Zapya for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1 Free Download

Zapya for PC: File sharing apps developed are in wide number among which Zapya for PC is the best file sharing tool. With the Zapya for PC app, transmitting data of any type is made simple. Zapya for PC version has made peer-to-peer file sharing as a quick and easy process. Sharing contents need no data connection, Wifi connection, and cables. File sharing was possible only via wired means once, or the user could opt for the Bluetooth to transfer files of smaller size. However, both these methods fail to give the best of the file transferring as it takes quite a lot of time. Even at times, files will get corrupted or affected by the virus and doesn’t open up for later use. Those who have opted for Zapya PC version will not face any such issues. File transferring is made very simple as with the most popular tool called Zapya app. Also, data can be transferred to the connected within seconds even if the file size is too big. Zapya file sharing app uses wireless file sharing method thus requiring no cables to get connected to another device externally. Transfer files wirelessly in no time with the world’s fastest file transfer tool as with Zapya for Windows PC. There is even a support to transfer same data to multiple users at the same time. Zapya app is a cross-platform supported application, and thus the sender or the receiver can share files from any device with Zapya installed. So no more hassle or struggle to transmit files and folders from the PC to smartphones or vice versa.

Zapya for PC

Zapya PC app is the modern and most advanced file transfer tool that has replaced the oldest methods of file sharing. With less time, any Zapya user can transfer any types of files easily to take advantage of the classic file sharing methods. Zapya app for desktop functions in the lightning speed which you couldn’t imagine when sending and receiving files. Thus Zapya app stands at the top when compared with different modes of file sharing including the pen drive, Bluetooth, Airdrops and USB cables. Zapya is simple to use the app with easy user-interface for the near-field communication. As a Zapya user, you don’t require any internet connectivity or spend some bucks to keep your files safe and secure. With a secured data connection, you will be able to get connected with other Zapya user to transmit files and data. Get into the article to know more in detail about Zapya for PC, features of Zapya PC app, methods to download Zapya for PC windows along with the direct download link.


It is available as Zapya for Mac PC, Zapya for PC Windows, Zapya for Windows 10 PC, Zapya Apk for Android, Zapya for iOS, and Zapya for Windows Phone.

Zapya – A Complete View Of File Sharing App

Zapya is a peer-to-peer file sharing app developed and made available for multiple operating systems. It was originally developed for the Chinese market and has soon spread to the neighbouring countries. Zapya app primarily enabled the users in the low internet connectivity regions to share files without needing to use the Internet connectivity. Thus Zapya app will create a WiFi hotspot with which other devices can be connected. Zapya app will make a local network to transfer the data. Share photos, videos, music, films, apps, and even more of other files of any size whenever and wherever with Zapya app installed on your devices. File transferring through this way is easy for sharing documents, media and more within an office or at home upon different devices. The speed of the Zapya file transferring is approximately 10 to 20 Mbps meaning it works in just a second while transferring the files. With the wireless transferring medium like Zapya app, you will save plenty of your time and not even require few minutes while transferring the data. Zapya has transformed the whole of file sharing means. Zapya App for PC will be a very convenient file-sharing tool for a large number of users who are sharing the same WiFi network in any environment for instance office, university halls and more.Zapya for PC

Zapya for PC

People of last decade has solely dependent on the external cables and Bluetooth connectivity while transferring the files as they were the earliest way to share files between two devices. There were lots of flaws and drawbacks found on using them. Much noticeably, Bluetooth transfer files wirelessly but at the lowest speed. When it comes to cables, the file will get corrupted and end up as an error. As a way to overcome all those limitations, Zapya app has been developed with which transferring can be done at the ultimate speed with just a tap. When it comes to Zapya App, a file can be sent and received between different devices in no time. Thus cable and Bluetooth connectivity were termed to be the thing of the past as with the introduction of Zapya Apk app. Soon, Zapya has reached high popularity among all sorts of people as it doesn’t prompt them to have the internet usage. Zapya retains the best of all your file contents including the photos and videos even without losing the original quality of the file even after transmission.

Zapya for PC

As mentioned Zapya is a multi-platform application that is designed to fit in working with both the smartphones and desktop platforms. Right from the below section, you will be dealing entirely with the Zapya for PC Windows and its features. The user-interface of Zapya app on PC version is very simple and easy to use. Without requiring any authentication, Zapya Windows PC version will show two QR codes for the Android and iOS. On scanning from the respective devices, a secure file sharing environment will be created for data transferring using Zapya Windows PC with another device with Zapya app installed. Just drag and drop the files from your desktop and tap on the send button to transfer all your files. The built-in media player will let the Zapya user preview the files quickly. With the file sharing functionalities, the Zapya app for Windows PC has got the same interface as like those of the social media apps for the friends’ group management. So you can share your files within a specified list of friends group where the group is limited to five. Else, you can search for friends online to connect with them separately.

Download Zapya for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1 Free

Click on the link provided below and download Zapya for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1.

Methods To Download Zapya for PC

There are two methods in which Zapya for PC can be downloaded. The very first method involves no complicated steps, and the only thing you need to do is to download Zapya app for PC from the official site for your Windows XP and Windows PC. The second method is the oldest way of using the Zapya on PC using an emulator. The step-by-step guidelines are provided for both the methods and you can follow any of them to use Zapya app on Windows desktop or laptop. The only notable difference will the method of downloading the Zapya app. Thus, all the features will be the same in either method.

