Download Youtube Vanced Apk (No Root)

Being a marginally modified version, YouTube Vanced APK is different from the official YouTube application, which is available for use over Android phones. YouTube Vanced is the best option to go ahead with if one prefers an ad-free experience when catching videos. YouTube Vanced initially used to be a rooted app created for rooted devices. But it now works over, rooted, non-rooted and Magisk devices. 

YouTube Vanced goes beyond being a YouTube background player and lets users enjoy the features that do not exist in the original app, such as dark and black YouTube themes. One is treated like a premium user and needs no subscription as well. 


Initially, YouTube Vanced was created for rooted devices alone. It hence used to be a rooted app and used to work under the name iYTBP, or Injected YouTube Background Play. The developer was Master T – from the well recognized XDA – Developer Forum.

Youtube Vanced Apk

Youtube Vanced Apk

YouTube Vanced has undergone a significant bit of transformation from the time when Master – T got started with developing the app. After Master – T handed over the app to fellow developers – the transformations it came across were a decent progress ahead. Stable updates have taken the app to an entirely new level.

YouTube Vanced is in fact the most popular among YouTube apps. It is for usage over smartphones and tablets. The small size of the app is not indicative of the entire range of additional features over YouTube it brings with it. Additionally, official YouTube support makes it safe. Upon using accessible mods delivered by TeamVanced, the end-user experience improves further still. An advantage of using YouTube Vanced is that a user can use the app along with his YouTube account

How To Install:

  • Step 1. Install MircoG App If You Want To Login Youtube Account
  • Step 2. Download Youtube vanced apk if you want down below link available
  • Step 3. Install the youtube vanced apk normally


No Root Versions –

Secondary ThemeVersionArchitecture


  • Blocks all YT ads for an ad-free YouTube experience
  • Videos can be played back in the background. There is no need to stay on the apps.
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) ensures a viewing experience of a prime quality.
  • Max resolution can be overridden
  • Pinch-to-zoom feature across devices.
  • Togglable features 
  • Pink and blue versions are available.
  • Features PIP for Oreo and software/versions released post Oreo
  • Choice amongst old and new window styles
  • Easy controls video speed, resolution, looping videos, brightness and volume

YouTube Vanced APK works on MicroG (14.21.54 or higher). It works on Android devices No-Root/Root/Magisk.

Let us take a look at the steps for installing YouTube Vanced APK 14.21.54 application on Android:

  • Allow installation from third party sources. Settings -> Security -> enable.
  • Go to file manager/download manager. Click over YouTube Vanced’s APK file.
  • Click on Vanced.
  • Wait for a few seconds. It will install.
  • The scan takes a few seconds more.
  • Click open.
  • Then install the MicroG APK. This lets you sign in to the YouTube account.
  • Uninstall Youtube. Here are the steps for installing YouTube Vanced Magisk module.
  • Open the Magisk manager.
  • Go to the section ‘Download’ and find the YouTube Vanced Magisk Module.
  • Download it. 
  • Then install it. 

The remainders of processes are automatically completed.

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