Download WiFiKill APK 2.3.2 for Android

WifiKill APK : principally a wifi network controller app. It can restrict the internet connection of other devices connected to the same wifi network. It is a very useful tool for wifi internet users – using which you can cut other people off from a mutual wifi network and assign all the bandwidth to yourself. The wifikill app for Android only and it involves root access.This application is predominantly designed for the mobile users who use their wifi internet.

To say in detail, Wifikill is an application that has its place in the category called hacking. That means this application acts as a hacker can go and examine for the information of the user using your Wifi in the wifi modem and execute their device from accessing your wifi. This increases the internet speed as it doesn’t waste your valued bandwidth.



Though others attempt to use your wifi network when you are using this Wifikill Apk, they can’t admittance your internet within certain time period i.e. when Wifikill has not refreshed the list of devices that it has. Many people love to download this remarkable application.

WifiKill APK For Rooted Devices – Key Features:

When WifiKill APK is running and your mobile is linked to a public wifi network, this app will make other devices in the same network think that your device is a router. So they will try to attach to the internet through you. WifiKill then drops the connections of those other devices.

Features of Wifikill Apk:

  • You can perceive the list of devices in the wifi network that you are using.
  • WifiKill can show the data transfer rate (download, upload) of taken devices.
  • You can observe the network activity of any device using wifi.
  • Names of the devices connected to the network are revealed.
  • Most prominently, you can cut off the net connection of any device which is connected to the same wifi network as yours.
  • It works on tablets too.
  • Gather the MAC address of the connected device.
  • Recognizes the users over wifi and kills them.
  • Evades the wifi access attackers.
  • Rises the internet speed.

Note: Wifikill works on rooted devices only. If your device is not rooted, please root it with Kingroot first. We acclaim Kingroot because it doesn’t require PC to root and also Kingroot support a maximum number of devices.

WifiKill APK With Rooted Devices:

  1. In order to install this app, you are required to root your phone. This app will work only on the rooted devices.
  2. This post is for educational resolutions only.
  3. Use of this app is illegitimate in public wifi network.
  4. This app is beneficial if someone is using your wifi by hacking and because of some other reason you cannot directly ask them not to use your wifi or you cannot change your wifi password. Also, you can play trick with your friends in their house.
  5. This app may not work in a heavy traffic wifi network (probably public wifi network) that has many devices connected to it such as more than 400 devices.

How To Download WifiKill App For Android:

The latest version is accessible in the Google play store and in mirror location with all the above-listed features. In order to use the latest version of the Wifikill app, it needs root access permissions. So, make sure that your mobile is prepared with rooting. It is also essential that your android device should be with Android OS minimum of 2.3.3 or more and there should be wifi connection to use the app.

After rooting your mobile, you need to download the Wifikill app and install it on your mobile. Then launch the app and it will request you the root permissions.


Then you are required to tap on the grant button. If your phone is correctly rooted you need to tap on “▻the” symbol which appears on the top of the application and it is like a play button. Now it will start scanning your Wifi completely and it will take a few minutes, till then you need to wait. Then, it will display the IP address of your modem. Click on it. A new window will be opened where you need to click on the “Grab” button followed by the “Kill” button.

Steps to Transfer Wifikill Apk From PC to Mobile Phone:

  1. Download .apk file by clicking the link on your PC.
  2. Transfer that APK file to your mobile phone.
  3. Go to the file where you have got the file transferred in to your mobile and then open it.
  4. Confirm that you have allowed third part installations before getting the apk file installed into your device.
  5. To ensure that third part installations, simply go to settings and then applications and then check a tick on the “Unknown Sources”.


In this article, we mentioned to you the best way to download WifiKill app for Android, PC and iOS devices. If you want to improve your internet speed over a public Wi-Fi network then you must download this WifiKill app on your smartphone. This is the best way to improve internet speed. If you have any doubts or suggestions comment to us below.