Method 1: Zapya for PC – Direct Method

Step 1: Go to your desktop browser and type in as Zapya official. Click on enter to start searching for it. Alternatively, you could click here to reach the page directly.

Step 2: On opening the Zapya official website, you will be able to see the link to different platforms. Click on the Windows PC or Windows XP option according to your Windows version.

Zapya for PC – Direct Method

Step 3: The Zapya Installer will begin to download once if you have chosen the location in which location you need Zapya.exe file to be stored.

Step 4: Wait until the completion of Zapya.exe file to complete its downloading process. Now double click on the Zapya icon on your desktop to open it up.

Step 5: A dialogue box appears asking if you allow making changes to the computer. Click on Yes to proceed with the installation of Zapya app on PC.

Step 6: Now the Zapya app opens up on your Windows desktop PC with few option. You can click on Quick Install button to start the installation.Zapya for PC - Direct Method

Zapya for PC – Direct Method

Step 7: Optionally, you can click on the Customize option and choose your desired location by browsing to install Zapya App PC version on the desired location. Make sure you have checked-in create a desktop shortcut icon and create a shortcut for quick launch bar. Click on Install button finally.Zapya for PC - Direct Method

Zapya for PC – Direct Method

Step 8: On successful installation, Zapya app will show the QR code of Andriod Zapya and iOS Zapya app along with the Run Now Button.Zapya for PC - Direct Method

Zapya for PC – Direct Method

Step 9: You can directly scan the code from your Android or iOS device with Zapya Apk installed to get connected automatically.

Step 10: Clicking on Run Now button, you will enter to see the Zapya app’s interface. From there you can Join Group or Create Hotspot to establish a PC Zapya transfer connection.Zapya for PC - Direct Method

Zapya for PC – Direct Method

Step 11: Select the files or drag and drop the files simply and click on Send button to share files using Zapya app easily. If you are notified of files receiving, then click on Receive button.

Note: Click on the Inbox option present in the top-right corner, and you will be able to see the list of folders. All your shared data will get stored in the respective folders, and thus you need not create separate folders for each file type. Click on your username, and you will be able to see your password, and then you can connect to other Zapya user quickly.Zapya for PC - Direct Method

Zapya for PC – Direct Method

That’s it, and thus you have completed the download and installation of Zapya for PC – Direct Method.

Method 2: Zapya for PC – Using Emulator

Step 1: Open your web browser on your laptop or desktop and type in as BlueStacks. Click on the search bar and start searching for its official version.

Step 2: Download and install the BlueStacks app player on your desktop PC prior downloading Zapya app for Windows PC.

Zapya for PC – Using Emulator

Step 3: Once after BlueStacks has finished its installation process, you can log in to BlueStacks using your Gmail account details.Zapya for PC - Using Emulator

Zapya for PC – Using Emulator

Step 4: Go to the search bar of the BlueStacks app player and type in as Zapya and then click on the Search via Google Play option.Zapya for PC - Using Emulator

Zapya for PC – Using Emulator

Step 5: A list of apps along with Zapya app will be shown in the search result, and you can click on Zapya app’s icon to proceed.

Step 6: Zapya app will be opened up in the PlayStore and just click on the Install button to download and install Zapya app on BlueStacks app.Zapya for PC - Using Emulator

Zapya for PC – Using Emulator

Step 7: After the download gets completed, you can see Zapya app on the MyApps section of the BlueStacks emulator. Click on it to open, and you can start sharing data.Zapya for PC - Using Emulator

Zapya for PC – Using Emulator

That it and you have completed with the Zapya for PC – Using Emulator.

Features of Zapya for PC

1. No Data Needed: Zapya for Windows PC app requires zero data to transfer different kinds of files. As a Zapya app user, you will be able to transfer files without any mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection.

2. No Cable Required: It is easy and quick to transfer files of any format and any size across multiple devices even without any external USB cables.

3. Flashing Speed: The minimum file transferring speed of Zapya app over PC is approximately 10mb/second, and thus it transfers at a rate that is 200 times faster than that of the Bluetooth and other file sharing apps.

4. QR Code Sharing: The user can generate personalised QR codes to share the files and data using Zapya PC version. Just by scanning the QR code, the Zapya app user can easily instantly join a group or start transferring.

5. Group Sharing: With the download of Zapya for Windows PC app, you will be able to instantly send multiple files of many different formats to a group of friends. Group sharing can be done with five users simultaneously.

6. Unlimited File Sharing: It is easy to share any files of any size with the Zapya PC app. Experience unlimited file sharing with other Zapya users irrespective of the file types you send or receive.

7. Backup & Transfer: It is easy to backup and transfers all your files from the old device phone to a new one at lightning speed. So Zapya helps in keeping all your backup files safe and secure.

8. Chatting: Besides sharing files using Zapya PC app, you can do text chat and even share streaming video or audio with your nearby friends with no Internet connection.

9. Language Supported: Zapya PC App supports almost all the major languages spoken from around the world including English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Persian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

10. Cross-Platform Support: With Zapys app, you can share files to any other devices with Zapya installed and thus letting you connect with friends of different devices using different platforms. Thus, Zapya is letting you experience the fastest way of file sharing.

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