Wifi with a POCKET MODEM, Which is the SIZE of a POCKET

This is how you can safely carry your WiFi network everywhere and all thanks to this very small pocket device.

The Information Technologies revolution (TICS) continues to surprise with great inventions, although some are more functional than others. For example, we are sure that a pocket modem is an excellent idea.


Wifi with a POCKET MODEM

Wherever you go, it is essential that you do not run out of cell phone data to share all your photos and videos on social networks, and even to do homework or a job, stay connected when you get out of the office … or whatever, Never run out of data!


Society is changing thanks to technology, but technology also adapts to the needs of society. So, if you need to be connected to work from anywhere, or go for a walk, the new izzi pocket is for you.

It is a modem that, as the name implies, is so small and practical that it fits (literally) in your pocket. With it you can have access to high-speed Internet at any time, wherever and whenever you want. From airports and commercial plazas to public transport, parks, museums and more.

For example, if you need to continue working on a project in a place without WiFi connection, this hotspot is super fast and efficient. With the new izzi pocke t , the Internet goes with you, you just have to choose a data plan from $ 300 per month, at a cost of $ 1,000 pesos subscription, which includes $ 300 bonus on your first month:

Choose a plan:

  • 5,000 MB of data $ 300
  • 10,000 MB of data $ 500
  • 20,000 MB of data $ 800

In addition to taking it where you want easily, you can also share it with whoever you want. And its range of coverage is already in the CDMX, Guadalajara, Monterrey.

But in addition to the hassles we discussed, it may be that we simply do not want you to know our password . Maybe to prevent it from connecting from other devices and may affect the speed or for any other reason of security.

Whatever the reason, we can always share Wi-Fi with guests without the need to reveal the password. In this article we will explain how to do it.

The first thing we need is to know the SSID (network name), as well as our password and type. This we have to point it somewhere or just keep it in mind.

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