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Videoder Apk:-YouTube and other social media have become a medium of earning nowadays. But even putting videos and making content is not that easy. Even searching for suitable music or videos, downloading from a website is quite difficult.

Even if you are not an active Youtuber, you often want to download a short video that you want to upload on your WhatsApp status or Facebook status. Videoder Apk is no wonder one of the leading downloading app. The app not only allows you to download videos and music from various websites, including YouTube but also allows you to convert them according to your need.


What does the App do?

If you are looking for a reliable video downloading app, Videoder Apk will be best for you because this has several features. It is an android application; however, you can also install the app on your laptop and pc. The app is so easy to use that anyone can download videos from different websites also from social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. Moreover, the app supports different formats, for example, if you want to download 3GP videos, MP4 Videos, FLV, or any other videos, then you can easily download them using this app.

Application NameVideoder Apk
Latest Version14.5
Compatible With6.0 and up

How Does the App Work?

As we mentioned, you will be able to check all the supported websites. Once you choose a website, you can copy the video link and paste it into the search tab. As soon as you click on the search button on your keypad, the app will redirect to the main page. And you will be able to download any content from the site. The app will ask you about the quality and format before you start downloading. Again, you can check the download progress by visiting the download tab. You will be able to check the history. The app also lets you control the download. You can delete all the unwanted files. You can find all the video files in the gallery of your phone. However, the app will automatically create a folder on your device.

Features of Videoder App

There are several features you can enjoy by using the app. However, it was not the same initially, but the latest version of Videoder Apk offers many interesting features.   Here we are listing some of them.

  1. Speed Download– The app is perfect if you are looking for an app that will allow you to download as fast as possible. The app’s in-build tool will help you do that in a second. Moreover, the app will ask you to manually choose the quality and size. It means you will not do anything wrong while downloading.
  2. Ad-blocking Tool– We can all agree on one thing here. The ads annoyingly pop up whenever we start downloading something. The Videoder Apk has an inbuilt browser that allows you to skip ads.
  3. Intelligent Acquisition Function– The downloading app has a special intelligent acquisition function that allows you to find all the links and pages related to your requirement. You can download almost any content by clicking on the icon and saving them to your device’s media folder.
  4. HD Quality Videos– Different apps available allow you to download from social media but reduce the quality. But Videoder Apk allows you to download any content, videos in HD, and HQ quality no matter how large the file is.
  5. Themes and Mode– Now, there is an issue with every android. Using it at night is different from using it other times. The app comes with a night mode option. You can use it to reduce power usage. Again, there are several colors theme. You can customize it according to your choice.
  6. Different Language Support– The App comes in English, Hindi, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Thai, Chinese, Hebrew, Czech, and many more. You can choose the language according to your preference.
  7. Websites– Videoder Apk supports almost every leading social media website like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, Voot, Vk, and every new platform. Several other websites are getting included continuously.
  8. 4K Videos– no matter how large the resolutions are in an Ultra HD Device, you will see an uncleared video. That is why Videoder Apk allows you to download 4K videos.
  9. Multiple Download– Videoder Apk allows you to download multiple videos and songs simultaneously. You have to choose the files and put them in the list, and after you are done, set it to download.
  10. Fast Downloading– Videoder Apk uses all the available networks to give you the maximum speed. Again, the app allows you to manually set all the information about available networks. Multiple networks accelerate the download speed ten times more than usual.
  11. Cover Art and Tag– You can organize your entire collection by setting up covers and tags for them. And you can also create several albums by using Videoder Apk. It will allow you to divide your entire mp3 collection into different sections.
  12. Link Detection– Videoder Apk comes with one of the most intelligent tools. The tool started working each time you copied a link to a file, allowing you to download it instantly.
  13. Converter– The app will allow you to download and convert your favorite videos into any format for free. The app can convert into several videos.
  14. Special MP3 Converter:- As we said earlier, Videoder Apk comes with an online video converter. The in-build tool is so flexible that it asks in the beginning if you want to download a video or audio format of the file. That means another way the app is reducing your time and effort. Several apps will let you convert a file, but they usually download a video and convert it into mp3. The entire process takes a long time to finish. At the same time, Videoder Apk converts the video while downloading the file. Again, many videos do not support offline mobile players. The app converts the file according to your device so you can enjoy them even when you are not using data.
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How Can you Download Videos from Videoder App?

