Use Aluminum Foil to Improve WiFi

The bad or slow connectivity of the wifi in a house is always a topic of debate. In a context where cell phones, computers, PS4, Netflix and even televisions need connection, the signal strength is decisive.

You can simply strengthen your wireless local area network’s signal using aluminum foil which acts as an inexpensive WiFi extender and this can work on most routers.


Aluminum Foil to Improve WiFi

Simply head to the room and grab some foil that is usually utilized by moms for wrapping foods. you furthermore may want atiny low paper box. These steps can increase your signal strength just about.

A homemade and effective trick can help to improve the service. The wifi routers of a house use their antennas to send the signal in a general way to 360 degrees around them. If aluminum foil or some reflective material is placed near the antennas, the quality of the signal is routed.

According to researchers at the University of Darthmouth, circling the router’s antennae with aluminum foil or a can serves to improve the signal, reduce interference and create barriers to increase the security of the connection.

“This improves the efficiency of the wireless infrastructure in buildings, by mitigating the impact of insulation, partitions and interior designs of the building,” say the Darthmouth engineers, according to the BBC.

By attaching a sheet of aluminum foil, the signal becomes directional, that is, it points in only one direction. Thus, in a department, the router can be put a sheet of aluminum foil that only points to a place. The other spaces will lose connectivity, but this will be concentrated in the most necessary place.

The Researchers of Darthmouth took this homemade method to a more sophisticated level and created a system that prints 3D models that point the signal wherever you want. After the figure is printed in plastic, it is lined with aluminum foil and ready.

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