading classic premium games like clash of clans. It also has little or no complications in navigation making it user-friendly. The app also offers an incredible download speed on any Smartphone. It also provides a search toolbar which enables you to find your desired apps in seconds

  1. Suitable

It also features some suitable features which make it fun to operate. For instance, it features garbage cleaner which deletes all garbage storage to enable it to work smoother. It also provides you with the hacked version of latest games. It is the first app which has hacked the popular game, Pokémon Go. It makes it easier to play the game comfortably at home without having to move around.

  1. Security

It is free and secure from viruses. It also provides apps which are scanned and free from viruses. This app comes with a variety of tools which also helps your smart phone to perform better. It also ensures the safety of your device by cleaning storage space, memory and junk files.

It is a free app making it economical as it does not require any payments after its download and installation. Its downloading speed is also very high saving time when you want to install an app. Another advantage of this app is that when you are using iOS gadgets, you will not be required to jailbreak it. It is also not necessary that you register with your Apple ID. Who wouldn’t want an app with all these attributes?


The process of installing the app in iOS is the same for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. For you, there are two versions available TuTuApp VIP and regular Tutu App free version.

It is not available on the iTunes as discussed earlier; therefore, you need to download the latest version using the Direct Download TutuApp VIP link. It will help you to get Tutuapp for iPhone without Jailbreak following the links given below. Moreover, you can also download it for iPad/iPod. So below is the TutuApp VIP for iOS download link given below. This iOS 2018 is 100% working and tested! Get to the download link above.


There are advantages of using TutuApp pc; you can use it to download your desired app which you will then transfer to your Smartphone. There are also people who do not use mobile phones and rely on their laptops. It is why there was a need to create TutuApp for pc.

To download, you first need to download the apk file for pc. It is also necessary that you get an android emulator which will enable you to download android apps on you Windows or Mac. After downloading it, install and open it like any software app.

To get this app for your pc download it strictly from the download page of the TutuApp app. After downloading it, move the file to where is being downloaded. Right-click on the downloaded APK file, then select open. From the options that have appeared choose the android emulator you downloaded. Give it a few minutes as it installs in your android emulator. When it is done downloading, the app’s icon will appear in your android emulator. In order to get the complete tutorial you need to click on the above button;


You can register in TutuApp with your wechat or Twitter accounts. It will enable you to get feedback and favorites in your chosen social media account. There are many options for when you click on an app; it allows you to view people’s reviews and also write your own. You can read the information given about an app and give your feedback using the provided button.

Also, it allows you to set a certain game as your favorite so that you can be able to look at it quickly as you pass. By tapping get your chosen app will start downloading immediately. Sharing apps with your friends using various social media choices has been made easier.

It has many games’ categories at your disposal. These games include Pokemon go free, famous racing games, Minecraft,  hitman, the clash of clans, etc. be sure to have fun as there is something to suit everyone. To update your apps, hold the screen with your finger, drag it down and release. It will refresh the first page

Alternatively, you can use TutuApp as a source of entertainment. It, however, is enjoyed by VIP users, and some entertainment daily is vital for one’s life to be balanced and stable. Is a busy schedule making it hard for you to get into some recreational activities? Worry no more. With this app you can now enjoy entertainment on a daily basis. It is because one can now watch a movie or football match at the comfort of your office for some change in your mood.

There may be a time when you wanted so badly to try a game, but the price stopped you. Now, this won’t be happening. You can download that premium game for free.


There are many TutuApp users who are facing various kinds of errors and issues while using the app. Some are experiencing crashing of apps, some cannot download the apps from their app store, and some are not even able to download it for their device. Therefore we have written a detailed guide on fixes for TutuApp Not Working which can be accessed below;



A. Yes, you can provide that you are charged twice on the same device. In case you changed the device then you have to pay again for the new device.


A. No you don’t!


A. Yes, you can download lots of amazing games with unlimited coins.


A. Now there are no hidden fees that is being charged to the users!


A. No, there are both Paid and Free versions available.


A. Yes, it is 100% Safe to download apps and games from TUTUApp.


TutuApp is the best windows, android and iOS app available for downloading paid games and apps for free or there are also come TutuApp Alternatives available. It is not a new app, hence with the continuous effort, the app has proven to be better. It is available for pc, android and iOS using TutuApp VIP. There are lots of blogs and websites providing TutuApp for Android and TutuApp APK along with TutuApp iPhone download links. However, beware of fake sites which are providing virus apps.

It is also known as Tutu Helper and you can download it from the TutuApp APK blog. It ensures you get paid apps and gets hacks for games free. The app can be used to optimize the performance of the device’s battery, provide information about the device and create contact back up. I hope you guys are quite clear about the process of downloading TutuApp for Android and TutuApp for iOS along with using an android emulator to download TutuApp for PC & laptop.  If you have any detailed information about it or have managed to get the links to the latest version of the app then do share it with us via the comment box or contact us page.

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