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In this article, we will discuss about An App called “Xender“. It is an application that lets you transfer files between different devices like PC, Android or iPhone within seconds. In this blog post, we will provide you Xender Download links Along with the latest Xender APK to run this application on your device without any bugs or complications.


Xender is an App that connects Two or more Smart Devices And helps in Transferring any data like Photos, Videos, Audios or any custom files, using wireless technology. Now Due to the Xender app, You don’t need to wait for so long to transfer files like in the case of Bluetooth. And the main part is, it’s not Like Xender Alternatives Which need an external wireless connection to which the devices are needed to be connected. Xender works on the Wireless hotspot feature available in your smartphone to transfer files.

Xender is now compatible with Android, IOS, And Windows Phone for now, And the company is aiming to make this Awesome Application available for more and more Smart devices.

Xender Features

In our day to day life, We face situations where we have to send some data to our friends and colleagues but when you are not having any wire with you to transfer files, the only option you are left with is to send files through Bluetooth which everybody knows is slow as hell and out of fashion. But Xender has some amazing features through which this can be made very easy, Let’s see those features which make xender unique, in this section.

  • 200 Times more Speed than Bluetooth.
  • Xender Doesn’t use your mobile data.
  • Send & Receive any type of file, anywhere and anytime.
  • Supports Xender for Android, Xender for iPhone and Windows.
  • No need for any type of wire to transfer, It uses wireless Hotspot Connection to connect devices.
  • It also Plays all types of audio and videos.

these are the features that make this application unique and better than its competitors. When i started using this app I was blown away by its enormous features. Want to blow away too? well then, we are up to get you Xender app ASAP.

Download Xender Apk

Download Xender for pc

Xender App for Andorid

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you are able to transfer data or files to your friends on the go? Xender have made this process simple, and sending huge files from Android were never this easy. And this method of transferring files are even more quicker than transferring via cable. And if you want to install Xender for android, there there are two ways in which you can achieve this. Follow the below tutorials to Achieve it.

Method 1 : Download xender Through Google Play

Most of the Android phones are powered by Google play store, through which you can get almost any application to your smartphone. And this is considered to be the easiest method. Below is the step by step guide to download Xender on Play store.

Step 1: open the “Playstore” application on your android phone, and use the search bar to find the “Xender: File Transfer, Sharing” app, and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the Install button on the application page. Which will show you all the things that xender app will have access to, after installing it on your android phone. Click on accept to start the installation.

Step 3: Wait for some time, the Xender app will get downloaded and will automatically be installed on your device and would be ready for your use.

This was the easiest method to install Xender on your phone, Now if you in any case don’t want to use this method to download xender, then move on and read the next method.

Method 2 : Download Xender using APK file

If your phone doesn’t android play store, or if your play store is not working properly, you don’t need to be worried. You can still download this application using Xender APK, read the step by step method below to do it perfectly.

Prerequisites :

  •  Xender APK file: Download Directly.
  • Enable installation of Apps from Sources other than playstore. ; To achieve this, Go to Settings>Security and under the ‘security’ section, enable the “Unknown Sources”.

Steps to install Xender App through APK : 

  1. Download and keep the Xender APK file in the external or internal SD card of your phone.
  2. Open the APK file you downloaded and if asked, Select the “android installer” to open APK file with.
  3. Click on the Install button present on the bottom right corner, and wait for some time.

Congrats !! Now you have successfully installed Xender.apk on your Android phone. Now you can transfer files from your android phone without any restrictions.

Xender App for iPhone/IOS/MAC

Xender for iPhone/IOS : 

Often people using IOS are disappointed by app developers, Because they develop apps for android mostly, and IOS users are left behind, but its not the case with xender. Xender app is available for free download in the Apple App store, So you can easily Download Xender for Apple iPhone. Follow the below steps, if you are not familiar with the process.

Step 1: Go to Apple App store on your IOS Device, And use the search bar to search for “xender”, then spot the official xender application there and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the Install button to start the installation process of the application on your iPhone. After some time, you can find the application in your app drawer.

That is it. You have installed Xender Perfectly and now you are ready to start sharing.

Xender for Mac

Installation of Xender on Mac is a little different. You will need to install and run an Android Emulator on your Mac to use this app. Read the below tutorial to do it properly. In this tutorial, we will be using Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your Mac from bluestacks.com.
  2. Install it on your device. Installation may take some time, So be patient till it completely installs on your Mac.
  3. After installation is finished, Open Bluestacks, and you will be prompted to login into your Gmail account, Do it, as you cannot install applications without a google account on your Android emulator.
  4. After it’s finished, click on the search icon i.e, the magnification glass icon on the top right corner of the android emulator, and search for “Xender” And find it and install it on your emulator.

Congrats, You have just installed the application you needed. You might have never thought it would be so easy to download Xender for Mac, It actually is that easy.

Xender App for PC

If you are having a PC that has the Wi-Fi feature in it, then you can use the Xender app to transfer files from it. But same like Mac, Xender for PC should also be installed through an Android Emulator. Read the process below to understand this better.

  • Download Bluestacks Android Emulator to your PC.
  • Install The Android Emulator on your computer, and wait till the process is over.
  • When Android Emulator is installed, open it and sign into the android using your google account credentials.
  • Now search for the “play store” app in your emulator and open it.
  • Now follow the same procedure of Installing Xender for Android, to install the app correctly on your emulator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Will using Xender Consume my data on Network?

Answer: Xender doesn’t use any data from your network. They use WiFi hotspot to establish the connection between two devices.

Question 2: Should I root my phone to use xender ? 

Answer: No not at all. You can use xender on your device normally like any other application. 


Xender is the best app for your smartphone, through which you can share the files you want with anyone on the go. And this will be handy and helpful to you in all situations. Download It and have fun.

We hope, you got all the information you needed on downloading Xender for your preferred device. Give your ratings to this app using the stars given below.

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