Now downloading from YouTube or any other site is not that easy. You must download and convert your favorite videos using a reliable third-party app. That is why Videoder Apk is perfect for you. You must complete three steps to download your favorite video from a site.

  • Search– You first have to start searching for your favorite site. Now you can choose it by typing the name of the video manually. Or you can just put the name of the movie, or the song can choose from the dropdown list that will appear immediately after you type, choose the site.
  • Choose– Now, choose your favorite video from that site and select your preferred video. You can also select multiple videos or an entire Yo playlist together and later download them together. You can find the feature in the advance option.
  • Download– Once you are done listing, you must click on the “Download” button or the “Download All” button. A drop box will appear to let you choose the format and resolution of the videos. Now you can choose the available video format, or you can convert them into mp3 format. In both cases, you have to choose it before the download start. Once you are done choosing, hit on the download button. The Videoder Apk will finish all your downloads within a couple of minutes.
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What are the pros and cons of the app?

No virtual platform is perfect, and they need regular upgrades. And because the Videoder Apk is also a complete app, it has some pros and cons.

Pros of the App-

  • The app is light weighted.
  • It provides fast and multiple downloading options.
  • Maximum popular websites support the app.
  • Secured and Viruses free app.
  • Use multiple networks to avoid delay.
  • Clean user interface.

Cons of the App-

  • Unexpected pop-up ads.
  • A paid subscription is only available for a few countries, and the rate is high.
  • Not available for iOS.
  • Third-party app and unreliable to google
  • Often get crashes during multiple downloads.
  • Do not provide regular updates.
Videoder audio and video both are available

Privacy and Security-

Whatever the disadvantages, we have admitted that the app is more secure than any other third-party app. Besides, the app is trusted because it does not ask for permission except to use a section of your device’s storage area. Again, the app does not run any background process, proving its trusted level. Moreover, the app does not ask for any allowance for your contacts and other data.

How to Download & Install Videoder Apk?

You can go to the official website to download the app. You will get two options: download the Videoder Apk for your Andriod device or download it for your Windows/Mac PC or Laptop.

To download it to your mobile, you must ensure that you have enabled downloading from “Unknown sources.” To do so, you have to follow some simple steps. Go to settings → Open Security Options → Then look for “Unknown Sources” → Click on OK → Select.


Now your mobile is ready to install the Videoder apk file from the official website. Once you have downloaded the “apk” file, follow the steps-

  • Step 1- Remember when you click on the download link, your phone will warn you. Ignore the message and continue downloading.
  • Step 2- Once the download is done, go to the download folder and click on the “apk” file.
  • Step 3- Your Mobile will ask your permission if you want to install it. Allow the app to be installed.
  • Step 4- If you have not turned on the “Unknown Sources” setting in the beginning, check the steps mentioned above and turn it on.
  • Step 5- Go back to the download folder and allow the app to install on your device.

Once the process is done, return to the setting and turn off the “unknown source” again. It will protect your device from any harmful apps.

Which Websites support Videoder App?

The app supports all the leading websites, including over 1000 other websites. Moreover, the app allows you to download them from them with just one click. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Hotstar, Voot, Ozee, 9Anime, Vidme, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, 9gag, Audioboom, FunnyorDie, IMBD, Liveleak, TED, Vimeo, Vine, VK, SonyLiv, TVFPlay, RuTube, Viu, Youku, etc. are all included in the list

How to use Videoder Apk for PC

In the beginning, we mentioned that you could find a PC-oriented version on the official website.

Is this app paid?

The app is free for any user with all its tools and features. There is no package or subscription plan available for this app. You can enjoy all the app’s benefits and services of the in-built tools.


The Videoder Apk, with all its smart tools and features, is free. Moreover, the security and privacy-related issues that most third-party apps have, are not faced by the users while using the app. The app was launched in 2013, and since the beginning, it has supported various leading platforms, and the list is continuously growing. But before you go further, you must remember to download the app from the official website or any other reliable sources that directly lead you to the official website. However, because the app is free, you can easily download it from the official source.

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