Download UkTvNow APK App on your device and enjoy live streaming of more than 150 channels. This is one of the best apps designed for streaming the channels of various countries including Canada, Germany, Spain, France, India, the United Kingdom, the USA and more. And the amazing thing is that you are getting this application for free. You can grab this app in just few simple steps which are shared by us in this article. We know that there are many live streaming apps available on the internet but many of them are malicious which can affect your device. UkTVNow has gained a lot of users in the least time due to its credibility and safe buffering. The users have good experience with this application and they find it easy to use with safe environment. Here are some details which you must know before using this application.



What is UkTVNow ?

UkTVNow is a live video streaming application which is a good platform for online video streamers. It has various categories in which you can search for TV channels of many countries. The categories are listed as- Music, Religion, News, Entertainment, Food, Fashion and more. By using this application, you can browse the TV channels from anywhere on the globe. It also supports filtering the channels on the basis of countries and categories. This feature makes the user interface more comfortable and lets you to stream the channel directly from the list.UkTVNow APK

This application is giving new experience of portable entertainment to a number of people. If you are a regular live streamer then you must have used other apps. But we assure you that the UkTvNow APK is far better than any other application. You do not need to sit in front of Television all the time as you can enjoy your favorite show anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is to first download and install this application in your device and then start streaming the channels of your choice.

UkTVNow Features | UKTVNOW APK Download

This app has amazing features which are not available in most of other applications. When you use UkTvNow APK then you will surely notice how different this app is from other ones. It offers multiple links so that user does not require waiting for buffering due to heavy traffic on that channel. Almost 9 categories are available for you from which you can select the one of your choice and channels of that category will appear in front of you. Also the videos are in HD so you get the excellent TV watching experience whether you are waiting for bus, travelling or stuck in traffic. Apart from this, UkTVNow has various wonderful features which are listed below

UkTVNow Features

  • No registration required which means  free live streaming
  • Channels can be filtered on the basis of the country, genre and more
  • Search option for getting the proffered channels is given to  make the searching easy
  • Quick buffering with High quality videos
  • Select video player of your choice to make the live streaming experience more effective
  • Changing the settings like display and history can be done by visiting the settings section
  • Ads free streaming
  • Save channels and watch them later
  • Favorite’s videos will appear under every stream.
  • The videos can be scheduled to watch them without waiting for buffering.

This user friendly interface lets you watch the videos without any hurdle of buffering and ads. This feature is rarely available in any other streaming application. Time has come to change you streaming application and experience the High quality video streaming on your device. IT is compatible with Android 4.1 and above. You can download this app with wonderful features from here.

Download UkTVNow APK

 App Name UkTVNow APK App
 Version 8.16 Version
 CategoryVideo Streaming
 Minimum Requirements Android 4.2+
 Features Live Uk TV Streaming
 App Size 26.7 MB
 Last Updated 

Why UKTVNow is Best ?

UkTVNow has become a common application in many android devices. The new users will be thinking about the functionality of this application. And will surely want to know why it is better than other applications. So here we are going to discuss about the important points which make this app more powerful than other applications.

  • UKTVNow offers the best features to the users which are not easily available on other applications.
  • The services of UKTVNow are free and you do not need to pay anything for subscription. While other sites charge money for using these services.
  • This application is providing more than 150 channels which are popular around the world.
  • The searching and accessing the channels is easier as compared to other applications.
  • The channels are categorized in various genres. When you select a particular genre then the list of channels which come under that category will appear in front of you.

How to download and install UkTVNow apk on Android?

Android is the best operating system used widely by millions of users in their phone. It allows the installation of applications other than Play store that means the third party apps can be downloaded on it. You need to change settings in your device to enable the third party apps to be installed in your device. If you do not change these settings then you will not be able to download and install the UkTvNow APK app in your device. So we recommend you to make changes in the setting first and then try to download the application. We know that most of the people are unaware of this panel so here we are sharing the simple steps by following which you can change the settings. But make sure to disable these settings after installation of application.

Enable Third Party Apps Installation

As we told you earlier, downloading the apps from unknown sources is not permitted to the Android users. You need to make certain changes to enable the unknown sources.

  1. Open the settings panel in your device
  2. Search and Select the Security and Privacy option
  3. You will find Unknown sources option which is disabled in the list. But if it appears to be enabled then you do not need to change any settings otherwise follow the next step.
  4. Enable the unknown sources and a popup will appear on your screen with the message. Click on agree or OK option which will appear under the message.

