ZEDGE MOD APK v7.39.1 (Premium Unlocked/Ads-Free)

In this article, we will discuss a unique and modern app that gives you extra features for your phone.

The users are mostly stuck with using the phone while they reach the phone’s extra set, such as ringtones and wallpapers settings. Because in Android devices, all these two features are minimal.


To solve this problem of the users, the developer decided to create a unique app that customized both these features, including ringtones and wallpapers on Android devices. This is known as Zedge Ringtones Apk.

This app has such unique features that will be very helpful to you while installing it on your devices. The following are some dominant features that are discussed below.

Overview of Zedge Ringtones Apk

Zedge Ringtones Apk is developed by Joshua William on 13/ 5/ 2022. This the pp is considered a free personalization app with a version of 7.38.4. And readily available on the Google Play Store.

Zedge Ringtones Apk is a unique app with unlimited features such as a fantastic background wallpaper and supports background settings. The users can easily be customized their phone wallpapers by having several varieties of wallpapers.

The extensive catalogue allows users to choose their favourite wallpapers, such as black or girl wallpaper. Other additional features include ringtones.

The users are asked to choose their favourite ringtones for alarm, notification, calls, etc. This app also enabled the users to save or download any ringtone sounds and wallpapers.

The users can use this app and its features for absolutely free. They can freely download it and save sounds and background wallpapers, lock screen wallpaper, etc.

The Best Features of Zedge Ringtones Apk

Amazing Background

This beautiful app gives you an excellent background for your device. Zedge Ringtones Apk is a unique app that gives various background features to the devices.

Extensive Catalog

This app has an extensive catalogue in which a variety of wallpapers are available. The users can choose their favourite wallpapers from this catalogue and make their phones more attractive.

Free Background Support

The app does not just provide background Wallpaper to it, but it also supports the background setting of the phone. Zedge Ringtones Apk provides completely free support to the users.

Auto Select Background

The users are enabled to select auto select for their background wallpaper. These features will quickly change their wallpaper without any interference.

Customization of Wallpaper

The users of Zedge Ringtones Apk are inquired to customize their wallpaper by selecting and applying it on their devices. Such a feature is absent in other personalization apps, but the users are fully authorized for its customization in this app.

Best Video Effects

Another fantastic feature of the app is that it allows assigning reasonable and best video effects. This feature is also included in the app to help the users edit and use the best video effects.

Battery Storage

The wallpaper or video playing on the screen does not consume the battery, but when the users are on their phone, it appears on the screen while it does not have any extra battery energy consumption.

Cool Ringtones

Zedge Ringtones Apk is also famous for its cool ringtones. An unlimited number of ringtones allow users to set their favourite ringtone for their settings, such as notifications, messages, calls, alarms, etc.

Option to Set Alarm Sound

The users are permitted to set alarm sounds from the option of ringtones. The users also add different sounds for different features. For example, alarms, their sound will be different. For calls, they have a different sound, and so on.

Save Sound/ Wallpaper

Another extraordinary feature of the Zedge Ringtones Apk is that it allows users to save any sound or wallpaper available in the app without cost or data.

The users can freely add it to their gallery and apply it on their phones. This will give an exciting touch to their phone.

Access to Background Ringtones

This app has complete access to background ringtones. The ringtone can also be played in the phone’s background, or if it is ringing, it can play in the background.

App Permission Notice

When the users installed Zedge Ringtones Apk, it asked for various permission to contact lists, permission for the textbook, permission to the gallery, and library permission.

All these approvals for various apps show how secure and protective this app is.

Do not Disturb the Library

This app does not disturb the user’s library. It does not import any file from the library or interfere with the users’ personal data.

How to Use Zedge Ringtones Apk?

Zedge Ringtones Apk can be used very quickly because this is the first app with all the amusing features in a single touch. The users first downloaded and installed it and then enabled all the permission and chose their favourite ringtones and wallpaper.


Zedge Ringtones Apk is a free personalized app where the users are asked to select their favourite ringtones and wallpaper. They can use different wallpaper as well as ringtones for different features.