Now you have enabled the download from unknown sources and start the download and installation process of UkTVNow app.

Download and Install UkTVNow App

  1. Download the old and latest version of UkTvNow APK app from the link given below
  2. Click on the downloaded apk file on the notification bar or where you have saved the file.
  3. Now an installation popup will appear on your screen. click on install option
  4. The installation process will take some time to complete. Till then wait.
  5. Click on open or launch now if you want to use the app immediately. Otherwise leave the app by clicking on done option.

UkTVNow is successfully installed in your vice. Now enjoy the live streaming with many options available for you. If you do not know how to use this app then here is your guide with basic settings which will be helpful for you while streaming the videos.

How to watch videos on UkTVNow?

Watching videos on UkTvNow APK App is easy and you can perform certain action to make this experience more comfortable for you. Searching and selecting channels on this app is not a difficult task. Here you will get the details about the option which are given in this app for your help.

1. Searching channels/videos on UkTVNow

You can search the channels on this app by various categories. We will tell you about various ways in which you can make your search a success.

  1. By country: the users can search the channels of various countries and for doing this procedure you need to click on the globe icon given on the left side of search option. Now select the country of your choice and browse the channels.
  2. By category: This app offers about 9 categories in which channels are listed. It includes sports, entertainment, movies and others. You can browse the channels on the basis of these categories. You need to follow these steps
    • Click on menu icon given on top left corner of your screen
    • Select category of your choice and all the channels from different countries will be on your screen that comes under the selected category.

You can also put filter on the countries if you want to stream the channels of a particular country under this category.

2. Changing Video Player

This app allows you to change the video player so that you can sue your external player for more comfort watching the video. You just need to go in settings of the app and select the change video player option then choose the player and enjoy watching your favorite show.

3. EPG and Related Videos

The video watching experience is now more comfortable as the related videos just like YouTube are shown below the streaming video. Also the EPG works same as that in TV. You can schedule the program you wish to watch later. Also the short summary of every program will be visible to you.

What’s New?

UKTVNow is in its developing phase and its team is working hard to provide new features to its users. The updates of this application are launched by the team in short period of time. There are many changes which are made to the UkTVNow. Recently, a new update is launched and is available on this page. Here are some of the new features that are added to the new version of this application.

  • The default player is removed and all channels are moved to MX Player
  • Schedule and Favorite option  are moved to side bar
  • Improved Video and Audio quality
  • More user friendly and working smoothly
  • Streaming of multiple channels are fixed

Minimum requirements of UKTVNow

The developers of UKTVNow have made the best live streaming application. The users are not needed to be a tech expert for using this app. But still there are some requirements of the application which lets the app work properly. If your device does not fulfill these requirements then you will face difficulties in running UkTVNow on your device. Here are the minimum requirements to get the app working and install.

  • The most important need of this application is active Internet connection. You must have working internet connection so as to access the videos on this app. the most preferable internet connection is Wi-Fi network or 4G as this will give you experience of seamless video streaming. Without a working internet connection, it is impossible to use this application.
  • This is an android based application so you must have android 4.4 version or higher in order to install the app. The latest version of the application is not running on the devices having android version lower that 4.4 Kitkat.
  • In order to install the application, your device must have more than 100 Mb of free storage space. However the application size is small but it can expand at the time of installation in your device.

How to watch Online sports on UkTVNow?

Watching online sports has become trend now as people do not have enough time to stick to their TVs at home. Now you can enjoy sports anywhere and anytime. If you do not know how to stream live match and get alerts the here are the steps that you must follow.

  1. Open UkTVNow app and click on menu in left top corner of your screen
  2. Select schedule option
  3. Now all the scheduled, as well as live matches, will be in front of you.
  4. Click on the down arrow and the list of channels showing that match will be shown in list. Select the channel of your choice.
  5. If you want to get the alerts of the matches then tick on the alert box.

The live matches will be shown in red color with live written in front of it. You can also schedule the matches and get alerts without having any internet connection.


UkTVNow is changing the way of watching TV and gives you various features which are not available on other apps. You can search the channels and can use the filter of countries and others to watch your program easily. You are recommended to free up some space for smooth running of apps and seamless streaming. We have shared the simple steps to use and install the apk. So enjoy streaming your favorite channel and suggest this post to your friends or family members so that they can also enjoy the free installation and guide to use the UkTvNow APK app.

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